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    I am an LA based sound mixer coming from a live sound background. I have worn many hats during my career and really love location work the best. I am available for any type of project and enjoy a challenge. I have relocated to LA from San Francisco and Portland and have been doing features as a mixer and boom op.


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  1. +1 on the Bose Soundlink Mini, I use it on the cart, in the car, at home, or with a Comtek strapped to it to put anywhere needed. it is a little bassy but perfect for casual listening. Also +1 on the KRK Rokit 5. I have two sets that I picked up refurbished. They are a lot of bang for the buck and pretty flat considering the price. I use a set with a small sub in the living room for movie watching and it is usually too much! They are tough enough that I have used them for light duty music playback jobs and they were great! My $0.02
  2. Alistair Duff

    Spring 2015 695 Quarterly On Line

    This issue has a good write up about the Sharknado strike.
  3. Alistair Duff

    Blackmagic Smartview mounting solutions

    So this is what I eventually came up with to mount my BlackMagic SmartView monitor to my upright Magliner cart. The mount uses two swiveling brackets that came off of a pair of boom holder cups from Backstage carts. (The brackets might be able to be ordered separately.) I drilled through the shell and installed machine screws from inside the case. There is lots of room inside for mounting ideas. I removed the bezel and decided I liked it off better. This is really lightweight and small and can be mounted at any height.
  4. Alistair Duff

    My version of the Magliner vertical cart.

    Hello John, That is a really nice cart. Great work! I am inspired to modify mine in a similar fashion. Alistair
  5. Alistair Duff

    Sharknado 3 Strike

    The crew of Sharknado 3 is currently in the process of organizing the production with the support of Local 695 and other IA representatives. Please show your support by joining us tomorrow morning either at Blue Cloud movie ranch 20000 Blue Cloud Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91390 or at the production company offices at 72 E. Palm Avenue Burbank California 91502 Alistair
  6. Alistair Duff

    Where to buy Sony MDR-7506 in Cyprus

    Maybe not insane but your country and UPS/BH Photo are ripping you off.
  7. Alistair Duff

    Where to buy Sony MDR-7506 in Cyprus

    Thats insane, I had no idea that would be so expensive. Makes me feel fortunate to live where I can get these things locally.
  8. Alistair Duff

    Where to buy Sony MDR-7506 in Cyprus

    They ship to everywhere except Iran, Syria and a few other countries they don't like. They like Cyprus! Whats not to like! I'm sure that shipping charges are part of the package when buying pro gear in Cyprus. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/49510-REG/Sony_MDR_7506_MDR_7506_Headphone.html
  9. Alistair Duff

    Blackmagic Smartview mounting solutions

    What are some clever and small footprint mounting solutions for the Blackmagic dual monitors? I know that Malcolm Davies has a cool one that his company makes, wondering what else people have found for it.
  10. Alistair Duff

    How to Up-Sell the Producer

    C'mon guys chill out! Most of us come here to read and discuss matters of interest to sound professionals. When one person attacks another over a difference of opinion the conversation grinds to a halt and all that is left is insults. I believe everyone on this forum owes it to the rest of the people here to keep the conversation civil and professional. It shouldn't be someones personal plaything that is used to debase the opinions of others, and offer useless criticisms. It's unfair to all of us and disrespectful to our host and is a real drag to see happening on this forum. -Alistair
  11. Alistair Duff

    What's your day rate?

    If you can get it then no reason not to.
  12. Alistair Duff

    Webcast...Live right now

    Webcast with Matt Price
  13. Alistair Duff

    Burning Bridges

    With due respect your former employer sounds like an asshat. You have made a good move to get out from under that kind of derision. Im sure you will look back on this and smile knowing what a good move it was for you.
  14. Alistair Duff

    Burning Bridges