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  1. Absolutely. Dual gain architecture need to reconsider the working level of your recording. If you want your 134db dynamic you should put 0 again on your recorder… every gain you add to have some level on your track you loose in dynamic range. Dual gain architecture isn’t a compressor limiter of any kind, even if you could add it before the recoding. Now the preamps have to be really clean to work on -40db peak levels and push it in post later on. (R4+ user here, I put my peaks at -20db).
  2. I'm not a specialist πŸ™‚ but the M2D2 is a sound card. The R4+ could be used with Dante though but I don't know if it reacts like a sound card?
  3. You need some adapters for your reciever that outputs an AES signal – Wisycom MCR42 with BPA42-IKSS adapter – Wisycom MCR54, with SLK54-IK adapter – Lectrosonics SRc with SRSUPER and SR-AES3 adapter – Audio Limited A10-RX with or without the A-FLIP adapter – SENNHEISER EK6042 with D-Sub-25 adapter – SONY DWR-S03D with D-Sub-25 adapter
  4. What I heard is that the leader of the chip manufacturer for audio (wich a lot of boards have been designed with their specifications) is out of business due to a fire, and there are NO plans to rebuilt the plant. It's not just a shortage... it's over... until they redesign new boards using other provider's chip.
  5. The factory that went into flames in Japan is a real problem for a lot of chip clients. It made a lot of chips unavailable and there are no foreseen solution to replace them... It's a real crisis in the ditigal audio domain.
  6. Vas, you not only have great ears but also sharp eyes!
  7. New version of the M2D2 since SR. Nr 300 will include Electret option :
  8. They can be assignable through the menu of the SX-R4+ or the 8 series from Sound Devices. Look at it like a remote control like the SX-RC8+.
  9. Jacques told me that he didn't want to put a antenna splitter as it's allways a compromise for best signal unless you use a finn. He also opted not to use the superslot system mainly for size and weight reasons. They worked on the mechanics to make it user friendly.
  10. Could you find a Sonosax M2D2 in your region and try it out?
  11. New firmware 1.5 is out. Some nice UI changes and some fixes. Find it under Firmware https://www.sonosax.ch/product/sx-m2d2/
  12. From Sononews of Sonosax : https://www.sonosax.ch/sononews-december-2020/#repairs "For the MINIR and SX-R4, maintenance is ensured but we recommend replacing the hard drive with an SSD."
  13. Is that right? I had mine stolen 2 years ago so I can't remember this but I was pretty shure it was able to record more tracks on the CF. I had mine also converted to SSD . I miss my beloved tiny R4 (I have his "big" brother R4+ now).
  14. You can test my SX-R4+ i'll give it to you for a week. I'm in Lausanne, and send my greatings to Masaki. Patrick
  15. I've used the Leo for on camera with the CCM41/8, it works really well but it's not 100% efficient in windy conditions as the wind often enters the back of the windshield/fur. But fot the 95% of the time it's really good. Now the mics/preamp are so sensitive to noise that you have to be carefull with handling noise (and camera noise if there are). Wich camera configuration do you plan to use? In this setup I put the sound below to change the center of gravity and to be in a smaller foot print. I changed the phase of the CCM8 to correct the MS decoding in the right LR stereo.
  16. Sonosax SX-R4+ has been designed with the weight (850 g 1.9 lbs), size (200 x 50 x 144.5 mm 7.87 x 1.96 x 5.7 β€˜β€™), and power (6W if all inputs are enabled) in mind for docu work. It's so good that it became even a good choice for classical music recordings! I love what engeneering has been put in this little machine. With the Wysicom 4 channel reciever and the upcoming RX+ module it will be really efficient, but I don't know if the module will be ready for summer...
  17. How good has it to be? https://www.sonosax.ch/product/sx-vt/ πŸ˜‰
  18. You would get the preamp, for the recorder you need another device like the Lectrosonics SPDR Or buy a second hand Sonosax Minir.
  19. I have the leo but I got some troubles in windy conditions. The fur doens't cover the back enough.
  20. The Sound Summit october is announced https://thesoundsummit.org/
  21. Hello, I broke the 3rd of 5 extentions of my boom pole. It's a K-tek 102. The carbon fiber broke at the base of the extention and is useless about 4 inch. Is it possible to change the part? I yet didn't find any replacement part. Or can I cut the broken part knowing it's carbon fiber? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks Patrick
  22. New firmware V1.2 https://www.sonosax.ch/product/sx-m2d2/
  23. Noooo... it was : http://www.emil-berliner-studios.com/en/gesichter.html "Direct-to-disk vinyl, recording of Bamberger Philharmoniker We mixed with your desk SONOSAX SX-ST four microphones with 6 channels: two Sennheiser MKH 80 Twin (as main microphones with two capsules each) and two Sennheiser MKH 30. Rainer Maillard, Emil berliner studios" I love the team work needed to achieve this. Pat
  24. M2d2 on the New Red Komodo By Phil Holland https://www.instagram.com/p/CCDDGFqHAt9/
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