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  1. Feeling overlooked? Go to 2 mins in - Guess she works on silent movies!
  2. JBOND - do you have one of these? "During my career I often worked for Mining Review, films made of and for the Coal industry by Data Films. The spring driven Maihak Reportofon MMK 3 was the only recorder allowed underground as safety regulations barred the use of electric motors on cameras or recorders. The spring driven Maihak with its pilot tone system was used in conjunction with a spring driven Newman Sinclair 35mm camera suitably fitted with pilot generator." http://www.filmsoundsweden.se/backspegel/wind_up.html BTW 'respect' for your magnificent collection!
  3. All Is Lost Richard Hymns, Steve Boeddeker, Brandon Proctor, Micah Bloomberg, Gillian Arthur Captain Phillips Chris Burdon, Mark Taylor, Mike Prestwood Smith, Chris Munro, Oliver Tarney Gravity Glenn Freemantle, Skip Lievsay, Christopher Benstead, Niv Adiri, Chris Munro Rush Danny Hambrook, Martin Steyer, Stefan Korte, Markus Stemler, Frank Kruse Inside Llewyn Davis Peter F. Kurland, Skip Lievsay, Greg Orloff
  4. The nominations have been announced for the AMPS Awards for Excellence in Sound for a Feature Film, initiated as part of the Association's twenty fifth anniversary celebrations. The nominations are : 'American Hustle' ~ Tom Williams, Myron Nettinga, John Ross 'Captain Phillips' ~ Chris Munro, Oliver Tarney, Chris Burdon 'Gravity' ~ Chris Munro, Glenn Freemantle, Skip Lievsay 'Inside Llewyn Davis' ~ Peter K. Kurland, Skip Lievsay, Greg Orloff 'Rush' ~ Danny Hambrook, Frank Kruse, Martin Steyer A ballot of the AMPS Voting Membership will decide the winning film, with presentations made to the award winners. AMPS Sound Crew members who have creatively contributed to the winning soundtrack will each receive Certificates of Merit. The presentation of the first AMPS Awards realises an ambition that AMPS has had since inception. The intention is to expand next year to include other creative sound technicians, and Awards for Television Sound. http://www.amps.net/about/news/
  5. I think this is from either "The Tiger of Eschnapur" 1959 or "The Indian Tomb"1960 (German productions that were later edited together into "Journey to the Lost City") They were both directed by the great Fritz Lang,who returned to Germany to film them at the CCC studios in Spandau,Berlin and on location in Rajasthan,India. Filmed in technicolor, I'd guess this is a Technicolor camera without the magazine mounted. No idea of the microphone.... The DoP was Richard Angst,Swiss born,but worked in Germany before,during and after the war and made propaganda movies for the Nazis! I must get out more!
  6. This short from 1939 Check the Technicolor camera at 5.50 DoP - Georges Perinal
  7. I see that the name Hang comes from the Bernese German word for hand. Interestingly, 'hang' is also the Hungarian for 'sound' , as anyone who has worked there will know! Mutt n' Jeff
  8. BBC Radio programme about Chris W - don't believe he has it on his website..... http://www.soundcan.com/AProblemWithNoise.mp3
  9. Crew,you might find this Peckinpah 'connection' interesting: www.soundcan.com/Sam Peckinpahs Girl Friday.mp3
  10. Ouch! The Prod.Mixer who did this movie got the Oscar for Bigelow's "The Hurt Locker" I guess we all get bad days ( or maybe different crew members?)!!
