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  1. Hi, I just got stiffed on a shoot where the client refuses to pay after services have already been rendered. I am wondering a few things, 1. What kinds of things can I do at this point. 2. What can I do to avoid this in the future. 3. Is there value in starting a permanent place to post clients who do this so other professionals can refer to it and be warned.
  2. With more and more shoots being double system these days, I am curious how the majority of you are delivering files to production at the end of the day. I currently have been burning dvd-r's at the end of the day but that adds an extra 30 min to my wrap. I have also tried just giving a CF card to the Data wrangler but many times don't get my card back and then have to argue the replacement cost with production (8gb cards at 600sec run around $50 a card). The other option I can think of is a jump drive but once again, it's a matter of getting the drives back the following day and on one day shoots, your waiting for the download which brings me back to adding 30 min to my wrap. I could do dvd-rams and record as I go so the disc is already burned at the end of the day but I find no one wants to pay the $7 - $10 a disc and it isn't practical in a bag, only on a cart. Anyway, the only solutions I can come up with is costing me $10 to $15 dollars a day in jumpdrives or an extra $30 min to my wrap, either solution is not desirable. How are you all handling this dilema? - Drewstorm 30 min wrap, not $30 min wrap.
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