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    I live in Moscow, Russia working boom op and location sound recordist

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  1. Alexander Romanov

    Coming price change on SRa to SRb conversion

    If I change the block on my SRA then it will automatically become SRB?
  2. Alexander Romanov

    Change block,

    Thank you,
  3. Alexander Romanov

    Change block,

    Hello everyone, I have SRA/E01 606, and I can not sell it, and I can not find used TX606, tell me who knows how much it can cost in Europe to change the block,and change the firmware SM to have the function Rm ?
  4. Alexander Romanov

    sennheiser tx ew100 g2-g3, at 100 mw

    many people do it for us, for $ 50 we add a component increasing power, it is hidden under the thermoadjust and its parameters are not visible,
  5. Alexander Romanov

    sennheiser tx ew100 g2-g3, at 100 mw

    This is possible, I have one transmitter I use it as ifb,
  6. Alexander Romanov

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    Yes really,i use black eneloops are 2500mAh . 28/5000
  7. Alexander Romanov

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    What about JUGEE 1.5v 3000mWh AA rechargeable Li-polymer.
  8. Alexander Romanov

    signal amplification

    Hello everyone from Moscow, this fantastic forum thanks for him, I want to add antennas to my bag, I use Mini-Circuits ZFSC - 8-43 and PSC PERIODIC ANTENNA, how long should the cable from the antenna be so as not to use the ufm 230 amplifier?