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  1. Tom Craca


    I have to do this often on live remote anchoring sets for network news and sports. Often the host/talent have IFB ear molds in their ears and can't hear their guests / other talent sitting or standing right next to them well, especially in high noise environments. They each need each others iso's blended in lightly for a mix minus on set. It was always a struggle with the 688 having no control of the send to aux levels of the ISOs; I'd have to provide the remote program feed hot to each aux talent in-ear monitor so the ISO pre-fade (of the others) to the aux was at a lower level. It was a
  2. 1. Under the common law rules of the IRS Guidelines, the services provided to the Hiring Entity by the Business Service Provider are not that of an individual as a “Worker”. An IRS Form SS-8 can be filed with specific regards to the Hiring Entity if necessary but the relevant determination factors are as follows. The Worker has exclusive and complete control over what means, methods, equipment and processes are used to acquire, manipulate, record and deliver the product and provides the necessary equipment and tools. The Company provides no
  3. Tom Craca

    Camera Hops

    Hey Jon, I noodled this through the beginning of this year with the impending spectrum crunch and my re-blocking of some of my units as well as investing in 4 new Lectro SRC systems in the last 18 months. My concerns were having flexibility to have my dedicated hops away from my inbounds depending on what bag/cart and how many I was using as well as other factors. In the past I was using two SRC's w/ batt sleds, or AES bottoms (which I absolutely love). I'm still primarily using Comtek 216 for IFB's with Lectros in the mix every so often so that isn't my big concern. I was hope
  4. If Jim's not available I can be. Cheers. 301-233-2888 Craca.Audio@Gmail.Com
  5. Sadly, you really need a few of these. The older Petrol "rain bib" and now one produced by Sactler and KTek. PROS: I found was good in very light mist or rather useful in dusty or sandy conditions. It's rather small to throwin a fanny pack or pocket to quickly deploy to just protect the mixer bag. CONS: You, however, are on your own. I had / have the older Petrol ones and the older clear vinyl plastic became brittle over time from being rolled up for months without use. The poncho, several makers now, is great if you are working in a situation where its a quick tra
  6. I just updated my 4 units with the SRSUB and went flawless. Just remember if you are MAC, open the USB updater before Wireless Designer and it's seamless.
  7. Sanken CS3e And a 17’ Pole. Stay behind the dashed yellow lines.
  8. Tom Craca

    664 panic

    Try playing in the 664 again. There was a iTunes / ma update issue a few years ago with wav files.
  9. I've never had a problem sending AES out of a Sound Devices 633/688 into F5 or 55's. When that camera first came out the AES wasn't enabled in the earlier firmware. Perhaps camera isn't fully updated to current?
  10. I had an issue come up today with a Weapon with the latest firmware update which allows internal recording simultaneously of Raw and some other hi-res codec (can't remember). two tracks sent to cam (yes... as reference/scratch), were recoded to the Raw files, but no audio recorded to the other codec. Audio was displaying on cam entire time, no menu settings to enable / disable audio record individually for each format, time code input accurate on both files. Firmware issue likely but be aware.
  11. Make sure you turn phantom power off in the camera audio menu as that does induce noise on the mic inputs.
  12. I sure hope no one puts a microphone into a MixPre 3, clips that on their belt, records, and then god forbid plugs a wireless transmitter into that to send the signal elsewhere.
  13. Your trim settings on 4-6 with line level Lectrosonics should be around 10 to get you fader at 12 o'clock with good SN. PFL input, use select knob to adjust trim.
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