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  1. TX Gain structure and frequency intermodulation seem to be a thing of the past…
  2. Thank you Jeremy for sharing. The DPA’s sound very nice.
  3. Hi rich Have you bothered using a battery bank to extend duration?
  4. Hi Csaba Major I have recently purchased 2 x A20 Mini units and the A10-RX for my SL-2 and SD 833. I'm using a generic Sony NP-BX1 battery with the same specs (about 4Hrs run time with record at 10mW ) where it's possible you have the ability to add a small/large battery bank into the A 20 which will increase your run time by ... That of course is not always practical . I use Lectrosonics SMWB's with Eneloop Pro AA's and have managed to get close to 8 hours out of a unit, so I know the A 20's will take some getting used to. But as long as they make it to lunchtime... I am running DPA 4060's and 6060's with the A 20's. I know this site isn't a fan of superlatives, so I'll just say that they sound like a wired mic... nice. The app works well enough with a lot of options, I'm sure there will be improvements though. The gain control is immediate through the 833 and SL-2. So far I have no regrets adding 2 x digital Tx's to my kit. I hope this helps.
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