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  1. Good old Bert, it's funny how well known he is now... I've been into him since I was a ramblin' 12 year old back in '82. If I was in London still I'd go. Thanks for sharing Vin... you going?
  2. OK they are not all European destinations... fair point... What would I know ... I'm English ... Not even sure if we are in Europe... ! "Croatian airlines will not allow batteries in the checked baggage." Do they allow alkaline and lithium-ion in the hand luggage OK ? Thanks
  3. Thanks Jon, I'm taking another mic', that was just the short list to give you the idea, ie bag rig. (If only I could learn to travel without all the back up stuff! I always end up with too many get out of jail gizmo's). Probably take ccm41 and a foam for indoors and accept the '60's oddities if shooting outside. I'd rather take the CCM 41 and windshield instead of the shotgun as it's the mic I usually use but you never know when that awkward situation comes up where even the '60 lacks a bit of reach and the CCm 41 is way off. I digress.. So procell 9volts and AA's and 2x Lithium Ion NP1's will be ok in hand luggage then? I don't want to find I've got to leave anything at the airport. I'd like a Peli case and a shorter boom pole too. For the first week though I think it will be pole in a drain pipe in a suitcase most likely. Thanks Peter and Vasilerios, after your prompt I tried again with the frequency list document and got further into it this time. Thanks.
  4. Hi Jeff, everyone, not been about the board much recently so good to see it's still going strong! It's looking like I'm going to be sound recordist for a holiday show in the following tourist destinations.... Hvar - Croatia Mykonos - Greece Istanbul - Turkey Tel Aviv - Israel St. Tropez - France Sardinia Monaco Ibiza They are all new destinations to me and it would obviously be sensible to ask the community here for any advice you might have to give me. My experience level is good, but too be honest lacking when it comes to shooting overseas... So what I would really appreciate is advice on.... Flying with gear ... I'll be leaving from London, probably Gatwick or Heathrow and taking SD552 mixer Boom Pole MKH 60 2 x 2040's UK CH38 ( 606.050 - 630.200) 1 VHF Micron 191.1 1 VHF Micron 174.8 2 NP1 Lithium Ion Batteries/charger A few boxes of 9v Batteries Alkaline A few Boxes of AA 1.5 v Batteries Alkaline What issues with Batteries and boom poles to expect on the plane? Radio/Wireless Frequency use in these countries.. I have searched the forum but not found anything other than info on frequency use in France. (Not sure if Oleg is about here these days... I know he is the Israel expert so I'll think about emailing him concerning that destination.) Thank You
  5. When I come across this, and I hear it has taken over from the EX3 in London, I will stick a radio mic sending time code on it and use the auto record on code function of the 552. From what I gather in this thread that should work fine albeit not providing sample accurate sync...? Cheers
  6. I could do with my own one of them. Used them a few times to go through a TBU in a truck via a multi core.
  7. I agree the infra red is sometimes useless which is embarrassing and a potential disaster in the making. I spoke to Audio ltd about it and he even said it was tricky... Major issue on a £2500 ++ system
  8. I've got more than one tool kit now. I have had to thin them out and make them more job specific. One of my favourites is the Speakon NL4 Y lead of which I have 2. That has saved me more than a few times. I've git so many XLR y splits (with earth lifted) and other XLR patch cables of various flavours. Those plugs are seriously heavy when you multiply them!
  9. It's these sort of threads that make this forum special.. Proud to be a member.
  10. I'd just name the lowest price you will do it for. Let them decide if they want you or not. They have to come to you basically. I know it's hard if you are desperate for the money but being too keen puts one in a difficult negotiating position. If they are keen to save money then surely they wont be bothered abut camera hops etc. Good luck getting some nicer clients..
  11. Hey Suresh I agree with what you say about the Micron.. I've got a Micron Explorer 100 SDR116 & TX716-A as mentioned above. I would say the quality is equal to the Audio ltd 2040 which I also have. All with `COS 11. Very good value at less than £1000 inc with out mic. Lacking a low cut filter. Otherwise they are both about the same but the Micron is far better value at less than half the price of the Audio ltd.
  12. Personally I think the Audio gear is too expensive. So I have gone back to buying Micron.
  13. I think Senators got a point about attitude. Things happen that are frustrating for us sometimes but it's how you deal with it that really counts. Turning a negative into a positive and not turning their negative into your negative... .. unless of course you are developing film in which case don't know. Im a video guy.
  14. I've had to phone production from the side of the motorway to say 'am I driving to London today or going to my mate's wedding up north', and had them reply that 'they are in a meeting trying to work out if they have a presenter' and I'm literally at the service staion with two different bags packed in the boot of the car! Shocking.. On that occasion though it turned out to be a great day in the end and as it was the second ever day I did for them I wanted to do the job and consolidate on the successful first day a fortnight earlier. It was the right thing for me then and led to a very good relationship with a client that I love working for. So sometimes you gotta take the rough with the smooth. But it aint what I call a professional way to do things. I all to often have no address and I'm setting off for London. Now I call them and push a little but there's no point trying to change people. They would have the details if they could. It's not because they don't care; that they aren't organised. I just ask myself .. In the knowledge that they can't change and I won't benefit from trying to change them, do I still want to work for them? In this particular case I do because they get me great gigs that I enjoy. Try telling them nicely that you need to know before you go to bed. No point getting cross at them though. cheers as some people say; my two pennies worth..
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