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  1. HELP!!! i updated my Pro Tools v10.3.6 to Pro Tools v11.1.2 and now my "Revolver" reverb plugin, as well as my "FutzBox" modulation plugin are now "not in the plugin folder." I'm wondering where this folder has moved to? (as the new on in my documents, only has presets and maps.) and whether there is an easy way to move all my plugins from PT 10 to PT 11. Thanks! P.S PT manual is not comprehensive, please don't suggest it.
  2. I've been a boom operator for only a couple of years, and I aim to continue doing this for some time. However, I am concerned about potential future back problems. I obviously stretch before shoots, excercise proper posture (no leaning) and have an extensive collection of muscle-soothing ointments. I was wondering if anyone could suggest techniques and equipment for taking the strain of operating off your mucles, as well as any excercises that may help to improve your necessary "booming" muscles. Cheers.
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