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    Interested in indie filmaking and just getting into location sound. During the day I work in the financial industry.
  1. Matt- I am probably not the most qualified to answer your question as I am just starting out - but in my opinion, you don't have to worry about matching mics when you are going from exterior to interior- the sound charateristics are so different that they are not supposed to intercut. I did a lot of research before purchasing my first mics- and I ended up with a at4073a, an at4053b and a ntg-2-(becuse I needed one battery powered mic)- anyway- I think you would find that the at4073a is a great COMPANION to the 4053b. The mkh416 is a great mic and in my opinion a better mic than the 4073- i
  2. Here is a gem- $75 day for you and your gear: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/cwg/3567510617.html Now the kicker- the "Hollywood production company" is run out of a car in Hollywood J. L. Faverio, known as “Mooch” online, is 29 and homeless in California. He could no longer make his rent, so he moved in with his father who eventually asked for rent he couldn’t pay. He now lives in his car. Three months later Faverio created a blog called “Doing It Homeless,” which he uses to archive his experiences, promote his businesses and reach out to others. Faverio said before becoming homel
  3. Every couple of times I try to click on google link for jwsound when I am not on my computer that has it saved as a favorite I get redirected to an ininityads page - this has happened from more that one PC so pretty sure it is not me- just an FYI that maybe something is hacked/semi-hacked with the site.
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