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  1. Mr. Scelza I enjoyed your prose also. I visited your website and was impressed with the photo of your sound cart. I enjoyed your post sir! Greg Gross
  2. I'm sitting here looking at the simple stupid wind screen on my Azden shotgun mic. and realizing that its gotta go! I've just realized from reading posts here that its about as juvenile as you can get. I'm wondering if I can't experiment and make my own windscreens? Of course first thought is what type of materials would I use? Greg Gross
  3. Thank you "old school" and I appreciate your post. Greg Gross
  4. I'm very impressed with this forum as members seem to be more positive about forum matters versus some forums that I've been on. I love intelligent ranting. I can see though that I'm going to have to get a good sound book/manual so that I can figure out some of the technical terms you guys are using. Greg Gross
  5. Can anybody suggest a good book/manual for sound, involving filmmaking?
  6. Please post photos of sound carts as I would like to learn the business. Greg Gross
  7. Believe it or not I was a soundman in college back 66,67(vietnam veteran,ranger). I did Glen Yarborough,Johnny Mathis,The Turtles live on stage and I had pro-mics hanging from stage ceiling that I would pot up/pot down as the artists moved on the stage. Now I am really excited about the sound carts you fellows use and I've got to learn more about how you set them up. My stage mics were fed in to pro- Ampex decks via a Collins sound board and I sat inside a professional sound room. Here's my question- Is it practical to have mics at different locations on a film set and actually pot up/pot down with the action. I had an idea about doing this on a production that I want to shoot. Does anybody in the sound business ever use this technique? Greg Gross
  8. I'm all for "Want To Buy",Want To Sell". Sounds like a good idea for the forum. I'm looking for mics,booms,recorders and all things connected. Greg Gross
  9. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the images from Officer and A Gentleman. First time I've seen professional boom man at work. Of course you had some foul wheather to deal with. Do boom men often get wet and cold? Greg Gross
  10. Would anybody have any suggestions on using Dat recorder with the PD-170? Greg Gross
  11. I realize how very important sound is to the production unless of course we are shooting a silent film. Hoping that forum will provide an education in sound production. Mr. Wexler I'm a fan of yours and your father. Thank you so much for providing this forum. I feel it will help me get a better hold on sound production. I have to produce,di- rect,and photograph my own productions. I almost forgot,I have to wr- ite the script also. Greg Gross
  12. I use pd170user as a descriptive title to portray where I'm at in the independent film world. I'm trying to afford 16mm. Student cinema- tographer but long time professional photographer. Any suggestions for microphone,mixer etc. would be greatly appreciated,of course wo- uld want to use with PD-170. Presently using boom with Azden shot- gun in combination with lavalier into camera's audio input,no mixer. I will finish post with my real name as I always stand on my own two feet. Greg Gross
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