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  1. Sounds like the sound of heavy limiting to me.
  2. Some camera ops don't like it! Its your audio, but also their camera. I check tone to camera often ;-(
  3. I'm only seeing clip time-stamp in Pro Tools 10.
  4. I have wav files recorded with an SD552 and the only place I can see timecode is in Wave Agent. I've tried VLC, Finder and ID3 tags, no TC.
  5. The reason the amp sounds thin, in your example, is because the mics are picking up the amp acoustically out of phase. The front mic is picking up the cone moving towards it, while the rear mic is picking up the cone moving away from it. When you flip the (electronic) phase on one mic you are now picking up the source in phase.
  6. I watched some older episodes of The Tonight Show with Johny Carson from the pre lav days when the guests were boomed. If the shot was too wide for good sound the boom would dip into the shot and stay there!
  7. I very seldom have to conceal lavs and never taped to skin. In this case I would assume you also tape the sweater to the tape that is holding the mic, to keep the sweater from rubbing on the mic. Is this correct?
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