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  1. Concerning the cheaper options (less than $6-700) - I watched online Youtube reviews and it looks like Hollyland Mars X has the least latency. Any other opinions?
  2. Ah, yea, that would be bad. Maybe a squirt bottle with hydrogen peroxide ...
  3. What do we think of Lysol Spray? Seems like a short, maybe distant squirt on the head of a COS-11 would be the best bet of getting "into" the screen without dousing the head causing "water" damage. https://www.lysol.com/products/disinfectant-spray/lysol-disinfectant-spray-crisp-linen/
  4. You beat me to it. I’ve been wondering the same thing. As an old guy who never used to wire anybody, it wouldn’t bother me at all to not have to wire every single person all the time. On the flipside of that, make up hair and wardrobe is still going to be in the actors face. Why can’t we?
  5. I'll take a picture of it if it happens again. The "charger" stops it's analysis of the battery and displays "high" and the voltage. Mine was 2.2 in the charger. I measured it with a Fluke volt meter and got 2.24v. I'll double check myself on the next cycle.
  6. I’m going through all of my rechargeable AA batteries and have run across a couple that will show to be “high”. I’m using the powerex MH-C9000 for analysis. Sure enough when I measure the voltage across the battery it’s 2.24v. I discharged the battery and reconditioned it and it seems to work fine. But, I’m curious at what would make a battery go high? Stay safe.
  7. Ask Pete Verrando if it can be converted. He does 416's and Schoeps.
  8. Do you mean sections 1 and 5? I spoke with the IRS about the new form. I was told that as long as sections 1 and 5 are complete, the form is complete. Use section 4 for additional withholdings (and confusion).
  9. I talked to an IRS representative, my accountant (who is still researching), and finally entertainment partners. Entertainment partners was the most helpful. Here’s what I know. Disclaimer, check with your CPA, your individual tax situation will be different than mine. If step 1 and step 5 are complete, the form is complete. Step(s) 2,3,4 are optional. Amounts entered in Steps 3 and 4 are ANNUALIZED. Here’s a few examples. Federal withholdings only : On a single DAY job with a day rate of $700. If you only fill out step 1 and step 5, they will take out $100.53. That’s about 14%. If you ALSO fill out in step 3 “other dependents”, and as an example use 4 dependents entering $2000 on line 3, they would take out $92 in federal tax, about 13%. Another example is on $4000 a WEEK, as if you were working on a movie. If you only fill out step 1 and step 5, they will take out $618. About 15%. If you claim 3 dependence entering $2000 on line 3, they would take out $579. About 14 1/2%. I still want to know how to manipulate the W4 so I can have less taken out, but I haven’t figured that out yet. It has to come from the accountant. Remember, your mileage may vary, but know if you fill out Only Step 1 and 5, you will be good.
  10. Since it's omni directional, I think I would prefer to "lay it" on the front of the bag. Looks cool.
  11. The IRS is pumping out a new form W4 and it looks complicated AF for us freelancers who have multiple employers + 1099 income. No more "# of dependents". It looks like it was created with a single employer in mind. Looks like it wants your annual income to judge how much Federal Tax should be withheld. Anyone received any "legal" advice? https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/faqs-on-the-2020-form-w-4?fbclid=IwAR0uFZcsCL2CLo6plR6bHlBJEjZkie-cVYAiVE3LWoyyYTqb3HkYtFJUhQ0
  12. I’m going to build a cable for audio in on the Arri Mini. It uses the R/A Lemo FHG.00.305.CLAD35Z. Max cable diameter is .38mm. 4 conductor with a shield. What cable are you guys using? Spec on connector https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/LEMO/FHG00305CLAD35Z?qs=%2Fha2pyFadugrjZtBm4M%2Fgo0l1P4DdGKqAXLAi0gLSSk%2BwiGeYooWgrdgSFs5X7Vq
  13. Thanks John. The thread on the Comteks and having the Ring out of phase scared me. Cheers.
  14. I've built cables for years and suddenly find myself doubting this simple cable. I’m going to built a cable for scratch audio Comtek/R1a hop to camera - 3.5mm to male XLR. I might use Comtek, or R1a. A Tip Sleeve would be preferred over a Tip Ring Sleeve because of the Comtek, yea? 3.5mm Tip to XLR Pin 2 3.5mm Sleeve to XLR Pin 1 Float pin 3 or ground it? TIA
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