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  1. hope that is work. For example, i try Antenna to DSQD to Octopack, Gordon Moore said they are not commend bands and have internal filtering , he suggested use passive splitter from antenna to Octopack and DSQD.
  2. I hoping the new machine to do that, Lectrosonics Octopack has AES output, Sound device SL2 has 4 SRC slot,… etc.
  3. I don’t know any change of the distance of range, but I can tell the digital (aes and Dante) will has better sound than analog (wireless) Great explanation, then I will go aes, I don’t want to bring the computer onset, try to limit the equipment, you know. Only two person in sound department onset in Hong Kong, sound recordist and boom operator. Producer won’t pay extra.🥲🥲
  4. I'm thinking to run digital on AES or Dante, what do you think for Lectrosonics wireless?
  5. how you connect with 822 and other receiver onto one pair antenna ? any performance drop for mix with digital and analog receiver in one pair antenna ?
  6. different dealer sell the cos11d has different audio level and different cable skin. ....don't know why
  7. CL6 is stop manufacturing, hopefully it will has something new for 12 channels with AES for replacement 😬
  8. what is the maximum AES can run on SD Scorpio? I use Lectrosonics Octopack, Zaxcom QRX200. for example: XLR provide 6 AES, SL6 provide 6 AES, SL2 provide 4 AES, the XL-AES provide 8 AES,
  9. Hi Tomoko, I'm in Hong Kong, too. if you need any local information, I can give you a hand. Eric Lau
  10. Where we can buy Audio Wireless DADM226 in US or Asia country?
  11. Hello, question of Zaxcom Oasis. How to use 10 channels (wireless) to control by 8 fader? I hear Oasis can store different setting on bank 1, 2 and 3 with different fader setting. Can I change different bank during the sound recording? Eric
  12. Thank you for Gordon and PVANSTRY reply. i did a test. and I find they have same result if turn on ANT.Power on with Octopack with two ALP650. Only different is: bl21,24,25,29 is In Octopack without turn the ANT.Power on with two ALP650, SRB's bl21's antenna signal will lower than other. bl24,25,26,29 is In Octopack without turn the ANT.Power on with two ALP650, all SRB (all bl)'s antenna are same.
  13. anyone try with Fuze Ti slate with Zaxcom ERX2TCD? Success (use same TC cable): Zaxcom Nomad 12 (TC in/out) (connect in one second). No Success (use same TC cable): Denecke GR-2 (sometimes jam 2 to 3 times until success, the hour digi fail, need connect in 7-10 second). Zaxcom ERX2TCD (fail)
  14. everyone try your FUZE TI's timecode slate with your gear?
  15. Brent, " I often use a Block 24 SRB and 1 talent wireless at the opposite ends of the block.". Sorry about my English, what do you mean "the opposite ends of the block"? Is mean last frequency of block 24? Eric
  16. thanks for your suggest. I use block 24 on my SRB, and my IFB is block 28. I'm thinking to add block 28 SRB in my Octopack. Hopefully, it won't have any bad effect for each other.
  17. can i use Lectrosonics R1a and SRB/SMQV same block together in sound bag with Octopack? e.g. Block 28.
  18. In Hong Kong and China (main city), 50mw might be only provide not more than 50feets distance.
  19. My octopack can run block 21-29. About wireless between use group A of bl21,24,25,29 and group B of bl24,25,26,29, which group will has worst wireless distance result? I'm thinking block 21 and 29 will shorten sharkfin's distance, because too far. Please advise.
  20. Nate, how you mount your stand on your foldup cart? Can you share the photo with me?
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