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  1. Google how to get finance to make a film? No, I'm with Max here too, write stories, direct the actors and try your best with the technical aspects (and here's one who seems interested in sound, not just lenses, which could be a blessing)? Max seems to me to be potentially the director / producer we might wish to work with in 5 / 10 years time when he's done some interesting work and one suddenly hits big. For what it's worth I have always been proud to advance as a technician but never forgotten that I am a filmmaker first. Sadly, tho, Max, not a production sound mixer so I can 't answer the wireless question! As a dialogue editor, I would push a little in a low budget setup for (in increasing order): bodypack recorders to ensure (ish) sound is down; working to make sure that lavs work with costume / hair (compromise for sound if sound is necessary to tell the story); simplify setups when you can to get the story + performance down on a nicely recorded boom with no need for radios. Good luck and welcome, check the forum too for previous posts on all systems mentioned,. Best, Jez
  2. One is never going to be disappointed in buying an MKH40; it will serve you well and long! The only thing is that Richard has now got me thinking about this new MG 310! So thanks for the thread and notifying me of an interesting new mic! Cheers, Jez
  3. Jacob, I second Mattias here in having a good look back at older car / vehicle recording posts on the forum: there are several of us here who have done this professionally and extensively and posted comments. As one of them I would advocate and recommend the DPA lav (4060 if SPL isn't expected to be too high, 4061 or 4062 if it is). If you have a budget of $1000 or some such I would look for a recorder a little over the H4N, even just an F4. That and two DPA lavs would probably be a perfect solution but let us know (try to find out) the expected noise levels of the cars you're trying to record. Best, Jez Adamson
  4. Jay! Always a challenge, always a pleasure! There's an old 'classic' Big Youth song, Mammy Hot Daddy Cool, which goes into this issue in more length - I will only quote the first line; "The daughters like it hot, diddly - oh" The second point is just this - both male and female selective hearing has been proved time and time again to be EXACTLY EQUAL! Jez x
  5. Hi Andrej, I'm probably going to just be another voice and not much help but I will chime in anyway! The MKH 40 is already a quite 'tight' pattern for a cardioid so just be aware that the 50 is even tighter. I own a 40 but would generally rent a 50 which I usually find more useful for much dialogue type work, but they have the same sound / characteristics. If you have the chance to rent / try the DPA I would do that as (whilst not knowing the mic myself) my experience with DPA and B&K mics are that they can be quite spectacular with music / voice applications so could well be a perfect 'one mic' solution to start with. And again I don't know the MG model(s) you're talking about but having used the UM70 in music in the 90s they are a company I have a great respect for - it was a lovely mic and often reached for in the studio against eg a Neumann 87/89 or AKG414. Just to say I would generally expect an MG product to be classy ... Apart from the gain / noise floor one thing I love about the MKH is its robustness in bad conditions (like hot or wet weather) which is partly why I bought one. But I would say - in your case - try what you can since you clearly are looking for a mic to do a couple of things excellently and a couple of other things well? Good luck, Jez
  6. Hope the Tokyo show went well! Shot at La Jetee a few years back, a great place. Never been to Kobe (aside the airport) but good luck on that one next week. All the best, Jez
  7. Well, to hell with it! I just won the lottery and was thinking it would look nice next to my IV-S and IV-SJ ! What's money anyway? J
  8. Check back HK related questions on the forum over the last year or so. I've lived / worked / visited a fair bit over 30 years and myself and others have offered / found more current info. HK is a small place. I've found sometimes rentals can be found in related areas (conferences etc) which can be used for film, tho the old guard (Salon, Cinerent ...) are still about. joinwoo, I'll call you for a beer when I next manage to visit! I met your near namesake John Woo back in 91 and later lived next door to Chow Yun Fat's mother! Best, Jez Adamson
  9. Helium ... the new lithium? Several of my friends are in the medical profession (several more recently forcibly retired from same) and would be up in arms at an additional drain (on the non-medical use of) this resource! Still, better than asbestos curtains
  10. Hey Karl, thanks for these too! Perfect for some future bag looms. Jez
  11. What capsules are you using (MK4, MK41?) and where are you putting (or hiding) the mic - up above? It's not the kind of thing I've done much (since I'm post) but when I have planted directional mics in cars for dialogue they've been low where they are hidden / out of shot, and up above I've used omnis, typically DPA4060s, which can be hidden away, windshielded compactly if need be, and are much less susceptible to wind / air streams (and thus probably more rescuable if need be in post). If you're married to the director and related to the production designer you might consider rigging 'left - right' character mics into furry dangling dice?! Good to hear if this was ever done before! Jez
  12. Sorry Dan, you were one cent off so you didn't get the free one. The good news is that SD is offering a second sweepstake for the post Brexit UK price, which could be ### anything! But we have to guess the currency we'll be using by June/July too.
  13. I have many mics, but my TWO basic pairs are 2x 8040s and 2x DPA 4060s (actually more than 2 but statistically so for common use). I highly recommend the Sennheisers for sound, noise floor, size and durability, so I wouldn't hesitate to suggest them: a slightly tighter pickup pattern than some cardioids but that can be a good thing too as long as you know it's there. But I would also always suggest the DPAs as essential kit for SFX (or probably the new 6060s for the size and waterproof benefit). If nothing else, I would attempt to find a pair of used 4060s as an option as well as the 8040s: you will soon find out how often you reach for them - cars, rain, daft spaces, fast or discrete use. Best, Jez Adamson
  14. Hi Oleg, the first thing I would do is open the lid and check if the speaker is wired up: it may simply have been (deliberately?) disconnected. Apart from that I would maybe ask who is about in Australia who might have experience servicing these things! Good luck! PS, If you haven't already done so take a look at 'Images of Interest' here on JW for the lengthy Nagra Stories thread started a while ago by J Bond: a treat for Nagra enthusiasts. Jez
  15. I would add 100 just for the "Made In France" ! Only just looked back and noticed that, although it was pointed out. Priceless even?
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