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  1. We are sworn to secrecy.
  2. Love watching the outstanding job that NFL Films sound brothers do capturing the sounds of training camp. Knock on wood...
  3. I've only seen them once on a movie I did Mid 90's. DP used as many as 6 at once for big exteriors. I remember each light had an electrician to adjust the arc as it burned and a grip to provide ladder and stability. Little smoke stack out the top. I'm sure there are others here that can provided better stories about their experiences. Carfbon Arc "technology" was also used for search lights and Film Projectors.
  4. What Jon said. Self taught. Interesting phrase. Think about it for a moment. Who would hire a know "self taught" anybody? Electrician, Plumber, Dentist, Teacher, Sound guy. Buy the most expensive gear there is and good luck.
  5. I did this recently and they seemed responsive. Maybe if more of us reach out, they will make one. I requested AA and 9V all chemistries.
  6. You can’t sleep these transmitters? I thought you could Zaxnet to them, turning them up and down and changing channels and all that.?
  7. stacysound

    TC cable

    What Dalton said. http://www.l-com.com/coaxial-rg174-50-ohm
  8. What a masterful piece of mechanical engineering. I’ve been around pianos all my life in the studio and I had no idea the complexity of the mechanism.
  9. Charlie said in another thread that it charges via USB.
  10. Nice. Hope they changed the flashing duration of the LED and made the LED green. 2 biggest complaints from camera. Hopefully the charge voltage is 12V. https://www.mozegear.com/product-page/qbit-x2
  11. I encountered a breakout cable that came with the camera that was wired wrong. I plugged in to the XLR’s, channel 1 only out of my 633, showed up on both of the minis channels. I used my cable and it worked correctly. Something to consider.
  12. Gigs were you have to feed multiple cameras, if your recorder has limited number of outputs, set it to AES. One XLR equals two channels of audio.
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