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  1. Hello, Do you need the external battery? Couldn't you power your rig configuration for 10 hours, with the internal battery only and Hirose out from the RX-R4+? Thanks Patrick
  2. Cudos to Sounddevices to propose an integrated sound system with new ways of doing things.
  3. Great data base. FYI RED Mysterium, Mysterium-X, Dragon, Dragon-X, Dragon VV, Gemini, Helium, Monstro, are sensors and not bodies. The bodies are RED One DSMC1 (module based bodies) : Epic M and Epic X, Scarlet DSMC2 : Weapon, Raven, Ranger, (& Panivision's DXL) Komodo DSMC3 : V-Raptor and V-Raptor XL (wich is not yet released) But the module was delivered standard with the pack. You rarely encounter a cam without it wich is not the case with other cameras are they are optional. Without a module you can't power your RED camera.
  4. I use the CCM41 and CCM8 and like the results. It's obviously not the main sound of the film, but a pov of the cam is great to have in some critical situations where a boom is in another "best position" situation.
  5. There is no technical need for an XLR on a camera. RED did this with the mini XLR in 2008 and was (stupidly) bashed. TA3 is about the right size.
  6. I think the ones who use Alexa35 are the one who shoot with a sound recordist. I'm happy to have a good sound on cam (preferrably MS) because I think a sound in the POV of my picture is critical, but it can't ever replace another mic put by someone else in a better place than my camera.
  7. If I ever shoot Alexa... I will use this module for sure. I'm still happy with my RED Monstro and M2D2 😉
  8. With the R4+ you can hook 2 LC8 together (magnetically clamped) I don't know if you can do it with other machines.
  9. Well I thought it would be ready sooner but some critical electronics are in a worldwide shortage clusterfuck. There are no schedule available for now...
  10. Where do you put your mic?
  11. Why don't you record the USB signal on your computer and use the M2D2 as an audio card? On the M2D2 you could use a delay to synch with the video signal for streaming if you use a Blackmagic Atem switcher. In relation of compression you have to test wich is the best route to go for streaming (youtube, facebook, ... )
  12. Hello, I hope you can download it here. I use it with this one https://www.smallrig.com.de/products/smallrig-15mm-rod-clamp-mit-cold-shoe-1597?variant=12549833752637&currency=EUR&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5-WRBhCKARIsAAId9FmYBXwWCq_rMM2nYmJHqz6Mv3RAiDJ5vJ0d1uK5RisGnbUnCvQZRcQaAkNXEALw_wcB See you Patrick M2D2_ETRIER_PLASTIC.STL
  13. Thanks a lot Henrimic for you input. I forgot about PSI, perhaps I thought it was out of my budget from the beginning... I'll check their price. Patrick
  14. Thanks a lot for your help. With all those NAB and IBC dissapearing it's getting difficult to see them in action. None of these in our local stores... before taking the plane I was thinking of bringing up this question at this well informed community. We where thinking of 7 speakers JBL LSR 708P and 1 JBL LSR310S, and also looking at some genelecs. And we are also intereseted to know if mixing brands and models is a bad idea?
  15. Hello, We are building a little studio for sound editing/pre-mixing in 5.1. The room is quite small 6x4 meters (20x13 feet) ceiling at 3m20 (10.5 feet). Wich near field monitor would you consider? The picture will be projected on a 3.2 meter screen width. Audio monitors will also be placed behind the screen. Budget about 15'000$ for the speakers Thanks a lot. Patrick
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