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  1. I’m using a Bubblebee spacer kit meant for the MiniCMIT and it fits perfectly. -Mike
  2. I regularly use my two CS-M1’s for ADR in quiet indoor environments (such as an ADR stage), and I have no complaints about the self noise. It is a brighter mic than a lot of others, and the self noise reflects this as well, as it is higher pitched than other mics which may make it more audible. In practice though I’ve never had an issue, especially since the hot output means you need less gain on the mic. -Mike
  3. Nice! Can you tell us if these AES inputs will be in addition to the analog I/O already on the 888 or 833, or will they replace some of the inputs? Thanks! -Mike
  4. Dang... just when I had resigned myself to saving my money! This looks awesome. From one of the pictures I saw, the 888 seems to have the same little expansion connector on the front that the 833 has - so hopefully an AES accessory for both will be forthcoming. -Mike
  5. This. But I have several remote audio ones and they work great. -Mike
  6. I have two of these mics that I use all the time, and on all sorts of voices. No distortion issues here (except if I set my gain improperly). -Mike
  7. Interesting! i wonder how the upcoming AES accessory will connect to the 833. Through one of the USB ports likely? And I wonder if this means a Dante accessory could come in the future as well. -Mike
  8. I thought he said this model had the raw outputs so you can mix any way you want. Seems to have dual TA5 outputs - one with the front cardioid and figure 8 and one with the read cardioid and figure 8. I think it it was the old model that did all the processing in the mic and only had matrixed outputs. -Mike
  9. Why not try it and see how it sounds? You seem intent on it, and it’s an easy thing to try without damaging anything. Give it a shot and see what you think. My guess is that you will quickly hear why so many of us are saying “hard no”, but you won’t lose anything by giving it a shot, and you might even learn something! -Mike
  10. Interesting! Looks like double MS in a small form factor. Could be cool. -Mike
  11. The email I got from Sonosax last week said the SX-M2D2 was CHF 1190, so about $1200 in the USA. -Mike
  12. Mobilemike

    New SD 833

    I’m so bummed this doesn’t have Dante. If it did I would pick one up ASAP. -Mike
  13. If the trainer has a decent head of hair, hiding the lav there would eliminate a lot of the problems from head turning, clothing rustle, or the lav being pressed into the floor. I used that placement for some gym promos a couple of months ago and it worked great. -Mike
  14. I love the USO too. I haven’t had too many instances where I need genlock, but I like that it’s available. I keep my one in my “small “bag though, with the second output set to LTC. That way I can use it to simultaneously feed my MixPre6 and my Zaxcom IFB200 to make sure those always lock to the same code.
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