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  1. Patrick Tresch

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    - Under 100wh you can carry with you as many you want without the need of the approval of the company - Between 100wh and 160wh you can carry up to 2 per person flying with you but you have to have the approoval of the company (some don't do ask for it other are asking you to put it under your feet during the flight (like the company TAP)) - Over 160wh aren't allowed - All batteries have to have the connector taped or protected against short circuit. - No Lithium ion are approoved in the checked in luggages (not even in the recorder) - No LiPo ar approoved wherever (nor checked in, nor carry on). Pat
  2. Patrick Tresch

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    There are IATA regulations that are quite clear : The lithium ion batteries must have a power rating of not more than 100 Wh unless the passenger has approval from the operator, in which case the lithium ion battery must not have a Watt-hour rating exceeding 160 Wh. I don't understand why they don't follow that rool?
  3. Patrick Tresch

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Hello Ivanovich, do you use the daylight mode to see your screen (white mode) or the night mode (black)? I was using the black one and also find it to dark. Thanks for your report. Patrick
  4. Patrick Tresch

    New Rode Stereo VideoMic X

    Rainforest type of humidity?
  5. Patrick Tresch

    New Rode Stereo VideoMic X

    Yes it is prone to humidity and about the same as the Schoeps CCM41 wich has a real issue with humidity. Sennheiser doesn't have this issue.
  6. Patrick Tresch

    New Rode Stereo VideoMic X

    Your are right borjam. It's about as sensitive to humidity as the Schoeps.
  7. Patrick Tresch


    Hello Cineli, I've been using Leo 20 MS with fur and I'm looking for a better wind protection but remaining the smallest possible (I often mount it on cameras). How is the Cosi in comparison with the Leo? Does it have better wind protection? I also use the Zephyx CCM MS for bigger setup or boom. I'm wondering if your Cosi also work in a MS configuration? Thanks Patrick
  8. Patrick Tresch

    Wich smartphone audio recorder APP?

    Thanks all for your replies, I've been using Tentacle recorder since a week (without using the TC feature) and am very happy with the results. I hooked my Smartphone to a Voice Technologies VT506 Mobile lavalier and it does the job nicely. Now I will see in post how it holds... See you. Pat
  9. Patrick Tresch

    Dual Tumbleweeds

    Hello Larry, I'm happy about your announcement as I was looking for a buddy with AES input for this guy : Sonosax - M2D2 Do you know if the AES input of the SPDR is compatible with the AES Out of the M2D2? Now I want to ask Sonosax to make a bracket to mount your SPDR on the M2D2. Pat PS: BTW your wiereless system rocks. Keep doing the good work.
  10. Patrick Tresch

    stingray junior and k-tek waist harness

    If under 2kg would you go with a shouder strap? I'm looking for a small bag for the Sonosax-SX R4+.
  11. Patrick Tresch

    Wich smartphone audio recorder APP?

    Thanks you all for your input. I was wondering if you could record L & R in different levels? It's a mono Lavalier but it would be handy to have a lower gain input. Pat
  12. You can do a lot to lower the fan noise, but you have to have a camera team that help you do that. Usually even on a hot summer you won't hear the camera if you are outside. Did they set the camera to adaptive mode and set the camera temp to a high (acceptable) level? I wish you that the DP has an ear for the sound. But there are definitly a lot of options out there to lower the fan noise.
  13. Hello, I'm looking for a smartphone app (for Iphone) and would like to know wich app is the best. It's mainly to record a lavalier mic (VT506Mobile). I've found that iTalk can do up to 44.1 16bit, but I don't know if there are some differences in the capability of the apps? Or if the limiting factor is the smartphone? What are you thoughts? Thanks Patrick
  14. Patrick Tresch

    IMAX 3D Digital Camera Timecode?

    Actually you can't in a professional level shoot 3D (with 2 cameras) without tri-synch level. The sensor read out has to be in synch. Your camera crew should have a box for their cameras but I don't know their setup...