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  1. Is there a portable transmitter, that would work in a location sound bag, for Sennheiser IEM? Doesn't have to be stereo, though that wouldn't be bad. I'm guessing the Senn IEM's do not work with G3 transmitters, but have not had the gear to try. Thanks
  2. is the voltage from the transmitter a concern when feeding mic level signal via the XLR? (I'm guessing there is no voltage on the line/ring, but have not tested yet). If it is a concern, how would one wire a capacitor/diode or whatever is needed to block the voltage? Thank you.
  3. Agreed. Since my last post, I sent a test file to client. Her response was "It's perfect! Exactly what I need for time code! Thank you so much!" So I'm taking that to mean that InqScribe can read the MP3 ID3 tag. thanks everyone.
  4. Client says their software is Inqscribe. I'm not familiar with it. Thoughts?
  5. I'll look on his website. What is the name of the software? I haven't had a chance to play with recorder yet, since this came up... I noticed in the manual it says the MP3 doesn't create a sound report. But I'm thinking, if the 2nd card is recording BWF files, would the sound report have all the info. I realize the tracks names, etc wouldn't apply to the mp3, but the files names and TC info would. Correct?
  6. Thanks for info. I have requested that info from the client.
  7. I have a 633. When recording MP3 files, are the files "embedded with Timecode?"Client requested the following:We must have embedded time code MP3 audio files for our transcriptions. We do not want audible Timecode. I want a Timecode embedded MP3. I've always recorded poly-wave up until this point. Is the MP3 embedded with the Timecode? thanks.
  8. of course, but thanks for mentioning. I've done quick one line pick-ups before. I find a walk-in closet, if available, usually works nice.
  9. I've been called to record voice-overs tomorrow for a commercial. It's in a house. No video, which is different from my usual. I can get the job done, but then I started wondering pro/cons of all the following and decided to throw the question on here: Here's what I have as my options. Thoughts? My various usual lavs MKH60 boom Audix SCX-1HC SM57 Senn 835
  10. The prank was revealed before people got their food. And then moved to another table and given a real waiter. I had thought about ketchup bottle in advance, (plus I think someone else mentioned as well), but was concerned with them using it. Once I realized no food was being brought, it was time to go to work. Wish I had done it from the beginning of the day, but we adjust, adapt and move on.
  11. Only the one side, it was usually 2 people, at 90 degrees. But they did not know they were being filmed. So had to hide transmitter as well, from all angles (plus it had about 5 cameras on it, from all angles). I talked to a waitress, and said I need a washed out bottle, then I went to work. I didn't have much time, or would have made cut cleaner. Just had my Gerber multi-tool and a few minutes to do this between customers.
  12. Well, I was presented with this when I got there. Not the easiest. But client was very understanding and mainly wanted the waiters sound. Which was out actor. The people at the table were the ones that did not know they were being filmed. I mounted two shotguns about 8-12 feet away. not great sound, but ok. Waiters mic was better. But I soon realized/ learned we were only doing the prank through getting drinks and ordering, by that time it was over. They'd move them to a real table and we'd wait for next subjects to arrive. So I came up with this.
  13. I've also thought about having a table we have control over nearby. And putting a shotgun on the table, maybe hidden by a bread basket, or napkin, etc.
  14. On the PCC mic, not sure how I'd place it discretely. That's me when I sit down. Move all the stuff on the restaurant table to the way I want it.
  15. I had thought about flower arrangement, but had the other thoughts of them moving it while sitting at the table. I like your table cloth idea. I, nor production, has seen the restaurant yet. They are scouting tomorrow. As for as table next to them: thanks for thoughts on the mic under the table. Am still thinking of ways to utilize a 2nd table to plant mic though, mayb eon top of table some how. Obviously would be a decision made on site. Keep em coming. thanks
  16. So, I just got a call for this shoot on Monday. Sounds fun. Basics is hidden cameras shooting unknowing guests at a table. Waiter is our actor. I've got plenty of ideas going in my head, but wanted ideas on hiding mics in this scenario. Obviously Waiter will be wired. But any other mics would have to be hidden from pretty much every angle. I don't know the position of the table yet, etc. Some of the tools in my bag: Various lavs, wireless and hardwired, including B6, Tram, ECM-77, 55's, etc. AT-831b lav. (It's cardioid, to maybe mounted under the table next to our table) Audix SCX1-HC (maybe mounted under the table next to our table) shotgun mics ceiling mounts Crown PCC-170's Any thoughts and ideas are welcome. thanks.
  17. you said "repaired or bought new" the OP asked which was cheaper... your comment makes it look like the price doesn't matter because it's a write off. The price still matters, because more expensive option will cost more to the bottom line, even after taxes are completed and factored in.
  18. Tax write off does not mean it's free.
  19. I have my Sound Report Writer app set up to do file names like the 552 mixer/recorder. When it esports the reports, it puts the last digit of the file name on the second line. i.e. if the file names is: 13Y11M11-001 It shows up as: 13Y11M11-00 1 Is there a way to widen the column, or something, to make the file name fit? thanks
  20. Thanks Charles. I'll be honest, I was hoping multiple people on set could jam to the "set TC". Even if it drifted slightly, it would be enough for note taking etc. Regardless, I look forward to playing with it next week. Thanks.
  21. I just ordered a cable for this. Will the phone app "jam" TC, ans keep it when input cable is disconnected? (Even if it does drift some) Same question for ambient Clockit App or TimeCode Buddy App? Or any app for that matter. Thanks.
  22. Does anyone know if walk-up registration is free or the cost?
  23. And we have a winner. Thanks! Website: http://www.endroad.com/
  24. Someone, I think on this forum, once posted that they use a particular mount to hold their boom pole on their cart. It's original purpose is for fire departments to hold their gear on the trucks. I've been searching and cannot find it. Please repost the name and website if you have it. And any other useful information. thanks.
  25. Nice set up. I was guessing something like this. Maybe I can get busy on this soon. I have all the wood in stock. Mine does not have ties like that, am envious. It looks like you modified the headphone hanger to attache to the middle of the push handle. I'll have to get it and see how it attaches. My neighbor welds for a hobby, so should be able to adapt. Many thanks and nice job!!
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