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  1. Upg. The 5-pin connector has been replaced and the problem has disappeared,
  2. Yes, and another observation: the longer the transmitter operates, the more likely the problem ,
  3. you are no longer interested in battsled?
  4. Clean contacts, I use Sanken Cos11 with different wiring, it's in the transmitter, when I raise the level to 20 it disappears,
  5. Hello everyone, there is a problem with my SMa transmitter, when the audio level is less than 15, noise like "boiling" comes along with the voice, the problem appears suddenly, sometimes it helps to pull out lavalier microphone and insert it back, maybe someone else had such a problem?
  6. If I change the block on my SRA then it will automatically become SRB?
  7. Hello everyone, I have SRA/E01 606, and I can not sell it, and I can not find used TX606, tell me who knows how much it can cost in Europe to change the block,and change the firmware SM to have the function Rm ?
  8. many people do it for us, for $ 50 we add a component increasing power, it is hidden under the thermoadjust and its parameters are not visible,
  9. This is possible, I have one transmitter I use it as ifb,
  10. Yes really,i use black eneloops are 2500mAh . 28/5000
  11. What about JUGEE 1.5v 3000mWh AA rechargeable Li-polymer.
  12. Hello everyone from Moscow, this fantastic forum thanks for him, I want to add antennas to my bag, I use Mini-Circuits ZFSC - 8-43 and PSC PERIODIC ANTENNA, how long should the cable from the antenna be so as not to use the ufm 230 amplifier?
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