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  1. M2d2 on the New Red Komodo By Phil Holland https://www.instagram.com/p/CCDDGFqHAt9/
  2. Thanks a lot for your help. FYI Bubblebee can make one for this mike they told me. See you. Patrick
  3. Thanks for your help. Could you measure the length of the interference tube for me? I would like to try the Pearl.MSH 10 with a Bublebee windkiller.
  4. Interesting. What winshield and suspension do you use with this mic?
  5. But FD looks more modular.
  6. They could add a spigot holder. 😉
  7. I love the vibe of this company.
  8. Hello, This CMS-50 is a cardio MS right? Anybody knows of a short shotgun mic in MS config "close" to the size of this CMS-50? I was thinking of buying the Minicmit and add my CCM8 but I don't find any small windshield configuration for it. I usually use the CCM41 and CCM8 in a LEO MS on my camera but would love to have something more directional. Thanks for any input. Patrick
  9. May 1 session https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1iUbxfJmQQ
  10. April 30 session https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1rlZiEkQ6WQ
  11. The equipment which is on my ATA Carnet will be used what ever existing patents they are. It’s a temporal export so it’s effectively not considered belonging to the visiting country (no VAT). Now another question is if the seller of a second hand equipment is responsible like a distributor?
  12. I didn't understand if the modes can be turned on at the same time? Record With TC From external USB-C and send that signal?
  13. Another recorder with TC for the M2D2. It can use it's USB-C connector to record 48/24bit. The Deity BP-TRX
  14. YESSSS!!! (Is it possible to record 24bit 96khz or only 24bit 48khz over USB-C? Edit: Just recieved the confirmation that it also records 24bit/48khz. )
  15. Yes you can buy outside US and bring it in. Do you know if you can record through the USB-C connector?
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