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  1. Doc Justice

    Halter Technical introduces the Scene Monitor!

    The Comtek PR-216 does in fact have phase issues between of the speakers of all stereo headphones. Luckily, our good friend Jacob Varley created a tutorial at his shop to show how the Halter Technical Scene Monitor makes it very easy to modify into a mono headphone without replacing any wires or connectors. For the "too-long-didn't-watch" crowd: Clip the wire that runs to the right speaker and tie it into the left speaker, and match the grounds together. Now, your headphone will only receive audio from the tip of the connector, sending the source to both the left and right speakers. Thanks Jacob!
  2. Doc Justice

    Performance Capture Audio

    Are these your main concerns? 1. A transmitter smaller and lighter than what you currently have 2. A simple solution for when you're the only audio engineer on set 3. Control of on-board dynamics and that is sure to never clip I don't like to encourage people to choose one brand over another, but it sounds here like the exact product you are asking for is a Zaxcom ZMT.
  3. Doc Justice

    New IFB system

    For the sake of thoroughness, here are most of the current and common IFB beltpack choices: Sennheiser IEM Lectrosonics R1a (VHF, UHF, 941) Lectrosonics Duet Comtek (72 or 216) Zaxcom ERX Shure PSM Listen Technologies (1.9GHz, 72, or IR) There are plenty of other options AM, FM, and 2.4GHz bands too. Richard, you've got plenty of places to demo any of the options you're looking at. Make sure that whatever you decide, you're going to be completely satisfied with it. Good luck!
  4. Doc Justice

    Halter Technical introduces the Scene Monitor!

    Don't forget that the "ring" on the TRS connector of the Comtek is also designed to receive phantom power! It's a little-advertised feature of the PR-216. I'll see what I can do about getting a set of Comteks to test out the signal phase on the Scene Monitor. I'm sure you're all spot on in your assessments though. I'd say, if the phase difference is enough to bother you on other headphones, you may want to use your adapters with the Scene Monitor as well.
  5. Doc Justice

    Halter Technical introduces the Scene Monitor!

    In development, we tested to make sure that Scene Monitor was compatible with the PR-216. It most definitely is. No adapters are required to make the Scene Monitor work. The Field Monitor has a mono plug, which was required to make it compatible with Comtek receivers. A mono-to-stereo adapter is included with the Field Monitor for two channel monitoring in one ear.
  6. Doc Justice

    New IFB headphones from Halter Technical

    I want to speak candidly about the Scene Monitor, which should hopefully answer most of the questions people may have about it. We've been hearing for several years about how there hasn't been that one perfect "comtek headphone" for sale on the market. Even though there are thousands upon thousands of headphones for sale, there wasn't one that check all of the boxes that a Production Sound Mixer needs for an IFB headphone. This is the exact reason why I started Halter Technical; to make something better when the options available just aren't good enough. And so, we went down the list. One single cable rather than two coming from each speaker...a straight, 3ft cable so that tall people can still clip an IFB to their waist, but not so long that a coiled mess gets caught on a director's chair...a lightweight headband that won't fatigue the wearer...speakers that twist flat for easy storage and transport...an absolutely gorgeous logo... From there, it as all about how I can add value to this headphone. First, I had to choose between including the leather earpads or the silicond earpads. There were good reasons for either one, so I was thrilled to be able to include BOTH in the package. So now, you can choose which set of earpads is right for you or your client, and you have a backup set on you from the start. Secondly, I worked out how to sell them in packs of ten to the customer for an even bigger discount. You saw the price. I think $15 for a single Scene Monitor is a great price. $125 for a 10-Pack is an awesome price. The hope here is that you'll have a 10-Pack ordered with your expendables, and if you just need one or two you can buy them individually at a great price. I'm very biased, but I love everything about Scene Monitor. I hope you all will too!
  7. Doc Justice

    New IFB headphones from Halter Technical

    $15 US each, or $125 US for a 10-Pack!
  8. Doc Justice

    New IFB headphones from Halter Technical

    Philip, While I happen to think that the Field Monitor single-earbud headset sounds great (and the technical specs on it back it up), I realize that "good sound" is up to the listener. I hope you'll take the time to visit any of the usual suspects and demo the new Scene Monitor on an IFB receiver. I'm confident that you'll be happy with what you hear!
  9. Halter Technical is PROUD to introduce the Scene Monitor! Scene Monitor is a premium comfort headphone, designed to be worn comfortably for an entire work day. Available now at your favorite audio retailer today, you can purchase Scene Monitor for $15 each, or $125 for a 10-Pack. Watch the launch video, and check out http://haltertechnical.com for more info!
  10. Doc Justice

    Wondering: any word on 60 GHz wireless microphones?

    Chris, I believe you're referring to Alteros (Audio Technica) and their 6.5GHz TDMA technology. I agree it is an incredibly promising tech. It seems perfectly suited for newsrooms and other small stage areas where the transceivers can circle the set. 24 channels over one frequency. Incredible.
  11. Doc Justice

    Longest lasting

    In my experience, the dual-battery Lectrosonics SM transmitters have been the longest lasting. I don't recall exactly how long it lasts, but I believe the Sennheiser 5212 also goes for 12+ hours, on only a single battery. It appears that there is still room for a manufacturer to create an "all-day" transmitter. Since we have tiny transmitters available to us that last 5+ hours on an NP50 battery, it stands to reason that it would be possible to create a larger size transmitter that could use dense lithium batteries to last all day. Reality shows with large cast counts would really benefit from it.
  12. Doc Justice

    Phonak Roger real world experience

    Tony, can you clarify the amount of gear used to get to the wearer's ear? From what I'm reading, your workflow goes: Audio into a Lectrosonics transmitter (~$1000) Transmitted to an SRb (~$2000) Output of SRB into the Roger base station located on a C stand (~$1700) From the Roger base station to a Roger repeater strapped to a boom pole (~$700) From the repeater to the Roger in the wearer's ear (~$1500) Total = ~$6900 Do I have that right?
  13. Doc Justice

    Why Comteks?

    In addition to all of Jon’s reasons, I think there are several others to consider. The term “Comtek” has become interchangeable with “IFB” on narrative sets. That means that producers/clients are likely expecting a Comtek receiver, and are already comfortable with the device. Since managing expectations is such a big part of our job, this is one area where it’s easy to deliver exactly what is expected. Rental charges are likely the same whether you’re delivering a PR-216, a Lectro, Zaxcom, Shure, or any other brand of IFB. So for a lot of sound mixers, it doesn’t make financial sense to pay for something that will take longer to yield a full return on its investment. To me, using Comteks is a bit like AM radio. AM radio still has its has its place in the world. When you’re listening to AM, you’re listening for content that is broadcast far and wide, not fidelity. We could all make long lists of the pros and cons of each brand’s answers to IFB. Luckily there’s no shortage of options.
  14. Doc Justice

    Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Please don't think for a second that this line went unnoticed or unappreciated! <HAT>