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  1. Dude is hilarious and when it comes to shit-slinging he has a 25+ year track history that cannot be beat. He's an institution. Yes, he's hurled insults at me and I laughed every time. I think it'd be a different situation if he didn't know what he was talking about front-to-back.
  2. This is why you always post a serial number when putting up something for sale. If buyer thinks it's a fake, they can return it and show proof that the serial number matches. Seller has the same protection. All of these things can be looked up to see manufacture date and can be checked with the alleged store that sold it (if possible).
  3. Not without some hardware upgrade. There are no ports for input and no wifi/bluetooth. It's never really been an issue for me as most of my work with the Maxx is run and gun and/or some other form of one man banding where I generally don't have the time to pull out a keyboard and type notes for take, and I find their scene naming to be pretty fast once you get used to it (plus you can pre-program take notes and drop them in for the sound report).
  4. That's awesome mark! I love the switches and USB ports!
  5. I generally just ask if they need a lockit or scratch, and do $25/ea service needed or offer a better deal if they need both for more than one camera. I don't generally get into the nuts and bolts of transmitter and receiver rentals and just do a flat rate. As for rates, I know Audio Depatment rents ERXs for $35/day (it might be $25?) but you also have to factor in the price of the IFB100/200 or the extra price you paid for Zaxnet on your recorder.
  6. I have also worked for Funny or Die, as a company, but a lot of people who submit content to their site (which is a lot like Youtube as far as submitting goes) just throw the word around like you're actually working for the company. Also, they Net-60'd me.
  7. Hence I said it's purely anecdotal. Your experiences might be different from mine. For myself, I prefer coming to and staying at work completely sober, besides caffeine and maybe some sugar. I liken trying to mix a bunch of wires, run hops and TC, boom, and everything else associated while high to "landing a 747 when I'm certified for a Cessa".
  8. That video! Haha! I will be happier when it's fully legal across the United States. There's a terrible stigma associated with it, one rooted in racism and fear tactics. As someone who has been sober for almost six years from alcohol, and who takes thei responsibilities very serious, I hate that I have to add something like "but I don't do it before work" when mentioning marijuana use because that's where minds will go. Of course I don't use it before or during work, the same way I wouldn't drink before work. With that being said though I often work alongside people getting high on sets and I've rarely seen it effect their output, but this is anecdotal only. I don't really care- as long as they aren't driving heavy equipment or being too zonked to work. We accept caffeine and nicotine use on the job, as well as fully legal pharmaceutical drugs (the highest rate of addiction in this country).
  9. DEATH TO FALSE! 10/10 cart ups the metal.
  10. Just setup my bag for tonight. Loving the Orca OR-30 and harness!
  11. I can see this being useful for older consoles used for live sound if you want a low-cost way to make live recordings without lugging around a PT rig or upgrading to a digital board.
  12. I did on that gig. I usually carry a K-Tek KBLT35 bag. That setup was all carry-on.
  13. Monument to the Revolution, Mexico City. Got a call on a Thursday to fly there on a Friday. Found out on the plane we were shooting an interview with President Nieto. Got to the hotel at 9pm, slept, call at 7a, and the president ended up cancelling. Walked around the city, ate some street meat, and got back on a plane home. I took this at the monument. Despite the overcast skies and mild temps it was packed with people having a great time in the water. DP took this photo of me at the Mexico City airport (http://i.imgur.com/BUtRNFZ.jpg) with my stripped-down travel kit I can carry-on the plane. Beautiful airport! Shooting a commercial at Big Sky Ranch up in Simi Valley. LA River. Was day-playing (on a short, if there is such a thing) and told it was a simple shot with two talent speaking. Show up, we're shooting next to the LA river with two talent straddling in a muscle car with all of the interior ripped out shooting two Reds on sticks/shoulders and another on a Steadycam. Luckily everyone was fun on the shoot! Also I make an appearance at the end of this:
  14. I'll see you all at the Zax event!
  15. You mean Cheaper Than Dirt? Yes, when I need some Remington 870 accessories.
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