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  1. Many thanks Axel for the excellent info. It made it very easy to make up my mind and buy the R4. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I'm incredibly happy with it. It such a friendly little machine. Its low weight is a great advantage compared to the SX-42 /PMD/661 combo I recorded onto before. The R4 is so much lighter, and I'm much more inclined to take it with me. And the batteries seem to last forever!
  2. Many thanks to Patrick and Ramallo for clearing this up. This is what it says in the manual: 8 tracks on HardDisk plus 2 track or Mirroring on a CompactFlash Card Which I obviously got wrong. Thus – this means, I presume, that I can record 8 channels onto the hard drive as well as the CF card. Or 8 channels onto the harddrive and an additional two channels onto the CF card. In any case, if it's 8 or 10 channels do not concern me too much. I'll be happy with 8 (since I come from the 744T), especially if I can record them onto the CF-card.
  3. I have been offered to buy a Sonosax SX-R4 at a good price. I presume that the preamps will be wonderful. I have two Sonosax SX42 mixers, and much prefer their preamps to the ones in my Sound Devices 744t. I am bit concerned about recording on a hard drive with moveable parts (the SX-R4 only records two channels onto an CF-card), but reckon I can put in an SSD. How about the A-D converters? Considering that it's a machine from 2003? And are there any quirks I should be aware of? The later model, SX-R4+, seems much lauded on this forum. But at the moment, I can't afford it. Many thanks!
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