  11. With news of the latest shootings in the US - this was the editorial from The Observer ( UK national Sunday newspaper) last week. Gives an indication of how your gunlaws are viewed by many outside the States Newtown shooting: when it comes to guns and violence, America is like a failed state The Newtown shooting has inspired a rare moment of national self-reflection about the second amendment In Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness the character of Kurtz, at his life's end, has a moment of profound lucidity, which prompts his last words: "The horror." This weekend in the wake of the latest terrible mass shooting in the US, at a primary school in Connecticut, which claimed the lives of 27 innocent people including 20 children, a similar public mood appears to have taken hold, given its most powerful expression in the moving speech by a President Barack Obama on the edge of tears. It is early days yet but the first indications are that the Newtown massacre has inspired a rare moment of national self-reflection over what is obvious to outside observers: that gun control in the US has failed with horrific consequences. In a single year – as Obama articulated – the US has also seen mass killings at a Sikh temple, a shopping mall and a cinema. In America in the past 40 years, a right-driven agenda has argued for the privatisation of the individual's right to own the means of the use of lethal force and driven an extraordinary proliferation of small arms. While it is clear that the US cannot be described as a failed state, in this one crucial aspect, however, it does demonstrate the traits of one. Indeed, Americans own twice as many guns per head as unstable Yemen, the country that has the second highest rate of firearm ownership on the planet. At the heart of the issue has been a deliberate effort by the gun lobby and the US right, beginning in earnest in the mid-1970s, to redefine the second amendment of the US constitution and recast a provision designed to provide collective defence in the shape of "well-regulated" militias as a modern and absolute individual right. That process reached its conclusion when a conservative-dominated supreme court passed two recent rulings affirming this meaning. What is paradoxical about all this, as the historian Jill Lepore made clear in her excellent examination of gun control for the New Yorker earlier this year, is that the proportion of Americans owning guns has been in a steady and significant decline. Indeed, between 1985 and 2010 the prevalence of gun ownership has declined from roughly a third of Americans owning a gun to barely 20%. Yet despite that, the US, by number of guns, remains the most heavily armed in the world with one weapon for almost every citizen, not least because those who do own guns now tend to have multiple weapons. In other words, gun ownership, in political terms, has for long been a minority issue in the US, with those who do own firearms – by and large being white, older and male – monopolising a national debate. All of which suggests that Obama has been presented with a historic opportunity, should he choose to grasp it. In the outpouring of anguish and horror over the Newtown shooting one is reminded of the public reaction in the UK to Hungerford and Dunblane, which saw two significant and incremental changes to gun laws in the UK, the first banning semi-automatic weapons and the second widespread ownership of handguns. For most outside observers the answer to America's gun problem appears self-evident. It needs to begin with a reinstatement of the ban on ownership of military assault weapons that have no business being in private hands. A proper federal system of regulation, including background checks registration, and limits on the type and number of weapons an individual can own, would bring the US belatedly into line with other civilised countries, as would a determined push back against state legislation allowing the carrying of concealed weapons in public. The rate of death from firearm injuries in the US, put very crudely, at more than 30,000 a year exceeds the annual death rate in the present war in Syria. Until the US confronts the reality of its failed policies regarding ownership of firearms it will live in a recurrent nightmare where it is condemned to confront the same horror as it did on Friday at Sandy Hook elementary school. Will common sense come to your great nation - or will this passion for firearms continue to make us bemused at an insanity that pervades your culture? Peaceful Greetings to All on this Festive Season and may your New Year be healthy,happy and prosperous.
  12. UK common usage is: Jack plug and jack socket Mutt n'Jeff
  13. + $20 Better late than never....! Thanks for a great site Mutt n'Jeff
  14. Hey,Senator - what happened to " - It depend's"?
  15. Maybe in the late sixties - as the U87 was introduced in 1967 I believe. I purchased a pair of U87's in 1973 for use on Fisher booms and occasionally on a boompole. I remember using them quite successfully on the stage ( never exterior!) on a couple of movies. Anamorphic lenses meant one could get reasonably close to the talent, but Academy framing was more of a challenge for them.They had a great sound when one could achieve optimum placement, but we also had the advantage of single cameras,proper rehearsals,and quiet disciplined sets! Ah! the Good Old Days......! Mutt n' Jeff
  16. "getting ready for the shot" Don't even think about it - even if you have a safety harness!
  17. Just checked the 'tie down nut' on my old Nagra - and ( don't ask me why!) checked it on a Schrader tire valve.It fits perfectly! Details for the Schrader valve thread - It's a TR-6 Schrader valve, 8mm OD (nominal). actual 7.7 mm Thread designation is .305 "-32tpi or 7.70 mm x 0.794mm pitch hope this helps!
  18. Why not look at the Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS)? www.amps.net Could provide what you are looking for....
  19. This was an early one..... for you 'Post' people! www.soundcan.com/HitlersPostProblems.MOV Mutt 'n Jeff
  20. @ Mike. I'm guessing a 668 but that is only a guess. IT could be a RCA BK 6B under the wind gag. This picture is from 1960 so maybe Eric knows;~) BK6B - I've still got two.......!
  21. I'm not a drummer,but I remembered seeing this thread when I came across this radio programme amongst a load of mp3's on my PC http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18808477/Beat%20It%20The%20World%20of%20the%20Modern%20drummer.mp3 Mutt n' Jeff
  22. Now for some really old movies: The Thin Man, 1934 - the camera was really HUGE And this - I believe it's a blimped 3-strip Technicolor camera in the same year -1934 M&D
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