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  1. What do you do for wind protection though? I find the original foamie from DPA falls off occasionally and isn’t really very useful. That’s why I switched to the Cosi…
  2. Yes, I was wrong that the Cosi XS is for the MiniCMIT. It is actually meant for the Schoeps CMC1 preamp with capsule. It’s not on that list above (I don’t know why) and while the Cosi-S-19 is the official Cosi for the 4018c, I find it too large and have found the XS to be a much better fit, and it’s even a little bit shorter. https://www.gothamsound.com/product/cosi-cmc-1-windshield-kit
  3. No. The mic holder inside the Cosi is completely different. Yes, and more. You can do fast swings with it, be protected from any sudden wind, and use it outdoors in light to medium wind. your last question is mostly the same as above. Do not get the b preamp. The c is perfect. Keep it small. Get the XS Cosi which is officially designed for the MiniCMIT, but the 4018c fits as well. You just need to get an additional 19mm mic holder, so you can use the smallest Cosi. It’s brilliant
  4. Some of it may also be due to the number of processors used in each recorder. You never tire to mention how powerful the 833 is….
  5. Remote Audio isn‘t a cheap brand… But you’re only referring to whip antennas, right? Because Remote Audio only make whips… So do you have two of those for diversity?
  6. I read in the Facebook group that clearing the cookies might help
  7. For me, most of the features you list aren’t important to me, or I actively avoid them. I once thought that I needed rec & transmit or the remote control thing, but when I had a fair amount of Zax gear, I never used them. A lot of them only make sense when you also have a Zaxcom recorder. Although, to be fair, I do miss remote control occasionally. For some strange reason people always discuss the preamps of audio recorders, when for most of us the preamp actually is in the wireless gear. Equally strange is that we talk a lot about wireless systems‘ features and range, but rarely about their sound. But sound is a major reason why I decided to sell all my other gear and stick to Lectro. Sound and build quality. I am also very impressed by their customer service and feel like I can trust these people with my wireless needs. I know others will disagree with everything I just wrote, and tell a story of terrible Lectro customer service experience, or how the others have great service, too. And that may well be true, but I can only speak from my experience and that was very positive with Lectro.
  8. Try this, as suggested in the other thread: https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/audio-map/ I used to run Adobe Audition in Parallels on my Mac. Audition had a really powerful batch processing suite on board which was really useful, but I don’t know if it’s still there.
  9. For me it’s not back to normal: for the past few days I had the Cloud flare browser check, too, and got transferred to the main page after a few seconds. Just now, 4 minutes or so ago, the browser check seemed to be stuck in a loop, where it kept reloading the page and it kept checking my browser. Just fyi I‘m using Firefox on an iPhone. Don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but who knows? so after about a minute of repeated browser checks I finaly got moved on to the main page
  10. Until recently I always had bowl spasms or nausea (sometimes both) when I heard anything from the White House… Sorry, perhaps an ill-timed joke (with a grain of truth), and a terrible discovery, it reads like something Stephen King might write! Btw there is a thread about this here already, but from when a lot less was known about it
  11. Look at what Rycote has to offer. They have a solution for pretty much every mic. If you can't find anything specific for the Deity mic, look for Countryman B6, it should be a similar size.
  12. See, you could have had all that in the much smaller 302 Anyway, glad you found a solution that works for you
  13. You could get a Sound Devices 302 and use that. It even has 2-3 low-cuts and two settings per input. And it has other capabilities. These days you can get one for as little as $500
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