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  1. bschir


    I pulled out my old DPA windpac and the rain 'cover' is falling apart and full of holes. Anyone got a large size cover they want to sell or know any business that would still have one of these in stock? DPA doesn't make these anymore....wish I bought the medium size one instead.
  2. there is a brakeout box that gives channel 4-6 pre amps...but it defeats the purpose of having a small mixer. It is good a option if your in a pinch some how and need 6 pres for that unit
  3. I'm hiding mics all day so my kit has a lot of wear and tear.... The blue plastic box I'll have on me at all times for any emergency/quick fixes. The countryman pouch has a few extra/different mics if I need to change things up and the assortment of bits and bobs.
  4. Speaking of 633... Have polarity flip for all 3 pre amp channels instead of just channel 2. Some form of phantom power for channels 4-6 (I understand the size issue though) 10 db more gain on channels 4-6 for more headroom Easier access to take the CF card in and out while in a bag.
  5. I find that the most problems I have is the person using the tx. I don't know if its body mass or contact with the tx antenna but its odd. I was just seeing what peoples thoughts on the different units are. I'll stick with my lectro's till I leave the business. I'm gonna roll with 50mw for a while and see what happens. I feel the 250mw only has helped with the SRa's. But for the most part, it wasn't that huge of a difference.
  6. When the Nomads were 'new' in zaxcom terms which was like alpha testing... there was the possibility to re charge the AA in the unit. I actually had recharables in the unit but it ended up starting to smoke and as I fumbled to pull the unit out of the bag, open that damn bat door while it was still cabled to everything. I tilted the bag sideways to get the sled out of the unit and I caught it with my hand. The plastic battery sled was melting so the plastic ended up burning my skin. I have a pic somewhere of a perfect oval impression of the end of the bat sled in my hand. Lucky all this happened while I was home testing some bag configurations out. I sent it back to get 'fixed' but then it happened again while i was on a shoot. Completely unacceptable. So I ended up returning it and bought my 3rd 788 and never went down the zaxcom road. While I had the unit I always had to cross my fingers and hope the software boot up would work and the unit would actually start up. Other than that, I liked the device. I thought it was great. But work is work and I couldn't live with that kind of variable in my workday.
  7. Thanks for your comments. Being an lectro guy and having my hand burned by one of the first nomads (SN 17) and it being repaired twice and still not working, I tend to steer clear of zaxcom products. But that was in the past. I think zaxcom's equipment is more stable nowadays and starting to interest me again. So no one feels that zaxcom tx/rx get better range with its all digital transmission?
  8. Hello! How do people feel about the range that they get off the zaxcom units? Is 50/75 mw good enough compared to lectros 100/250?. I really need don't like to fight to get range in my wireless. I know its all digital but some zaxcom units I have used in the past didn't impress me with there range. Maybe I was using their older models... Also wondering about the IFB's and using them for camera hops. I'm curious about the range of them and the audio quality, are then better than the lectro ifb's?
  9. An old program called Bias Peak worked really really well doing batch conversion of anything you want. You could create a script and then just drop the files in and they would be automatically processed. I don't know if the program is still supported.
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