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  1. Mobilemike

    Mixpre remix

    If you have the Musicians plugin I believe you can use that to load files into a project from the card. If not I’m not sure there’s a way to load files back onto the MixPre. -Mike
  2. Mobilemike

    Cos 11 Sticky cable- not from tape...

    Amazon has Remove wipes for $9/50. -Mike
  3. Mobilemike

    MixPre 6/LANC remote control project

    Very cool! -Mike
  4. Mobilemike

    Ktek Squid vs. Rycote XLR holder MK II?

    I use the Squid with a Zaxcom ZMT3 Phantom. Works great, no complaints. -Mike
  5. Mobilemike

    DPA 4061, Best prices?

    Gotham Sound has nice prices on non-microdot DPA’s. Add them to your cart to see the price. -Mike
  6. Mobilemike

    iZotope RX 7 tease

    Sweet, thanks for the heads up! -Mike
  7. Mobilemike

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Wingman does act as a virtual keyboard AFAIK. I certainly use it to rename channels, edit file names, enter metadata, etc., in addition to starting and stopping recording. Is there something else a keyboard can do that Wingman can't? I've never needed a keyboard personally. I love the support for fader controllers! Thats what I've been hoping for since the MixPre's were released! I can't say I'm too fond of the specific controllers they support yet though - they all seem to have very short throw, plastic faders. I'd love one with some nice long throw faders on it, so a big +1 to adding more options and/or opening up the protocols. -Mike
  8. Mobilemike

    Sound Backpack Rig

    Very nice - looks great! How are you finding the heat having everything enclosed in the backpack? Ever feel like the gear is getting too warm? -Mike
  9. Mobilemike

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    The CS-M1 by itself is quite light. The picture shows it with a Rycote softie on it though, which I'm sure adds some weight, and makes the system a bit front heavy. Just guessing here, but since it is such a small mic, stiffer lyres are probably needed to counteract the weight of the softie and balance the mic out. -Mike
  10. Mobilemike

    633 or 788T HDD

    Do you ever need 8 channels? If so then your choice is easy I have both and prefer the 633 for a lot of jobs because it is smaller and lighter. It’s much easier to enter metadata and change track names on the 633 because of the wingman app. I find the menu system easier to navigate on the 633 but that’s personal preference too. Both are awesome tho and for music gigs or when I need more than six channels or more than three mic preamps I have no hesitation using 788. -Mike
  11. Mobilemike

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    I would love to but unfortunately I had to give it back to Gotham. When I get one for real (they are heavily backordered apparently) I will definitely do some more tests. -Mike
  12. Mobilemike

    Sonosax M2D2

    Woohoo this looks awesome! The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is not having any balanced analog outputs. Any chance of making that analog output a TA5 so that we can get balanced signals? AES is nice to have but for me I will use analog much more often. Love the mini-jack output as well - that will be perfect to get two extra channels on my MixPre-6. Specs say headphone/line out. Will you be able to switch it between the two modes? I'd rather not have whatever headphone amplifier is there in the signal path when using this as a line output. Looking forward to it! -Mike
  13. Mobilemike

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    I had a demo of the CS-M1 last week thanks to Gotham and I must say I'm impressed. Its a really great sounding mic. I had it up in several ADR sessions alongside my mainstay, the Sanken CS3e, so I could compare the two easily. It's definitely a bit brighter than the CS3e and has a bit less low end, but I found myself preferring that in quite a few situations because it mixed into the track even more readily. It's not as bright as the 416 or the CS1e (which is a good thing IMO), but has a nice air up top. When I mix in ADR, most often I dump some lows and add some brightness, so the CS-M1 had that already done for me. It definitely has the same sound quality of the CS3e, which is what I was unsure about. It had similar reach too, which is very impressive for what a tiny mic it is. The CS3e has a little more reach, but not much. The CS-M1 also has quite a hot output, needing less gain than the CS3e. I had demoed a Sanken CSR2 a couple of years back thinking that might be a backup to the CS3e and wasn't that impressed - it lacked the richness and fullness of the CS3e and I just didn't think it sounded that great. The CS-M1 has no such issues. I think its definitely a great tool and I plan to pick one up when they are back in stock! -Mike
  14. Mobilemike

    Etymotic or other brand for low-cost earplugs?

    I have these on my keychain for every day, bumming around, never know when you’re going to need it use. https://eargasmearplugs.com/products/eargasm-high-fidelity-earplugs I like them just fine. Protective, fit well, and sound decent. I do have a pair of custom molded earplugs that I’ll take in the rare occasions I’m mixing live shows or something like that, but these are fine for every day use. -Mike
  15. Mobilemike

    Performance Capture Audio

    With a smaller transmitter like the Zaxcom ZMT you could even rig up two lavs on the setup. That would provide safety and redundancy and you could also rig one at a lower gain level and one at higher gain to catch the full dynamic range of the performance. -Mike