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  1. Wow.. has it been that long ago? I remember when CDs first came out. DVD's were not invented yet, and my first CD was Micheal Jackson, BAD. -Richard
  2. NPR has a web page that shows how likely, which jobs will be 'automated' in the near future.. http://www.npr.org/sections/money/2015/05/21/408234543/will-your-job-be-done-by-a-machine Looks like Sound mixers are good.. Interesting. -Richard
  3. Best quote to date Phillp. "We're just going to have a really great time!" I tell people, sure, great stories about the set are one thing.. But the bottom line is.. 'it's ALL about the end product" I've never heard a movie critic say, "The movie was bad.. but I heard the crew had a good time making it!!"
  4. Very insightful NewEndian, I think that the shaming comes out of frustration. Since the producer, doesn't really care.. he'll just move on till someone takes that job.. Not sure the message were actually sending to that producer, as far as, 'the education' is concerned. Seams like the only education that those producers are receiving is one where he weeds out the dicks first. I'd like to point out a huge Elephant in the room. The very Union to which most of you belong too, uses 'Shaming' as a tactic too.. In fact, they make no bones about it either. Huge signs (promptly saying "Shame on XXX") displaying on street corners, walking the picket on the public corner holding signs up and down, yelling out on sets, and shaming to bring the media around, thus drawing attention. Hell, the entire Campaign against a production is one big smear!! 3 people have written me with emails, chastising me about 'explaining' shaming. All 3 of those people are union members, which makes me laugh. At least I have enough balls to openly explain 'shaming' and admit it's a tactic... those others, hands are as dirty as mine.. p.s. Awesome that we can discus this though.. I personally think this is a cancer, that will keep getting worse until it effects everyone, at every level.. Something we should discus, so a plan can be hatched... or not.
  5. Thanks for the Explanation NewEndian. John seams to be wanting to 'kill the messenger'. I'm not shaming anyone, John, in fact.. I'm not even sure of the original thread of which Jan was referring too.. Simply just giving my devils viewpoint.. that's all. -Richard
  6. John have you looking into Japanese culture? They take shaming to whole new levels.. Well, at least the previous generations did anyway. Richard
  7. Again John, I'm not advocating one thing, or the other.. I'm simply pointing out to perhaps explain why people do 'shaming'. Shaming has been around since the dawn of man! It's only just recently that our culture has put a name on it, and see it as 'bad'. Perhaps it's the hippy thing.. So, if this is the way our society is going.. then, hell.. Show up at Walmart with nothing on but your Tighty Whities, 6inch Heels, and Mullet hair.. And when someone points out that this is 'inappropriate', tell them to f--- off, you Shamer! -Richard
  8. Hey.. you know.. I was thinking of another example. Isn't the Media's (aka local news) entire premise revolve around 'Shaming'. Here's how the American news media works in this country. 1) Story breaks about a local businessmen that rips off a customer or several customers. 2) American news media, gets involved, broadcast the story about how a customer is getting nowhere in their complaints and/or refunds. Blast news coverage of both sides, with questions and answers, and perhaps interviews. The general public act like judges, and we figured out whats going on here.. 3) Customer and local business.. now under the microscope, aka Shaming! 4) Business now embarrassed about all the pressure it's getting (not to mention bad press), gives the customers back their refunds. See?? Public shaming works! It's done every day on the news.. no need to involve legal battles, reshaping of laws, or long drawn out court proceedings. p.s. Keep in mind, I'm not shaming anyone, I'm just playing devils advocate here for alternative take on things. -Richard
  9. This might be a tactical error on your part Whit. The California Highway Patrol has something called 'spotters'. They have one petrol car, or a plane watching the road, downward hill, or highway.. They don't do the actually pull over. Instead, it's relayed to as many or up to 5 patrol cars, waiting ahead. By the time you see them, they've already got your speed.. now they are just doing the motions of pulling you over. So the speed up thing because someone else is busy, doesn't really apply! -Richard
