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  1. Constantin

    Who do you use for personal Equipment insurance?

    They would ask you when you were where when the damage occurred.
  2. Constantin

    Should I L&D this wire?

    Who is it?
  3. Constantin

    New Rode Stereo VideoMic X

    What do you mean? Please relay your own experience
  4. Constantin

    beamforming ceiling mic

    I investigated this for a bit, when I was in a similar situation last year. There were two reasons why in the end I decided against them: 1: with the Shure at least you needed to pre-define the pick-up zones and there were only seven, iirc. So unless your actors are certain to stay at the exact points in the room, it’s useless. With the Sennheiser it’s different, I think, but it was also more difficult to find out anything about it, plus 2: the Sennheiser version is very expensive, I seem to remember something like €16.000. and I couldn’t find a rental house. So I dropped the idea
  5. Constantin

    New Rode Stereo VideoMic X

    Yes, absolutely. Not me personally, but friends and colleagues I know in real life. And I‘ve had a rather pleasant couple of days in a steam bath with both a CMIT and a CMC641.
  6. Constantin

    New Rode Stereo VideoMic X

    So in other words it isn’t?
  7. Constantin

    Ktek Squid vs. Rycote XLR holder MK II?

    No slippage, use it every day. With the Rycote I had the problem that it had to tightened so much that it eas quite tough. Otherwise I‘d hear movement. Not sure which Mk that was though. Maybe they improved it
  8. Constantin

    Ktek Squid vs. Rycote XLR holder MK II?

    Although for the ZMT phantom I much much prefer the Sound Guys Solution... uhm... solution. But for your situation I personally prefer the Rycote XLR holder as it allows for quicker and easier access to the transmitter. In my case the tx is also at the mic end of the pole and I couldn’t really get the squid to work up there. But truth be told I think Ambient Qat is best for this. https://ambient.de/en/product/boom-cable-interlock/
  9. Constantin

    Store recommendation Italy

    Why do you need ro buy the boom there and not in advance? Anyway, Nagrit is probably your best bet, or something similar. But then you know, we are in Europe. Any shop here can easily, fairly cheaply, and quickly send whatever you need to anywhere in Europe. For example, if you buy at Audiosense in Belgium you can choose at checkout to have it sent via UPS Express. So the next day it‘ll be with you - if they have it in stock
  10. Constantin

    Audio Limited A10 for talent.

    Oh ok, that makes sense. I still do have that for sale, by the way. I liked it, overall. Build quality feels great, sound is fine, range is ok. Bluetooth range is terrible, though. I don’t get why that is. On the Tentacles the range is much much greater. I have not tried the on-board recording. On a regular day I have no use for it, but would come in handy on some special occasions. Unlike others here in this thread I have not noticed „insanely good sound“ on any of the digital systems I‘ve tried and that includes Zaxcom and Audio Ltd. The noise associated with the algorithm (or what I think is the combined noise from the preamp/converter/[de-]compression algorithm) makes all digital systems somewhat noisey compared to others. In return of course you always get the fullrange sound. Or no sound at all. It seems to be a matter of personal opinion which is better. I decided to sell this, because I came to the view that it’s no ideal to combine different systems.
  11. Constantin

    Audio Limited A10 for talent.

    But you don’t record music or sfx with wireles, right? But certainly the claim: „ rivals a cable“ is not true So you are saying Zaxcom radio systems do not compress audio at all? They transmit 32kHz audio uncompressed?
  12. Constantin

    633 or 788T HDD

    You‘re right about the assumption regarding your experience. I mis-remembered what you had said earlier. Sorry about that. The other part however was no assumption, that was an interpretation of what you had written. But I‘m glad if I‘m wrong.
  13. Constantin

    Dual Tumbleweeds

    You mean there is more going to come tumbling down... soon?
  14. Constantin

    633 or 788T HDD

    You make it sound like - and I‘m sure that wasn’t your intent - only you can get decent location sound done, even though you‘ve not really done it before.
  15. Constantin

    633 or 788T HDD

    Oh man, there is something I want to say here, but it’s probably better if I don’t