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  1. Stef Albertyn

    Sony UWP Wireless System

    I have a couple for camera hop & headphone fb - never had a issue with them - never used it as wireless lav mic.
  2. Stef Albertyn

    Show me your bag

    Very nice & neat ivanovich! Here is my "compact that started growing hairs . I use the RodeLink as a spare so should not relly be there - 4 x wisycom TX with Dpa 4060 and the extra receiver is for the plug -on. Sony is just camera hop & foldback.
  3. Stef Albertyn

    Camera Hops

    Tentacle or Ambient with Sony UWP for headphone foldback and mono camera hop. Small indie / docu / short film shoots. Works well and never had a problem (for about a year). I ordered Timecode systems Wave & Ultrasync bundle.
  4. Stef Albertyn

    Sony UWP vs Sennheiser G3

    I have been using the Sony UWP - but mostly for headphone & camera hop. I have used it once with the supplied mic - which is not great. Seeing that it is a backup for me, as I bought Wisycom for main usage, I will use it with a Rode Lav +Micon 8. I have only tested that combo briefly and it sounds good - will try to do a proper test with that and Sanken over the weekend (including keyes test :). I have no worries in recommending them - I think they are just as good as the G3, but I think the headphone out and slighly cheaper price makes it a better buy - for me in any case.
  5. Stef Albertyn

    Rode Newsshooter simple test

    What Rick said! I got this to work best T->XLR Pin 2 S->XLR Pin 1 R-> N/C It made no difference when XLR pin 3 bridged to pin 1 or not Cheers stef
  6. Stef Albertyn

    Rode Newsshooter simple test

    I'm in South Africa - things are just simply more expensive here - they normally go for 1050NZ$, and I paid about 700 NZ$.
  7. Stef Albertyn

    Rode Newsshooter simple test

    For those on the cheaper end of the budget scale. I had a bit of credit at the local music shop and they had the Rode Newsshooter at a ridiculous special - so I bought one - if it was terrible I could use it as an extra camera hop for guide tracks, so I had nothing to loose. I plugged a Schoeps 641 into the Rode, set the gain to +30 on the transmitter and 0 on the receiver. The line level send was reasonably low and needed a fair amount of gain. I will look into using an "unbalanced" cable betweern receiver and recorder next to see if there was any issue there. But for the time being - here are two files recorded - one with the Rode and one with the Schoeps directly into the Sonosax. Some noise on the Rode - but not bad at all! Obviosluy have not tested distance etc. Cheers Stef EDIT - I changed the cable and it sorted the gain issue out - lot less noise! Test_Schoeps_641_with_Rode_Newshooter_to_Sonosax.wav Test_Schoeps_641_Straight_to_Sonosax.wav Test_Schoeps_641_with_Rode_Newshooter_to_Sonosax_LESS_GAIN_WITH_UNBALANCED_CABLE.wav
  8. Stef Albertyn

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Hi DaveMars Startup the Sonosax while holding down the headphone level/input nob You will get to the service menu (which you will also use for upgrade of firmware) Format the card from this menu and then slot it in the mac - and add bin file for upgrade of firmware Transfer card back to Sonosax and do upgrade of firmware When done restart - and remember to format your card again before recording! Cheers stef
  9. Stef Albertyn

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Hi Ivanovich Please pardon this oppotunistic post from me! But the machine is really hardly used - thats why I am selling it - None of the projects that I was going to use it on materialised. I will get something way more basic like the new Sound Devices Mix Pre 3...:(
  10. Stef Albertyn

    Schoeps CCM41 - need to open it up!

    Thank you John! Once I got to the set and inspected the mic, it was evident that the "innocent" boomswinger banged the mic very hard - so it is being shipped to its maker. Thank you for the valuable information and the trouble to reply to my call for help!
  11. Stef Albertyn

    Schoeps CCM41 - need to open it up!

    I have a small metal or plastic part that has come loose inside a ccm mic. It is working fine otherwise - I need to get through the day - can someone explain to me how to take the mic apart and take the bit out - it will obviously go back to Schoeps - but just need to take the bit out so I can get through the day Thanks stef
  12. Do it in post... http://www.thecargocult.nz/slapper.shtml Works fantastically!
  13. Stef Albertyn

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Mine is very quiet as well - after switching the headphone feeds. I can only compare with my studio Apogee Trak 2 and Lape People mic pre amp - and the Sonosax sits in the middle of those to as far as noise goes...
  14. Stef Albertyn

    Sonosax SX-R4+

  15. Stef Albertyn

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    V1.3 is on Sonosax Website under support: Changelog: Fixed monitor presets: wasn't restored at boot timeFixed take list menu: selected take timecode wasn't correctFixed pop noise during playback startFixed AUX AES output: channel status is now in pro modeFixed various minor bugsFalse start files are now hiddenFull re-work of the metadata menu: scene is 10 alpha-num chars, added tag last take, added user editable snipped list for track names and notesFull re-work of the push button assign menu (SETUP/SYSTEM/PUSH BUTTONS)Added file size selection: fow now limited to 4GB (until WAV64 is implemented)Added RECORD TRACKS menuAdded encoder long press new menu with various useful links and tools: timecode, track names, track arming, screen lock, headphones lock, display brightness, daylight modeAdded timecode set manualAdded quick power-down (to be enabled in menu SETUP/SYSTEM/POWER DOWN SETUP): press and hold REC button in rec ready to power down unit.Added solo in headphones menuAdded a second reference level: user can now configure 'orange' level and 'red' levelAdded a config save button (SETUP/SYSTEM) to force configuration save (done at power down)Player: loading a take no longer begins automatically playback; encoder can be used to modify playback position (1 step = 1%), to change headphones level, enter pause or stop states.Various minor interface improvements