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  1. I have a theory to why the -20 output on receivers became common practice. When portable analog mixers were prevalent in the field, many were prone to channel bleeding. Particularly on the Wendt X4 and X5 mixers, if the signal was too hot coming in, it would bleed into the channels next to it and into the mix. So to compensate, the output levels on the receivers were lowered to -20 and the mixers were set to -10. Even when the gear no longer required doing this, people continued to do it out of habit. Rental houses still often send out packages like this by default. That all being said, there are some cart mixers who even pad down their receivers so that they can set their trim levels on their consoles near noon so that they have room on either end to adjust. I know this was common when the 01V was popular. It all boils down to learning best practices, and then adjusting your strategy as you need to.
  2. Jan, You are an absolute inspiration in the community. The lessons that I've taken from you (ex: it's the "little things" that matter) are numerous and important, and that's only from reading your words. I'm jealous of those that were lucky enough to work alongside you. Your professionalism and kindness have always been evident on this crazy world wide web, and we're all better off for it. I hope you remain active in the community, and help us all to grow. Even more, I hope you keep writing, writing, writing. Congrats on the next chapter. Enjoy it!
  3. I've used 7506's for many years, mainly because people said they were the "standard" and because people told me they were "transparent." When I finally decided to test other headphones out, I realized there was a whole world of options available. Comfort, isolation, frequency response vary across models, not to mention pressure and ear fatigue. I'm not here to say that 7506's are or are not the best option for anyone in particular. But I am here to say that if you base your purchase decisions on what other people think about the gear and what your preconceptions are about the gear, there's a chance you're selling yourself short. Headphones are such a personal item that there is no "right" or "wrong" answer with them. Since we often spend hours upon hours and days up days wearing them, do yourself a favor and take the time to directly compare different models. I really recommend making the decision that's best for you.
  4. Yo Josh! Long time! I'll echo what others have said about an earset microphone, but add that a double earset is very important for the type of high intensity workouts you're referring to. They help keep the headset in place, and with some creative taping on the wire you'll be able to ensure that the headset doesn't move. The only thing to worry about from there is keeping the armature in place.
  5. Well, obviously it wasn't my parents who gave me this name!
  6. Apple themselves seem to have now gotten involved to protect Mac users: https://www.engadget.com/2019/07/10/apple-mac-update-removes-zoom-exploit/ Hopefully the mess is fully cleaned up.
  7. https://lifehacker.com/remove-zoom-from-your-mac-right-now-1836209383 If you've been following the news about Zoom's security flaws, you'll want to remove the applications from your computer as soon as possible. Sounderday participants can still use Zoom, but are encourage to either use the browser or mobile versions.
  8. Doc Justice


    Congrats to Paul, Jon, and the SD crew for what looks like a killer product here!
  9. Mrs. Maisel was nominated for and won a CAS award for Best Sound for Television - 1 Hour. Mathew Price is a well known and greatly respected sound mixer. He is also, in fact, a Zaxcom user. I personally think it's an amazing show, and I love the sound of it.
  10. It's never a bad idea to think outside the box and wonder if the most common method is actually the best method. Independent thinking drives innovation. This particular system has enough drawbacks to limit its practicality, but that doesn't mean that a better option can't be done.
  11. The Scene Monitor is packaged with the leatherette "luxury" earpads already on the headphones, and with a pair of silicone pads for you as well. To swap them out, simply pull on the leatherette pads to remove them. The silicone pads wrap around the outside of the speaker, just keep working it around until you get it. It should be a fast changeout. Just note that the silicone pads are NOT meant to go over the leatherette pads, but to replace them. Some people prefer the leatherette pads for the feel or the look of them, particularly executive types. For every day production use, I strongly recommend the silicone pads. They are more tear resistant and strong enough to withstand the rigors of a production day.
  12. It seems like you’re open to the idea of switching brands. Is there a reason you’re limiting your options to just two brands? We’re lucky enough to have a lot of different choices so that you can pick the device with the best set of features for the exact type of work you do. Whether your priorities are size, cost, versatility, digital vs analog, or whatever, I’d encourage you to visit your nearest dealer and get hands on products from as many brands as possible.
  13. Perfectly said, Jon. I couldn't agree more!
  14. The Comtek PR-216 does in fact have phase issues between of the speakers of all stereo headphones. Luckily, our good friend Jacob Varley created a tutorial at his shop to show how the Halter Technical Scene Monitor makes it very easy to modify into a mono headphone without replacing any wires or connectors. For the "too-long-didn't-watch" crowd: Clip the wire that runs to the right speaker and tie it into the left speaker, and match the grounds together. Now, your headphone will only receive audio from the tip of the connector, sending the source to both the left and right speakers. Thanks Jacob!
  15. Are these your main concerns? 1. A transmitter smaller and lighter than what you currently have 2. A simple solution for when you're the only audio engineer on set 3. Control of on-board dynamics and that is sure to never clip I don't like to encourage people to choose one brand over another, but it sounds here like the exact product you are asking for is a Zaxcom ZMT.
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