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  1. My bad! Thought I read you were using a ZMT3
  2. The distortion with the 6060 (or 4060,4061,...) is due to the fact that there is powering mismatch between the 5v DPA mics and 3V transmitters. The only dpa mic that will adhere those spl specs in combination with a Zaxcom tx (pre ZMT4 of course) is the 4063.
  3. A Sonosax m2d2 to a zaxcom trx743 with an AES cone is hard to beat!
  4. My Altec VOTTs (Voice of the Theatre), great sound on half a Watt!
  5. Hi, The neutrik part is : https://www.neutrik.com/en/product/nc3fx-spec However it screws in a custom ring i built, ie the black cone part in the picture. This allows easy replacement of the connector when it's worn.
  6. Neutrik Locking XLR straight onto the mic mount
  7. Normal is 32khz sampling rate, ursa wants to see 48khz and has no src. That’s why it’s not working
  8. I had the same problem, where my 4 QRXs introduced a low-level high pitched whine into my Sonosax mixer, not unlike what an IFB100 used to produce when on the same power supply. I believe at one point I even had the grounds (pin1) disconnected entirely, and this removed all of the noise, however this may have been specific for my cart/setup, and maybe not a very safe solution, for the equipment. I recently switched to an RX12, and have since had zero problems (pin1 connected).
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