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  1. Thanks Jeremy Instead of the cable I used the extender gooseneck. Good advice.
  2. Hi EnotsMedia Check again...Sound Device distributers have loan units available if you were ever to need one. Jeremy, I don't understand this Anti-Nexus thing. Be cool man. You're happy with your kit and we Nexus users are happy with ours. Leave it be.
  3. If I hide a mic behind a lamp on a coffee table and a glass or cup is heavily placed I want the mic further away from the table surface. I think EnotsMedia example is a pretty good compromise though.
  4. Thanks Jeremy, I see what your doing there, nice set up.
  5. Hi Lachlan I'm using 2 x Wisycom ADFA's At the moment I'm running them at Long Range. I have attached a photo to show the support Sound Devices gives Wisycom. Hope that helps.
  6. I was hoping I didn’t have to use the extension cable. I’m after something more contained, something where I can walk up to a shelve or table and quickly hide it then grab it on my way out, one handed. Something more like a little bucket that unit can sit in so the mic is away from the reflective surfaces. But a great suggestion, definitely something to go in the kit. Thank you.
  7. I want to use my A20 mini Tx with a DPA 4097 as a plant mic. The shape of the Tx makes it problematic. Does anyone have a suggestion for mounting or propping the unit? I need it to be vibration resistant.
  8. Some of my colleagues have run similar tests. One of the hurdles they found was in the the people they attached TX's to, body mass. Every'body' places a different barrier to RF. Finding twins might give you a more accurate result, or use the same person each test.
  9. I’m very impressed with the range I get with the Nexus. What parameters would you place on a test like that?
  10. First of all DSG. Thank You! Thank you for bringing the temperature down. I'm happy you like your setup and you make some interesting points. Every sound recordist works differently, they develop a system and a workflow that suits them. I started 40 years ago with the Audio RMS-11's and 12's then moved onto Lectrosonics. I traded in my my Lectros for Wisycom and then jumped to Sound Devices, they are all very good brands and we live in very exciting times with new technologies we only dreamed of. I like a good segue like the next person...but where were we?
  11. Absolutely Gobsmacked! Glenn, While we all appreciate your financial backing RE: Ads to this site, I don't believe it gives you the right to try and Hijack this post. The same goes for your 10 cents worth EnotsMedia. This post is about Nexus not Zaxcom. Further trolling will be ignored. ...are you running a Nexus?
  12. Hi Glenn, You can’t help yourself, can you? This post is not about you or Zaxcom. Plain and Simple. Are you a Nexus user?
  13. DSG I was trying to point out that if the USB-C connection failed you would have 4 hours of internal battery to discuss the problem with a producer etc. It would be a matter of plugging the USB-C back into the unit, no transmission would be lost. You could tape the cables in if you were that worried. DSG even though I started this post to hear from other A-20 users ( as the above title states ), always happy to hear your thoughts.
  14. Hi DSG The USB-C in this photo is not ones I used (for demo purposes). 6 x units, some with battery banks in waist straps and some just in a back pocket with a shirt tail hanging over. I had no problems. If there was a Sketchy connection Iv'e got about 4 hours to rectify it. DSG are you running a Nexus?
  15. Thanks for those corrections Jeff, much appreciated. Thought I'd show how I've been extending the power life on the A-20 mini units. I recently had a job that asked for 6 TX's to last at least 12 hours with no battery change for a TV competition. I experimented with a some power banks and I found a very slim light weight unit which got me to 12:30 Hours runtime.
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