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  1. Mobilemike

    Sound Devices new firmware - w/ Auto Mute !!

    I'm not sure about older, but the 664 is an analog mixer with a digital recorder integrated, whereas the 633 and 688 are both digital mixers. Unfortunately features can't be added to an analog device through a firmware update. -Mike
  2. Mobilemike

    For those of you that use Peli cases

    That is very cool! I like that the pouches are removable as well so you can just grab one and go. -Mike
  3. I’d agree with this. What kind of SFX are you recording? For exterior ambiences and such I would generally want stereo of some sort. For interior foley and FX sounds the Neumann KMR-81 is my go-to. -Mike
  4. Mobilemike

    Pelican Case for Carry On

    Personally I wouldn’t risk it, even if someone else has been successful many times. It only takes one grumpy flight attendant and then your gear is in danger of getting lost or damaged. 1510 for essentials, check everything else. -Mike
  5. Mobilemike

    USB rechargeable bag power.

    All of the above, honestly. I used a battery pack that had both coax outputs for wireless receivers and a USB output for my MixPre. Neither was very reliable however, as neither connection was locking, and I had to use a rather convoluted set of adapters in order to make the coax output work with my Zaxcom receiver. I had an AA battery backup in the MixPre so that wouldn't lose power while recording, but I definitely had power fail on the wireless a couple of times. The batteries took forever to charge and did not seem to discharge reliably. Some days I would get 3 hours out of one, other days only an hour and a half. It also took a very figety set of steps to turn the battery on - everything had to be plugged in and booted on in a certain order and then the battery turned on. There was also no easy way to turn it off between takes to save power. I went over to the 49Wh Inspired Energy smart batteries after that. They are about the same size and weight as the USB battery I was using, so pretty small, but way more reliable and power the gear for far longer. A bit more expensive, but I'm willing to pay for reliability. -Mike
  6. Mobilemike

    Sanken Distributor issues

    +1 -Mike
  7. Mobilemike

    USB rechargeable bag power.

    I tried it for awhile with one of my smaller bags. Honestly I found it more of a PITA than it was worth. I moved over to smart batteries and a BDS in that bag and haven't looked back. -Mike
  8. Do you remember when it used to cost thousands of dollars for a “flat screen” TV? Now you can get a huge LED screen that looks better, lasts longer, and takes up less space for under $500. My point is that technology advances exponentially. Don’t judge new tech by old prices. Use your ears. The new Kashmir preamps won’t let you down. -Mike
  9. Mobilemike

    Zaxcom ZMT3-Flex.

    Wow! I wonder what the actual size is. The picture makes it look rather large, but I suppose thats deceptive. Microdot inputs huh? Interesting new direction for Zaxcom... "perfect for" dpa mics... -Mike
  10. Mobilemike

    DPA 4060 Ambience Recording - Wind Protection

    I have a couple of the Bubblebee Windbubbles for just this purpose. They’ve worked great so far, but I haven’t had them out in anything but moderate wind as of yet. -Mike
  11. Mobilemike

    Recording a three man band with a 664

    I’d do: Mono overhead Kik Snare Bass Guitar Vox -Mike
  12. Mobilemike

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Yes it will. I haven't had a problem with it in any program. -Mike
  13. Mobilemike

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    "Name" = scene "Number" = take Always worked great for me. -Mike
  14. Mobilemike

    Windscreen Rycote or BUBBLEBEE Industries

    I’ve not done a head to head comparison but my impression is that the spacer is more effective and sounds better (esp. with the fur removed) than a classic softie, and not quite as good as a traditional basket + windjammer. Side note: I wanted the spacer bubble for my Neumann RSM190 stereo mic, but the mic does not fit in any of their standard models. When I reached out to Bubblebee about that they gladly made me a custom one to fit (using measurements I sent them of the mic). They turned it around in just a few weeks and it didn’t cost me any more than an off the shelf one. Rycote’s customer service is great as well of course, but I was really impressed with how Bubblebee went above and beyond. -Mike
  15. Mobilemike

    Windscreen Rycote or BUBBLEBEE Industries

    I have a Spacer bubble and the short fur doesn’t seem terribly more effective in medium-heavy wind than the spacer by itself to me. You will definitely want the long fur too. -Mike