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  1. Dual AD? Zaxcom will be happy.
  2. All good points. But the quantity of batteries of <100wh can vary. Some companies say it's illimited other say it's less than 15 units. Some say you have to carry them in sight (not in the overhead bin) but close to your feets... the company TAP asked me to do this. If they are over 100Wh but <160wh you can carry 2 batteries for every person travelling with you. But you have to ask for permission to the company before. Batteries over 160wh are prohibited.
  3. You are speaking about the 8 years old model I suppose. Weapon have the audio plug on the back side since 4 years.
  4. All good points. But the wired thing make me think they are possibly on Trisynch? Like fore 3D shoot or for a multicam setup? Not the same thing as a TC synch. I hope it isn't so.
  5. A working prototype is going to be on display at AES Dublin. https://m.facebook.com/sonosax/photos/a.793234320768591/2112274115531265/?type=3
  6. You should look if the power out from the R4+ could be strong enough for all your power need. (I know it can handle a SRc easily). So you could skip the NP1 and external power... The R4+ is so small and light, and uses so low power that your setup could become much smaller. For a R4+ "only" there is this solution. Not big enough for your needs though. I use a modified Portabrace AR-MAXX for my R4+ wich I love for it's small size and it still has a lot of space. It's the same modell as the : https://www.portabrace.com/ar-sxr4.html Pat
  7. Since 2014 I use Pelican 1550 as carry on without problem. (Only planes where overhead locker don’t take this luggage are the ATR75)
  8. If 2 tracks are enough and you are willing to use a Smartphone (or another aes in device) as a recorder the M2D2 could be a great option. First grade preamp. But it’s not yet available... Pat
  9. General rools. "Display Name" has the right link to it. Pat
  10. (still not answering your initial question...) I understand your budget restriction. But it only depends on how many years/gigs you want to have your ROI. ;- ) If you build a sound library, I think it's made to last some years. Truth is, quality also depends on the skills of the recordist. Pat
  11. Not a Sound Devices, but Sonosax SX-R4+ could be an option for you, some studios also use it for FX. 135db overall dynamic range, 4 pristine preamps, 16 channel recorder, small size, low power consumption, intuitive interface... I love mine.
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