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  1. Come on man, you're only responding to part of what I said and you took it out of context. I still can't figure out why it's such a mystery that someone might be irritated if instead of trying to answer a question they were asking, they instead got an earfull of someone sound-splaining something completely off topic just for the sake of hearing their own voice. I feel like I've helped as many people as I could have in the time I've been a member here. I helped them by answering their questions if I had something to add, adding to a discussion if I had something relevant to say, and by keeping all of my humble brags about screwdrivers to myself. Maybe it's just my personality. Anyways, I apologize for not being more eloquent and riveting when the devices I've spent a house's worth of money on fail when I need them to work the most due to an obscure design limitation. Gentlemen, Colleagues, and Friends, It is with bowed head and heavy heart that I come before you today at this, my darkest hour. I will be ending my endeavors into the world of production sound mixing. Verily, my career, if one can label it as such, has been nothing short of a farce. I was a fool to believe that I too could become the spitting image of a perfect sound man. I still hear his voice in the darkness, beckoning me with his siren song: "I lost picture," he cackles. "You know which bathroom we can use?" he whispers to me in the dark of night. But I can no longer pay him heed. For I have sinned against god, country, and every man, woman, and child with a pair of headphones and a ponytail. I have overlooked the Lectrosonics Block 470/19 overlap and its effects on A1 frequency selection via the Venue2's menus. Even seeing it now, written on this bare scrap of parchment, I can't believe it with my own eyes. How could I have been so daft? I do not deserve to sip from the cup of mixers. The shadows will be my home. I shall exist along side the murders, rapists, and Steadi G. There I will remain, fetching coffees and changing batteries for the rest of my days. It is as the Mariner warned the Wedding Guest, "...and a thousand thousand slimy things/lived on; and so did I." As for the future, not all is lost. There's no way of knowing what god planned for me back when he birthed the cosmos all those millennia ago on his ancient hex screws in the sky. But heed my warning: beware the Lectrosonics Block 470/19 overlap and its effects on A1 frequency selection via the Venue2's menus. I would not wish this horrible existence on even my worst of enemies. Godspeed, The Boy Who Dreamed
  2. Good lookin' out. I'm gonna go write "knows about the Lectrosonics block 470/19 overlap and it's effect on A1 transmitter frequency selection" on the bottom of my resume.
  3. At what point did I give attitude to anyone who was actually trying to help me? I called one guy's unrelated comments about theorized set politics a "weird flex," and pointed out how the story about dials and screwdrivers had nothing to do with what anyone was talking about. Never in this entire thread did I give "attitude" to anyone trying to help me or talk about this problem. This whole customer service thing is confusing the hell out of me. How was I supposed to start this discussion besides asking for help? "Colleagues and friends, I hope my internet forum post finds you well. I was hoping to assess your thoughts and pontifications regarding a conundrum I've been having in regards to my shit not working." I never demanded anything from anyone and only expressed my frustration and asked if anyone had any input that might help me with the problem I was having. Because that's usually when I post here. When I have problems I think my peers can help me figure out. I'm sorry I don't enjoy spending my afternoons blowing smoke up other sound mixer's asses or sucking up to the manufacturers of these things like it's going to get me free shit some day. Because his story had nothing to do with anything I was talking about, and was clearly a lame attempt at trying to belittle my problem without providing any sort of explanation or information that might help me or others with the same problem. If you know any reason why someone would share that specific anecdote in this thread, I'm all ears. That all makes complete sense, I just never would have guessed it was a thing. I may be starting my upgrade to the newer digital Lectro stuff sooner than I thought.
  4. Since when is calling out one person for acting like a chode a rant? Is it cause I curse a lot? I'll admit I was and am pretty pissed that I now have to babysit my transmitters to make sure they're not screwing themselves up. This also lowers my trust in the Smartscan feature. I really liked how I could just set it and forget it while I prepped the rest of my stuff, but now I have to babysit that too to make sure it's not screwing anything up. You're right, the whitepapers probably would have had the information I needed, but don't pretend like the explanation to this problem would have been on the first page in bold lettering. It's kind of hard to sift through whitepapers at work. Regardless, the fact that this problem exists is stupid. The guy who made the damn things said it himself. I'm not being unreasonable just because I say "fuck" a lot. Again, thanks to everyone who helped answer my questions. And for anyone I made feel icky by using the devil's adjectives, I don't really know what else to tell you besides you can always just stop reading my posts.
  5. Right, that makes sense, but the part I'm confused about is why the newer stuff that covers all the frequencies anyway is even dependent on a setting involving blocks. It doesn't make any sense that an A1 receiver getting signal from an A1 transmitter even needs to deal with blocks. All it does is create potential for this problem. I don't see the benefit to having blocks matter on any wideband gear if it's not even dependent on blocks in the first place. The only situation I can see that benefits from having 2 different versions of those frequencies on a receiver is if you were using both a block 19 and block 470 transmitter both set to one of the overlapping frequencies. But even then, if they're each on a separate frequency, why does the block even matter? Is it there in case they're both set to the same frequency, but on different blocks? I can't think of any practical use for having 2 transmitters, one block 19 and one block 470, both set to the same frequency on different blocks.
  6. Also good to know, thanks. I'm going to try and test today to see if the smart scan feature changes the block setting today when I get to work. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  7. First off, the T-Swift thing was solid. Also I never said anyone here owes me anything, or that I wanted to start a discussion about feelings and seniority. I asked a simple technical question and got a concrete answer from 2 of my peers. I responded by saying I learned something, and thanked the people who actually answered me instead of trying to dazzle me with exciting tales of the screwdrivers and dials of old. All in all, people who wanted to respond responded, and I'm not really sure why me being pissed about being needlessly lectured to is so upsetting. I feel like that's a pretty universal thing that pisses everyone off. As far as I'm concerned this topic is closed cause my question was answered. Thanks to those who helped!
  8. That's a super weird thing that I didn't know. I'm not sure how it got set on mine since I used the smart scan feature. Unless it matters which direction it's changing it? Like if you start in a BLK 19 frequency and it selects one lower maybe it does the same thing as when you scroll it lower. I'll check that out tomorrow. In case anyone's wondering what an answer to a question looks like it's this. Notice how he's not wasting anyone's time with condescending remarks about people's feelings in situations they weren't involved in. I guess the old timers lost their ability to answer questions back in the "old days" when T-Swift was breaking out.
  9. Are you saying not to use those frequencies at all? Cause those are the clearest in my area so I kind of have to. If you're saying not to set my receivers to use the block 470 versions of those frequencies, that's exactly what I've been asking how to do. That was the original question before people started pandering me with stories where they call the mid-2000's the "old days." If you know how to do that, I would love to know how to do it on a Venue2 with wideband receivers on A1.
  10. I still have no idea how it changed in the first place. I've tried to manually recreate the problem, but it always defaults to the block 470 version of the frequency. The frequency was selected using the "smart scan" feature. So... back to my original question: Is there any way I can make sure this doesn't happen again?
  11. Not that I know of. I don't use the remote and all my other transmitters are on block A1. Eyyyyy! An answer! Thanks
  12. I feel like maybe I'm not making myself clear enough and that's why people feel like they need to lecture me with their set stories. I'll try to explain it better: Lectrosonics's wideband gear is available on blocks A1 and B1. These blocks are made up of many frequencies which encompass multiple old blocks that were used before blocks A1 and B1 were available. Why does all of my new gear, all on block A1, give a shit about the old blocks?
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