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  1. Just bought a new CromeBook @ 129 bucks. Works for very simple task like only web browsing, email, and a few other limited task. Keep in mind that it's google-centric. However, the battery last for 3 days, it works great, way portable... and 129 bucks! For recording, I have a MacMini on my cart that functions as a 3rd recorder, and basic functions like transfer files, wave agent stuff, and sound report. Plugged into one of my monitors though HDMI, and a wireless keyboard. This allows a lot while on your cart, even web surfin.
  2. Bonus points for using a gun for sync! -Richard
  3. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-film-students-weapons-panic-closure-of-101-freeway-20151129-story.html Aren't these diploma school factories, doing their students a real disservice? -Richard
  4. Just kidding.. I love sound. But, yeah, sometimes things in my daily sound life just bug me.. Someone pulling out a leave blower for example, Im ready to kill that person!
  5. Yep.. There when you least expect him.... sorta like a bad STD.
  6. The way I look at it.. It's entirely possible that each camera could be focused on different things (or actors). Lets say there is a rather large scene, where 3 actors are at opposite sides of a room. If the multi camera shoot is 'for speed', then each camera is going to be focused on their coverage, thus each boom can also be focused on that subject.
  7. Whenever I hear.. Multiple cameras.. The first thing I tell the producer is..."one boom op per camera!". Then I look to the producer, whose gears are now turning in their heads, and then I study the dismay on their faces as I just shot down their dreams of budget cutting..
  8. Friend of mine just emailed me this one.. Talk of placing two booms on one pole in order to NOT get another boom op? Seams weird.. But GoT did it. So you have this multi-cam shoot.. 2, maybe 3 cameras.. And you have 6, maybe 8 people in the camera department working on 'the picture'.. But you can't get another boom operator, so that you'll save literally thousands of dollars in ADR!! Yep.. sure, makes sense to me!
  9. Walter really has some great incites as to a lot of things in our biz. He has signed several books that I have of his. -Richard
  10. I saw this on Reddit the other day. The more I read these simple rules, the more I think that it really applies to being a sound mixer (or to everyone who works in this business). Take a few minutes, and look at this.. http://imgur.com/LPQzdzs Seems like some pretty great rules to live (and do business) by. -Richard
  11. Fun to watch.. a bit boring (like most film sets), but interesting for us in the biz. William Kaplan sound mixer, and Earl Sampson on boom?
  12. Maybe it being missed is a good thing.. I swear, every time something like this comes out, a flood of newbies comes into the biz. -Richard
  13. Amazing how much 'telephones' have changed, and influenced our lives!
  14. We need to hire this North Korean..
  15. Helicopter crashes during filming of reality TV show in Texas. http://lat.ms/1JeEwG1
  16. As crazy as this sounds.. I still use a Franklin.. And it's NOT an app.. It's the leather board, small 3 ring binder!
  17. Ouch!! One bad thing about being a foot solider, you don't have final say.
  18. Crews spilling the beans about the nightmares filming.. A good read.. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/how-leonardo-dicaprios-revenant-shoot-810290
  19. ... you lost me at, "..using DSLR cameras for an ENG shoot..".. DSLRs should NEVER be used for a ENG shoot!! Hell.. I don't even think a DSLR should be used with a film shoot.. but hey, if you 'baby' the crap out of the camera, lighting, grips, talent.. it will work, but NOT a ENG SHOOT!! -Richard
  20. John, was that like.. A Shark Tank reference? nice!
  21. Did anyone spot this funny Easter egg in Jurassic world? During the Pteranodon attack, in one of the scenes with lots of extras in the background, there was a guy picking up Margaritas off the table.. I know others spotted him, because I heard people in my Theater laugh a bit when it happened. I saw it.. I just didn't know it turned out to be Jimmy Buffett. http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Jimmy-Buffett-Appeared-Jurassic-World-Odds-You-Saw-Him-72017.html
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