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  1. With the R4+ you can hook 2 LC8 together (magnetically clamped) I don't know if you can do it with other machines.
  2. Well I thought it would be ready sooner but some critical electronics are in a worldwide shortage clusterfuck. There are no schedule available for now...
  3. Where do you put your mic?
  4. Why don't you record the USB signal on your computer and use the M2D2 as an audio card? On the M2D2 you could use a delay to synch with the video signal for streaming if you use a Blackmagic Atem switcher. In relation of compression you have to test wich is the best route to go for streaming (youtube, facebook, ... )
  5. Hello, I hope you can download it here. I use it with this one https://www.smallrig.com.de/products/smallrig-15mm-rod-clamp-mit-cold-shoe-1597?variant=12549833752637&currency=EUR&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5-WRBhCKARIsAAId9FmYBXwWCq_rMM2nYmJHqz6Mv3RAiDJ5vJ0d1uK5RisGnbUnCvQZRcQaAkNXEALw_wcB See you Patrick M2D2_ETRIER_PLASTIC.STL
  6. Thanks a lot Henrimic for you input. I forgot about PSI, perhaps I thought it was out of my budget from the beginning... I'll check their price. Patrick
  7. Thanks a lot for your help. With all those NAB and IBC dissapearing it's getting difficult to see them in action. None of these in our local stores... before taking the plane I was thinking of bringing up this question at this well informed community. We where thinking of 7 speakers JBL LSR 708P and 1 JBL LSR310S, and also looking at some genelecs. And we are also intereseted to know if mixing brands and models is a bad idea?
  8. Hello, We are building a little studio for sound editing/pre-mixing in 5.1. The room is quite small 6x4 meters (20x13 feet) ceiling at 3m20 (10.5 feet). Wich near field monitor would you consider? The picture will be projected on a 3.2 meter screen width. Audio monitors will also be placed behind the screen. Budget about 15'000$ for the speakers Thanks a lot. Patrick
  9. The lightest bag will be undoubtly the Sonosax SX-R4+ with an SX-RX8 loaded with 2 MCR 54 I’ll post the weight when I got mine 😉
  10. Exept from RedOne, there has always been a solution out there but most of the sound guys never bothered about it and prefered to complain about RED's. Supposely it's more fun to complain than to do something.
  11. My setup. Schoeps CCM8 and CCM41, Cinela léo MS windshield, Sonosax SX-M2D2, mounted on Zactuo Gunner on a Sony A7s3.
  12. Greatings from Niger. Here a lot of wind and dust. But some of the most beautifull places I've seen. CCM8, CCM41, Cinela Léo, Sonosax M2D2 on the Sony A7s3 camera
  13. I've used quite a lot. To make it short stereo for the pov of the camera is interesting as the stereo effect gives you some more "intelligibility" of speach than mono (IMHO). It won't ever replace a boom or Lav on a talent but it's a very good starting point. "Point of sound" is as important as point of view. I've used Rode Stereo video mix X Sennheiser MKE 400 Sanken Tiny Mike Now I use a couple of Schoeps CCM8/CCM41 in a Cinela Leo MS with a Sonosax M2D2 preamp that goes out to the minijack input of my DSLR Sony A7s3 and am very pleased with the reliability (no need of mixing due to the HDR of the preamps and the Compressor/limiter) and the resuting sound. Not cheap though (6000$) I do use this setup also on my RED Weapon Monstro Camera. Some other solutions to be investigated is the impressive DPA4097 Shotgun Patrick
  14. I don't know the specific as I've the Non-US version. Call Sonosax or send them an e-mail. They will give that answer.
  15. I think FW. But not the one we can find on the upgrade page.
  16. The dual AD is locked. You can buy it and have the beautifull sonosax preamps but with 114 dB (A-weighted) dynamic range with USA version) instead of 135dB. If you use it out of USA you could make the change at the factory to get the dual AD hardware working without the Zaxcom patent limitation.
  17. There are some lavs like the VT506Mobile that you can plug directly on your phone https://www.vt-switzerland.com/de/vt506mobile Or bigger and much higher end $$$... the M2D2 wich is a dual input preamp, USB-C comaptible that can also power an electret mic https://sonosax.ch/product/sx-m2d2/
  18. I do speak about the analog input. If you used an unbalanced input source but you kept accidentally the 48v power on, it would have made an overload of the circuit. Frequently pluggin and unplugging a mic with 48v without switching the power of the machine to off would also produce such an overload of the circuit on older machines with early serial number. Sonosax fixed mine for free.
  19. I worked with a 30 year old mk41 used by a well known cigar smoker director who used this mic for nearly all of his voice over work and it still sounds great.
  20. Yes early Sr. nr (until 100 I think) didn't have an unballanced protection (circuit protection). When switching on the 48v power on an unballanced connection It would do an overload of the circuit. (I believe). Pat
  21. Absolutely. Dual gain architecture need to reconsider the working level of your recording. If you want your 134db dynamic you should put 0 again on your recorder… every gain you add to have some level on your track you loose in dynamic range. Dual gain architecture isn’t a compressor limiter of any kind, even if you could add it before the recoding. Now the preamps have to be really clean to work on -40db peak levels and push it in post later on. (R4+ user here, I put my peaks at -20db).
  22. I'm not a specialist 🙂 but the M2D2 is a sound card. The R4+ could be used with Dante though but I don't know if it reacts like a sound card?
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