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  1. Hi IronFilm. Just wondering if the ada4 worked for you?
  2. Hello! I just had a shoot that was on a beach and some fine sand got into my Ktek boom pole. Now the collars are gritty and its scratching the poles. Any suggestions on how to clean it? I don't think the collars come off so easily because there is two strips of plastic at the bottom of each section preventing the collar to come out. Any suggestions on how to clean it? Any advice on how to prevent this from happening again? Thanks!
  3. No problems since I have the ACL204. I did test the internal clock against the ACL one time and it was around 5 seconds off after 1 hour. Its mostly my back that is happier and its sounds fine for the jobs I use it for. Upgrading soon though!
  4. Recent bag for a doc I'm working on using the unsung hero of sound bags- the Kevlar soft Portabrace. Needed something really light since I was on the run all day. Trimmed the fat from everything I could on my regular bag. Left my Petrol 617 behind, my 633 (gulp), no BDS, and definitely no NP-1. I had this bag (Portabrace 'RM- Multi' which should be the same as the current SD 7-series bags) since my 744 days almost 8 years ago and have used it on other jobs with my 633 (which fits nicely with NP-F750s on the bottom, albeit a tad bit too snug). I blew the dust off of it and to my surprise it fit
  5. Ok so it seems I didn't try everything. What finally worked for me was Tip- hot, Sleeve- cold and ground. This allowed me to input to the cameras as Line/Mic with the TRS connector all the way in. It also sounded cleaner than not connecting the cold wire to anything (which also didn't output a line signal.) Hope this helps someone.
  6. Ok so I think I have tried everything and I just want to make sure that I am nor completely crazy. I use an r1a as a hop sometimes to the Alexa XT and Red scarlet/epic cameras. No matter how I wire it, I always have to pull out the trs connector on the r1a halfway in order to get some signal through to these cameras. I followed all the wiring diagrams for both cameras from their respective manuals, and probably everything inbetween, made balanced and unbalanced cables, and I am getting the same result or nothing at all. I read in the Lectrosonics manual that the r1a has an auto switching circu
  7. I need to make a cable for a Sony WRT-822- Hirose to XLR Male. Can anyone give me the pin wiring for this? Also, if there are any special considerations to take note of when making this cable that would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  8. I need to make a 5-pin to 5-pin Lemo TC out cable between an Ambient TRX and an Alexa. I have a connector diagram from my 744t manual which i will be using with the Ambient TRX boxes. The manual connector diagram is as follows: Pin 1- ground 2- SMPTE TC in 3- ASCII in/out 4- Tuning out 5- SMPTE TC out Questions: 1) What cable- I have immediate access to all types of Canare cable where I am located so preferably a recommendation from this brand would be ideal. 2) Pin config- If it is a TC out cable, am I correct in assuming that I only need to connect Pin 5, and pin 1? Than
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