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    Utility sound technician / boom in IATSE 695
  1. JesseKaplan

    iPhone 6/Plus and FreqFinder

    What does this app do. I know the name sounds self explanatory.
  2. JesseKaplan

    Apple Inc.'s financials

    This was great news. I think every successful company should be responsible and cover their CO2 footprint. I'm really excited that apple will be doing this. I have always respected their vision.
  3. JesseKaplan

    Features Of The Apple Car / theonion.com

    hahah, I wonder what "Apple Gasoline" smells like. Must be great.
  4. JesseKaplan

    Understanding the Sharknado Strike

    Can anyone explain to me what Sharknado's production has done wrong. I'm out of the loop and would love to understand it. - Jesse
  5. Hi guys and girls. I wanted to reach out and tell you I'm available for utility or boom in Los Angeles. 13 years in 695. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1344860/ (818) 321-2019