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  1. I don't know the specific as I've the Non-US version. Call Sonosax or send them an e-mail. They will give that answer.
  2. I think FW. But not the one we can find on the upgrade page.
  3. The dual AD is locked. You can buy it and have the beautifull sonosax preamps but with 114 dB (A-weighted) dynamic range with USA version) instead of 135dB. If you use it out of USA you could make the change at the factory to get the dual AD hardware working without the Zaxcom patent limitation.
  4. There are some lavs like the VT506Mobile that you can plug directly on your phone https://www.vt-switzerland.com/de/vt506mobile Or bigger and much higher end $$$... the M2D2 wich is a dual input preamp, USB-C comaptible that can also power an electret mic https://sonosax.ch/product/sx-m2d2/
  5. I do speak about the analog input. If you used an unbalanced input source but you kept accidentally the 48v power on, it would have made an overload of the circuit. Frequently pluggin and unplugging a mic with 48v without switching the power of the machine to off would also produce such an overload of the circuit on older machines with early serial number. Sonosax fixed mine for free.
  6. I worked with a 30 year old mk41 used by a well known cigar smoker director who used this mic for nearly all of his voice over work and it still sounds great.
  7. Yes early Sr. nr (until 100 I think) didn't have an unballanced protection (circuit protection). When switching on the 48v power on an unballanced connection It would do an overload of the circuit. (I believe). Pat
  8. Absolutely. Dual gain architecture need to reconsider the working level of your recording. If you want your 134db dynamic you should put 0 again on your recorder… every gain you add to have some level on your track you loose in dynamic range. Dual gain architecture isn’t a compressor limiter of any kind, even if you could add it before the recoding. Now the preamps have to be really clean to work on -40db peak levels and push it in post later on. (R4+ user here, I put my peaks at -20db).
  9. I'm not a specialist 🙂 but the M2D2 is a sound card. The R4+ could be used with Dante though but I don't know if it reacts like a sound card?
  10. You need some adapters for your reciever that outputs an AES signal – Wisycom MCR42 with BPA42-IKSS adapter – Wisycom MCR54, with SLK54-IK adapter – Lectrosonics SRc with SRSUPER and SR-AES3 adapter – Audio Limited A10-RX with or without the A-FLIP adapter – SENNHEISER EK6042 with D-Sub-25 adapter – SONY DWR-S03D with D-Sub-25 adapter
  11. What I heard is that the leader of the chip manufacturer for audio (wich a lot of boards have been designed with their specifications) is out of business due to a fire, and there are NO plans to rebuilt the plant. It's not just a shortage... it's over... until they redesign new boards using other provider's chip.
  12. The factory that went into flames in Japan is a real problem for a lot of chip clients. It made a lot of chips unavailable and there are no foreseen solution to replace them... It's a real crisis in the ditigal audio domain.
  13. Vas, you not only have great ears but also sharp eyes!
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