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  1. I'm 100% sure Lectro will replace this with a new one. They are one of the best companies in the business. Contact Karl or Gordon and let them know about the issue with both. -Chris
  2. I also need a plastic compression collar if you are making some mate! Cheers, -Chris
  3. I've spent the last few months putting Lectrosonics's latest IEM/IFB system, called the Duet, through the paces here on my current show. The system is hands-down the BEST sounding in-ear monitor I've ever come across. It has a very good range in our studio and is nearly impervious to an incredible amount of wireless signals that are being used on our set. It is fully digital, scalable and it's also one of the most configurable and flexible cart-based systems on the market. The M2T Transmitter: The transmitter is 1RU tall and the width is ½ of a rack. Each transmitter comes with
  4. I've always liked and respected Don, even though I never had a chance to meet him in person. Over the years after purchasing my first Loon, I'd give him a call for parts, advice and support. He was always helpful, available and didn't hesitate to send parts and take the time tell me how to properly put them into play. I last talked to him about three weeks before his death, not knowing he was sick. We talked about sending me some parts for my Loon to the UK. I told him no rush, and to send them via USPS. A part of me hopes to still see them arrive in the post any day just as a testa
  5. URSA Strap – A better mousetrap aka THIGHstrap! I’ve recently had the chance to play with the full line of URSA straps. Let me bluntly say that they are a total gamechanger in the world of wireless bodypack straps. They are thinner, more breathable and simply better built. They also have some ingenious design features that take them leaps and bounds above the existing market leader in straps, Neopax. Let’s take a look at the differences: URSA vs NeoPax Material – The URSA strap is a 1 mm thick fabric that is much thinner than NP, yet still feels strong and stretchy. I
  6. I feel like I am seeing parts of private messages between folks on the main page. Anyone else? Concerned? Cheers, -Chris
  7. I’ve been playing with a new pre-release version of the Orcabags OR-32 I got from the Orca bags R&D team. I built directly out of my version 1 OR-32 and I must say, I am VERY impressed with the myriad of updates! The bag retains all of the features I really liked, like bag rigidity, accessibility and quality construction. The updated bag has addressed some early issues that I had with the OR-32, (even as serviceable and robust as it was) and dealt with ever single issue and adding some nuances and user upgrades along the way! Main TPU Loops have been moved to the frame
  8. Too late Jeff, this one is on us! Enjoy!
  9. Who else would like to thank Jeff for all his hard work in fostering the sound community? Chip in $1, $5 or $10 and buy him a great dinner! https://www.gofundme.com/JWsound Thanks Jeff!
  10. Significant updates to the original post have just been made.
  11. I’ve recently had the pleasure of using the new Lectrosonics Venue 2. It’s such a huge improvement over the original Venue; something our industry already considers the proven modular workhorse. With new features such as wide-band blocks, IQ filtering, lowered noise floor, Wireless Designer with built-in frequency coordination and—one of my favorite features—menu-driven antenna power toggling, you can be sure to see the Venue 2 on sound mixer’s carts all over the world soon enough! What the new and old Venues have in common: The Venue and Venue 2 share many core similarities.
  12. Ahhh, I think you have to be a member of Facebook and the Freelance Sound Mixer's Group. If you can't see it now, I will post something here in a few days. Cheers, -C
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