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  1. I learned this from a camera Assistant back in the 80s. Film days using Panavision camera. A 50 mm lens, 5 feet away, will produce a choker close up. If it’s 10 feet away double that. 100 mm, 10 feet away, also a choker. And so on. And don’t forget to ask the operator “what are you wearing”? If he’s young, he’ll have no idea what you’re talking about. If he’s old-school, you’ll get a chuckle out of him.
  2. Comtek OEM connector. I dont know the value of the cap.
  3. Ampex 456. Good times calibrating a MCI 24 track machine...
  4. For those of us that were fortunate to be able to work during the heat of the pandemic, it showed us that production could be done in a 10 hour day. We were able to have dinner with their families, see our kids, etc. The thought of going back to 12 to 14 hour days it’s not appealing.
  5. Back in the early to mid-70s my father was a sound man. His experience was post, and production sound. He told me that it meant “Minus Optical Sound”. Interested to see what the other veterans have to say.
  6. I have several new Comtek pouches for sale if you're interested. email me at stacy@stacysound.com
  7. I have bought round 2 of the Wicked Cushion pads. The are great. Comfy and durable. Check the internet for discount coupons. The only reason it's round 2, is I drug a pair of 7506's on the ground behind a golf cart for 600 feet. 🤣
  8. Unfortunately, a couple of the productions I’ve worked on have banned neck gators. They’ve done it for the wrong reason in that the initial tests were done with neck gators made out of spandex. As far as glasses fogging, our entire crew has come to the conclusion that the Zeiss mask fog system is the best at keeping the glasses clear. You can get it at CVS for about $9, beware that Amazon charges anywhere from $16-$18. Try to buy it locally if you can. 🤓
  9. Watching the new Fargo. Love the show, but I’ve noticed in episode five background ambience is all over the place. Is it just me?
  10. I have 2 sets for sale if you're interested in buying. I'll message you.
  11. A pair of headphones, a boom pole and a tool pouch. As a utility/boom op you don't need to buy much.
  12. This is what I needed. Thanks Peter.
  13. Looks like I have 3 98wh options - Remote Audio, Inspired Energy and Audioroot with a couple of options. Any advantages of the 3? TIA
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