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  1. I had one here for a little while and eventually sold it just because it didn’t have quite the routing flexibility I needed. It’s a pretty simple mixer but if you’re ok with limited routing I think it’s a great choice. It’s very well made and sounds great. -Mike
  2. This is my experience exactly. I sometimes get client requests for the 416, usually for commercials. It works well when you want "that sound" and aren't going to do much treatment to the VO after recording. For film or TV or anything with a bit more subtlety or character an LDC is always a better choice IMO. -Mike
  3. Mobilemike


    I’d be curious if that’s really the case that you can’t use XLR 2 or 5 when you’re doing AES. The Scorpio is different from the MixPre line and the 6-series in that any physical input can be routed to any channel (so says the marketing materials). So it seems to me that even if you’re using XLR 1 for two channels of AES, you should be able to route XLR 2 to channel 3 or any other unused channel. -Mike
  4. Mobilemike


    You can have up to 3 expansion panels attached to the Platform M for a total of 32 faders. -Mike
  5. Mobilemike


    Is it 4 mic inputs + 2 line inputs + 4 wireless? I hope so - that would make sense since there are 12 available channels. Or or does using the wireless receivers make it impossible to use all the analog I/O? -Mike
  6. Mobilemike


    Dangggg look at all those outputs. That’s beautiful. -Mike
  7. Like pretty much everybody else mentioned, I don’t use my MKH70 a lot, but when I do its exactly the right tool for the job, and I’m grateful to have it. I’ve used it for situations like man on the street interviews where clipping a lav on isn’t practical. I’ve used it for long outdoor walk and talks too and it was perfect. Don’t use it a ton but will never get rid of it because sometimes its exactly what you need. -Mike
  8. I use a Zaxcom IFB-200 in my MixPre bag, which has 2-channel backup recording with timecode. Better to be safe than sorry IMO. -Mike
  9. Calling Rycote to make a zeppelin out of that material 😜 -Mike
  10. Frame accurate, yes, and only at the start of the file. Everything after that depends on the recorder’s clocks. For truly accurate sync you need recorders with word clock capabilities. -Mike
  11. Yeah the 10T works the same way - post fader USB only. -Mike
  12. I like that I can use it that way to easily record slightly hotter levels into Pro Tools, but have the ISO’s recorded on the MixPre as a backup in case of overages. -Mike
  13. No, the USB feed is post fader only. Personally this is great for the the way I like to work but I know some people would prefer the option of pre-fade feeds. -Mike
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