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  1. thanks, Malcolm. Any caveats to shipping batteries that I should be aware of? I'm powering my cart of off a li-ion battery in a pelican, I've got a backup AGM, some np-1s, and the usual mess of 9v,aa, and the like.
  2. I had to double check the manual on my PSC power max - I assumed the absence of a 110/240 switch meant that it was 110 only. Guess not. Win.
  3. David, what did you use to convert French power to 120v Edison?
  4. +1 on the 'if you hear it on the boom, you'll hear it on the wire' camp. That being said, a rig that exposes a B6 to open air, and backs it with something slightly insulating to rustle tends to get me past the Wookiee types.
  5. So, I've got upcoming episodic work in Europe where I anticipate having to ship my cart and follow cart overseas. Anyone else had to deal with this? Tips? Tricks? a
  6. Being on location should be no excuse for bad coffee. Includes kettle, French press, 3 pounds of coffee, space for two mugs, and all the utensils I need.
  7. Hmm... I jam twice daily on our minis with a betso box, and no issues. I'll double check our settings/firmware. By the by, the TC input is in a really shitty location on this camera... No one particularly likes where it sits. You said 24fps.. Not 23.976?
  8. I vote for keeping it simple, or at least giving us the option of doing it the old way!
  9. Curious, who here is collapsing tracks, and who isn't, and why? I'm still on the fence about leaving a second boom track empty on a master, say, when I know I will likely arm it in the coverage. What's the consensus here? What annoys editors the most?
  10. Just spent 4 hours playing with a nomad/oasis/rx 12 combo. Considering taking a plunge into this particular setup.. I'd be really into having an open discussion with people who have had direct experience with this platform, and the relative drawbacks and pitfalls of getting the rig running as reliably as possible, especially as regards which firmware combinations have been more stable than others. I have so many questions, I don't know where to start, so i figured I'd leave the topic open-ended. A
  11. John, Philip, Agreed on both fronts. "As for ponying up vs. changes, well, thats the game we're in here. You have to look at the work you do now, the work you think you might get, the work you WANT to get and WHERE that work might happen re other RF transmissions, and roll the dice for yourself." Certainly we roll the dice, but I've always been in favor of playing the best odds. Or at least trying to roll sevens as little as possible. I have settled into a nice sort of niche in single camera (or at least thoughtfully shot two-camera) dialogue-driven narrative work. But r
  12. So I've been a persistent lurker here. Haven't really contributed anything of value, but I've been thinking a lot about this, so here goes. Some background: I started in the music business, recording garage bands for fun, working as a FOH mixer in small venues, then eventually on tour, and as a tape op, and assistant in small to middling sized analog studios. I've been working as a boom operator and utility for the past 15 years, and only recently did I make the transition to mixing. I'm very proud of my inheritance - I've been very blessed to have worked under engineers and mixers
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