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  1. The director on the production where I had this happen, said she wasn’t surprised at all, because this particular actress was radiating this special energy. Still not 100% exactly sure what she meant, but it’s as good an explanation as any
  2. I‘m sure you are scanning for frequencies beforehand and tried different frequencies? If due to the tight dress the tx antenna is touching her body, you could try to get it away with a hush lav or something else. Also try another block... if it’s really killing you and you can trace it to the necklace, you could ask wardrobe/props/production to produce a plastic replica. They will probably only consider it - if at all - if you can’t get any useable audio. I had an actress once where nothing worked. 10 feet on a regular basis. Everyone else was fine. Sometimes this can h
  3. Yes, it may well be. This discussion doesn’t rank very high on my list of priorities. So in fact, you said this first: Not sure what exactly I mis-remembered, but it doesn’t matter anyway, because the basic point I‘ve been trying to get across to you and Ironfilm is still valid. But feel free to not respond anymore. In this particular discussion that would not be much of a loss anyway
  4. Yes or course! We are talking about the plug-ins. That’s software. Although you were at first complaining in general about Sound Devices prices. That includes hardware. and to quote Ironfilm: „Unfortunately people don't see bits of software the same as they see hardware“ And it’s strange how you and Iron won‘t see the irony when you are both exactly like that! It’s software, so it should be free, right?
  5. But a transmitter with a mic built in, regardless of recording capability, would be next to useless for most of us.
  6. Ah, well in that case you may be right about the unquestionability of this. I dimly remembered reading a patent description some years ago regarding a Zaxcom Virtual Multitrack Network (or something like that), and TC was a requirement for that, iirc, but maybe there was more. And more patents. Anyway, we will see.
  7. I‘m not so sure how unquestionable it is: I‘ve heard that they don’t have TC and certainly their website doesn‘t mention TC. And I believe without TC there’s no infringement on any patents
  8. Ok fine. I‘m mis-remembering Zaxcom‘s policy. It’s completely beside the point and only a distraction. But you two are doing a fine job focussing on where I was wrong instead of where I was right. Funny you should say that. It’s the same thing Sound Devices are doing, except they are coming in from the other end. Still the same deal: you get to decide what you need and pay accordingly. And you retain the possibility to decide this in the future, as and when you need the extra features
  9. So 16. What they also did was force you to pay to unlock functions the recorder was already capable of to get from Nomad 10 to Nomad 12.
  10. But it is a new product. Sound Devices came up with a new product, by bringing Cedar Noise Reduction to the 8-series. If anything it’s Cedar who are finding new ways to make money out of an existing product. The whole notion of including the ability to have plug-ins within a recorder is a brand-new idea. Something we‘ve been fantasising about right here some years ago. And now they have made it possible. No other manufacturer has got anything similar. And of course they want to earn money with it.
  11. I‘m sorry, but that is an absolutely ridiculous statement. If SD had taken a look at Adobe, they obviously came to a totally different conclusion. Sound Devices are NOT offering a subscription model. The offer an upgrade path. If you want it you can upgrade, if not, don’t. There’s nothing else to it. The hardware and the plug-ins are a buy once cry once kind of situation. They are not even selling software as such. Think of it as an add-on to their recorder. The only real software SD make (Wave Agent) they’re giving aways for free! If anything, they took a look at what car manufactu
  12. Nova: 6 analog inputs, 4 digital. (Btw strange that Zaxcom mention 12 tracks under „specs“), let’s say 16 recording tracks. 888: 12 inputs total, all available as analog. 20 recording tracks (not 16). Cantar Mini has a total of 10 inputs, 16 recording tracks. that mitigates the price difference somewhat. But let’s not stop the game there. What are the top of the range recorders? Scorpio: 36 recording tracks, 16 analog inputs. $9900 Zaxcom Deva 24: 24 recording tracks, 16 analog inputs. $12970 (incl. Dante, $11975 without)
  13. That is what they are doing. They are offering a permanent discount for their excellent products, even when there is no pandemic. Feel free to compare prices with their direct competitors from Zaxcom and Aaton, then tell me again about SD‘s pricing.
  14. yourself very obviously included. What if SD had built a NoiseAssist hardware add on? Similar to the AES extension. Would it be ok for you to pay for it then? you mean other than including Dante in their recorders which allows us to work miles away from set? And other than building face shields? Whatelse do you expect them to do?
  15. Yes, of course, I know. The guy who owns, i don’t know, 4-5 recorders?
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