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    I'm a production sound mixer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, working mostly on TV series, but also some advertisement and feature films.

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  1. Luis Rovai

    Sony PMW300 timecode problem (with SB-T syncbox)

    I'm glad to report that it worked. Thanks for the helpful information, Jim! [emoji2] Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Tapatalk
  2. Luis Rovai

    Sony PMW300 timecode problem (with SB-T syncbox)

    Jim, that is very valuable information, thanks. Seems like the camera video output and the Denecke genlock signal were not properly set. Manual says that when shooting 23,98P you've got to set the video output to 23,98PsF (instead of 59.94i pull-down) and genlock it with 1080PsF video signal (instead of 1080P) Gonna test it and post the feedback. BTW, the drift is really a drift
  3. Luis Rovai

    Sony PMW300 timecode problem (with SB-T syncbox)

    Though I totally agree that 3 identical cameras would provide a much more streamlined workflow, that's what they've got in the house and thats what we're using... But if the manufacturer (Sony, in that case) states that the camera can be locked from external sync, I think it must do it properly All 3 cams have shotgun + g3 audio hop for reference, but syncing by waveforms is slowing things down, both in production (slate) and in post. We're going to do another test, this time running at 29,97ND, which might work. If it doesn't, sending TC over audio may be another option. Thanks for the anwsers!
  4. Hey guys, I'm working on a project with 3 cameras (Sony F5, Sony PMW300 and Canon C300), all running at 23,98 / 1080P , locked with 3 Denecke SB-T's. The SD 664 is the master clock, jamming the SB-T's with 23,98 timecode. C300 and F5 are holding sync, but the PMW300 is drifting. Even stranger is the fact that it outputs 29,97ND! Pascal Van Strydonck mentioned a similar problem in this thread below, but I cannot do the same workaround he did, since I'm using 3 cameras. Does anyone knows what is going on? I assume it's a camera fault. Thanks!
  5. Luis Rovai

    Show me your bag

    I've chosen the OR32 because I like to have more space in the bag if additional receivers, Comteks or even a 664 are needed. The headphone hook idea was borrowed from your post on Facebook's Freelance Soundmixers group. It does work great, thanks! Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Tapatalk
  6. Luis Rovai

    Show me your bag

    SD 633, 03 Lectro UCR211, 03 Senn G3 (two RXs, one TX to camera), PSC power distro, Sanken and Oscar Soundtech lavs, tight and tidy in an Orca 32 bag
  7. Luis Rovai

    Lectrosonics L-series

    Great, Larry, thank you very much for the feedback. That is the most expensive pound of paper I've ever heard! Greetings from Brazil, Luis. Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Tapatalk
  8. Luis Rovai

    Lectrosonics L-series

    I'm also anxiously expecting the L Series release date and price range to decide how to invest in a new wireless system. Do we have any updates in this matter? Thanks, Luis.
  9. Luis Rovai

    Location audio store in the UK?

    hi, Rich, just saw your message after answering John. thanks for the links, I'll email those guys and check for availability. I'm planning to ship the items to a friend in London who's coming to Brazil.
  10. Luis Rovai

    Location audio store in the UK?

    Thanks, John, I'll get in touch with them. I need to buy clips, rubber mounts and windshields for COS-11's, but wasn't finding all of them in a single store. Best, Luis.
  11. hello, guys, I've been reading the forums for a while, but this is my first post. I'm honored to be part of this community. does anybody knows a good location audio store in the UK, please? searching the web, I've found those: http://www.pinknoise-systems.co.uk/ http://www.soundkit.co.uk/ but none of them have all the items I need. thank you very much.