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  1. Is there a boom pole quick release system that will work with heavy microphones? I installed my new Sennheiser 8070 with blimp to the Rycote PCS, but it's too heavy, causing significant play/wobble.
  2. I went ahead and picked-up a second hand Sennheiser MKH 8070. Just received it and need to test over the coming weeks. I will need some wind protection for the microphone; does anyone have a windshield kit that will fit the 8070 that they would like to sell? This comes up as the matching windshield for the 8070: https://mymic.rycote.com/products/modular-windshield-ws-8-kit/
  3. While reviewing the data sheet on each mic, these were some of the differences that stood out to me... Sensitivity: 112mV/Pa (MKH 8070), 50mV/Pa (MKH 70) Impedance: 25ohms (MKH 8070), 150ohms (MKH 70) Weight: 10.5oz (MKH 8070), 6.3oz (MKH 70) Polar Pattern: The 8070 does look much tighter than the 70 Frequency Response: The 8070 looks to have more of a "boost" from 1kHz up to 10kHz. What is the importance/significance of these differences considering my intended purpose?
  4. I am looking into getting either the Sennheiser MKH70 or the Sennheiser 8070 Long Shotgun for Airshow interviews. I usually use my Sanken CS-3e for this situation, but last year, I decided to test out the Schoeps Cmit5u (performed much better than I anticipated). Both the Sanken and Schoeps do a wonderful job, but I feel something with a longer "reach" would be better suited for this task. The boom pole I am using is a K-Tek K-87CCR. Lavalier mics are not being considered at this time. Most of the shots showcase the featured aircraft behind the interviewee, thus being wider, requiring a longer "reach." Additionally, the surrounding environment is very noisy (groups of people, aircraft, vehicles, announcements, wind, etc...) The Blue Angels/C-17 interview (2nd video featured below) was a particular challenge and is an example of what I am hoping to improve. The blue angels interview was probably about 8' away and the C-17 was about 10' away. Most of the other interviews (featured in the 1st video) were an average of 3-5' from the talent. Thoughts on which microphone (MKH70 vs. 8070, or another long shotgun) is the better choice for this type of coverage? Last year's video: C-17 Video:
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