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  1. deiansound

    Super CMIT and Zaxcom ZHD 743 setup

    Many thanks for your replies. Yes- in the stereo transmit mode the 743 will give you both mic signals. My question is whether I have my gains set correctly.
  2. deiansound

    Super CMIT and Zaxcom ZHD 743 setup

    Would any recordists or users of Schoeps Super CMITs paired with Zaxcom ZHD 743 be willing to discuss their settings please? Had a worrying phone call from a dialogue editor who is unhappy with the audio he’s getting. Complaints of hiss on quiet dialogue, audible companding due to possible poor gain structure. I’m also suffering from a 6kHz whine (cured by taping aerial to boom pole) and occasional droput even though signal strength is high. I would be extremely grateful for any advice. Here are my current settings: Super CMIT set to ‘normal’ output (not +30dB). High pass ‘on’, low pass’off’, dsp 1. ZHD: Transmitter gain +15dB Transmit modulation - Stereo (to receive inputs of both mic signals) Filters off Zaxnet off 788T - digital input with approx +20dB gain. No EQ, high pass at approx 90Hz. Thank you very much in advance.