  10. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to (slightly) dis-agree with you Jan. Absolutely, I feel bad for the person who is publicly trounced, taken out to the square, flogged, stripped naked, and tarred and feathered over the Internet for what seems to be nothing more than an old fashioned public hanging, for sure!! However, there is a much larger picture here. Shaming. Shamming has been used effectively for many many years, and long since mankind realized they have to live together, if they want to survive in this world. Is it right to pick on one individual? Absolutely not! But public shamming is still a very effective tool. Let me give an example. You’re driving down the highway, on the road to Vegas thinking about your future jackpots. All of you on the road, are probably driving a bit too fast, and something in the human psyche, perhaps it's our competitive nature, pushes us in this imaginary life pole position game. We've all done this. Now.. suddenly, a Cop, seaming comes out of nowhere.. lights come on.. And the guy 2 cars in front of you, gets pulled over.. We've all been in this situation, and we're all thinking the same things.. Humiliation and a very public shaming way, "That guy is getting a ticket!". But wait... We were all speeding?? But, hell.. He can't pull over EVERYONE. But for one brief second you say to yourself.. "Wow. Thank gawd that’s not me!" .. and we proceed onward with our lives, much slower I might add.. At least for the next 100 miles, or so. Now let me add here.. A totally agree. for that one guy that gets the big "A" branded on him.. it sucks. but you have to admit. Shaming is effective. What if public shaming stopped? We can't make rules and laws for every little tiny thing that people do wrong.. We would be covered in signs, and enormous amount of laws. (Hell, LA parking signs are hard enough). Shaming is what keeps the public 'in line'. People are imune from Shaming, get more and more out of line. The behavor looks normal to them, and outragous to us, and it keeps getting worse, had not someone step in and say something. The point is, perhaps you think that you not effected by these low ball producers.. But what happens when everyone is offering 100/days without being told they are wrong! Every studio head keeps seeing these rates, and starts to think, "crap, Im overpaying people". What happens when everyone is offering 100/days!! After seeing those rates, over and over, day after day.. would anybody start thinking this must be normal? I'm mean.. nobody is saying anything to the contrary, right?? No one is getting beat up over these rates, because people are not saying anything.. so this must be ok? But, in general.. yes, I try (sometimes fail) to keep my mouth closed. Move on.. glad that guy is being shamed, and not me. And the Battle is lost, but the War is won… For now.
  11. Is that that we can't say, Kentucky Fried Chicken any more.. It's KFC? -Richard
  12. First off, yes, the price is high.. But lets not forget History. Cell phones were $10/min when they first came out...
  13. Along these same lines.. That BM Ursula is one of the best cameras I've worked with, regarding sending sound to the camera. I was listening to the return, and I nearly couldn't distinguish between my mixers sound, and the cameras sound while comparing the two.
  14. Seriously.. I've had the differed thing held as, "well pay you on the next one". So, I ask, what the next one was paying.. The producer said regular rate.. So, then I said, well I want double rates. To which the producer, didn't understand why.. I had to explain that if I'm NOT taking a rate, then I want double on the next gig.. Producer still doesn't get it.. hung up to a very perplexed producer. -Richard
  15. OK, this one is NOT mine, but after hanging out with many sound mixers this week, someone in our group dropped this one.. The next person that asks you to work 'differed', tell them, absolutely I can do that.. I take Visa and MasterCard! Like I said.. not mine, but I'm sure that I'm going to use that one on a few producers in the future. -Richard
  16. I'm going to call Bullshit.. Not the first video, the so called explanation joke video. And.. a big 'Well played to Dennis PR department"! This is the equivalent to your walking down the street, you trip on the sidewalk, then get up, make a joke out of it, and move on while saying, "I meant to do that". Certainly his PR department is brilliant!! Hell, half the people were already saying it was a joke, so it wasn't to difficult to throw together a quick video, called it a joke, and defuse the whole thing. So, yes.. I'm impressed.. His PR team did a great job here! -Richard
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOjUSjghGI8 -Richard
  18. I saw this on Reddit, and I thought you guys (and girls) might appreciate it. Some of us who have lived in Los Angeles for over 40+ years, will no doubt be called 'professional drivers' because of our need for cars in LA. My hats off to people who want to make it, a better commute while here in LA. This guy pulled off, placing an illegal sign right in downtown over the 110, and the signed stayed up for nearly 10 years! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clgl63CWOkM
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