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  1. I received it like that. No special order. Would you use Right angle cables like te Kortwich ones? http://www.filmtontechnik.de/products-from-kortwich/kortwich-right-angle/?L=1.%27((%27(),., To know what depth the bracket should be to protect the in/outputs cables. Patrick
  2. You are welcome. (Ps: It's not a perfect design, I would change it for the next test using both sides with the same bracket mount and make some tolerances smaller, but it does the job IMHO).
  3. It's a home made 3D print. I should change the design to put another hot shoe mount on the other side of the M2D2. Here is the 3D model if you want to change it... 😉 https://www.swisstransfer.com/d/f0d7f21a-9c55-4371-aa03-333209a05338 I used the service of Shapeways in Black PA12 https://www.shapeways.com/?etId=192741486&utm_source=automated-contact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=order-item-to-production&utm_content=0 Patrick
  4. My 3D printed cold shoe accessory for the M2D2. Tried to find a solution for all common configurations. Work in progress...
  5. And here on my Red Weapon MG This is an audio clip from the camera file https://clyp.it/lankfkyn MS CCM41_CCM8 Schoeps M2D2 limiter set to -10db in the Mixer menu and audio gain at +35db Unballanced stereo out (TA3) from the M2D2 to minijack input of the camera set to 0dB gain.
  6. Using the Iphone8 as recorder with TW Recorder (96khz and monitor flip enabled App). Hope Tentacle will come out with an upgraded App.
  7. I just started a docu production with 24/96 settings. Mainly to record the MS mic Installed on my camera on a SX-R4+ I‘m a camera guy and the tests in Resolve, the finder and iTunes I’ve done, read those files without problems... Pat
  8. Genius! Thanks for the infos.
  9. Here in Switzerland the union also admits 1/2 day for 1 day travel. I do it differently as I ask to pay a full day but in a lower rate cathegory. I do travel a lot abroad and often take 2 days (up to 20hours travelling /day) to get where we shoot).
  10. Kind of magic. What went through the mind of the guy who thought about that? Thanks for the explanation. Patrick
  11. Thanks a lot for your reply. I could have switched the phase instead of turning the mic in the mount. Learning every day. I still wonder how this MS decoding process work. Have a nice day. Patrick
  12. Hello, I'm using a CCM8 and CCM41 in a cinela osix suspension and Leo MS windshield. Usually the M8 is on top and the M41 on the bottom. For the camera rig I use I would love to flip my mount so that at the end the M8 is on the bottom. But after decoding Left and Right track would be inverted. Is is so that if I turn the M8, 180 degrees in the mount I would reestablish the right Left/Right orientation? Are there other factors in play? Thanks for any infos. Patrick
  13. Good news for DANTE users. The Dante option: announced, postponed, long awaited, it arrives this time for good. Our card now operates according to the criteria we had defined, particularly in terms of consumption. Powered by PoE, it is the least energy consuming on the market and will therefore not shorten the autonomy of your batteries too much. You will be able to connect the multi-channel interface to your SX-AD8+ before the end of the year. The SX-R4+ will have to wait until early 2020 to click its RJ45. https://www.sonosax.ch/sononews-september-2019/
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