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  1. The email I got from Sonosax last week said the SX-M2D2 was CHF 1190, so about $1200 in the USA. -Mike
  2. Mobilemike

    New SD 833

    I’m so bummed this doesn’t have Dante. If it did I would pick one up ASAP. -Mike
  3. If the trainer has a decent head of hair, hiding the lav there would eliminate a lot of the problems from head turning, clothing rustle, or the lav being pressed into the floor. I used that placement for some gym promos a couple of months ago and it worked great. -Mike
  4. I love the USO too. I haven’t had too many instances where I need genlock, but I like that it’s available. I keep my one in my “small “bag though, with the second output set to LTC. That way I can use it to simultaneously feed my MixPre6 and my Zaxcom IFB200 to make sure those always lock to the same code.
  5. In my experience, a laptop based setup is too cumbersome and too fragile for field recording. I’d definitely choose the stability and ease of setup of a dedicated field recorder like the Zoom F8N over a laptop based setup. -Mike
  6. My rep told me last week they are "on the boat" from Japan but will still take another two weeks or so to arrive here in the states. -Mike
  7. You need excellent wind protection like a full Rycote or Cinela blimp and a great pair of omnis. Sennheiser MKH8020 has great low frequency extension.
  8. Hm seems strange to me that Full Compass would have the mic at 50% of what everybody else has it for. Not sure if I trust that. -Mike
  9. I have a CMS-50 on preorder. New estimate for arrival is end of July. -Mike
  10. Thanks guys - I appreciate all the thoughts and input. Updating here for posterity... I am running the latest firmware on all devices, that was definitely something I checked too. I spoke with both Zaxcom and Sound Devices about this and neither one could offer much insight. Matt at Sound Devices said that jitter or auto frame rate detect shouldn't affect anything on the MixPre - it simply picks up whatever timecode is put into it and isn't too fussy about changes. He said it will pretty much follow along with anything. He did suggest that I record the incoming timecode onto an audio track to check and see if the timecode stream was dropping out completely at those moments where it loses connection. I did that and recorded quite a few hours of timecode and did not see any physical drops of the TC stream. Glenn at Zax simply said that it definitely couldn't be the IFB200, but didn't elaborate. He did offhandedly mention that he didn't even remember that teh IFB200 had a timecode generator though, which was a little disconcerting. I also have an older Denecke TS-2 slate (with the 23.98 mod) that I have been using with this rig. I've noticed however, that when I jam the Denecke from the IFB200 that I have to rejam it every 20-30 minutes because it starts drifting. I assumed that was because of an old crystal so I sent the slate back to Denecke for service. They checked it out and said the crystal was totally fine and not experiencing any drift. So... at this point I'm forced to conclude that the timecode generator in the IFB200 is just no good; that it is just not very reliable. Like several people suggested above I am going to try clocking everything (including the IFB200) from another TC generator and see how that works out. I have a couple UltraSync One's which have dual LTC outputs, so I can send one into the MixPre and the other into the IFB200. I was hoping to avoid this solution just to keep the rig simple - this just adds one more thing in the bag and one more battery to keep track of - but if its the only way for reliable TC then I guess its worth it. I'll update after I've run with this configuration a few times. -Mike
  11. Hey all - Has anyone discovered a way to mount a 5/8 baby pin on a standard 19" rack (which uses 10-32 screws)? I'd love to add a monitor arm to my Yamaha 01V96i mixer rack, but I can't seem to find a way to mount one on the rack rails. Thanks! -Mike
  12. Most people here in the USA use Pro Tools. If you ever want to collaborate on sessions with other studios, you have to know Pro Tools. You can buy PT upfront, it doesn't have to just be a monthly subscription. -Mike
  13. I believe Plus24 (The US Sanken distributor) will listen to and check out a mic before sending it to Japan if you'd like. They did that for mine when I sent it over a couple of years ago anyway. -Mike
  14. Surprisingly decent audio quality on those samples. May be worth picking up to try. -Mike
  15. Mobilemike

    Np50 chargers

    +1 One of my SGS NP-50 chargers stopped working last week. I shot them an email at about 11pm after I got back from set, and had a reply in my inbox by 1:30 am (!) saying that a new charger would be on its way to me ASAP. That alone makes the SGS chargers worth it over the generic IMO. -Mike
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