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  1. Hi, New member of Local 52 here in NYC available to boom or 3rd. After 10 years booming and mixing non-union, I’m happy to join 52. I’ve boomed my first union film already and look forward to many more. Thanks -Chris Christopher J. Leone 646-546-4946 LeoneSound@gmail.com
  2. Testing, thanks for such a great site and resource, Jeff.
  3. Condolences to you and your family, Jeff.
  4. Cool Abe, I'll try out the COS-11 version. How can I order one? Thanks
  5. So my editor says both 48k and 48.048 work fine. I believe he converted the 5D footage to Apple Pro Res like others in this thread have mentioned. My tests were only 3 minutes long because we'll only be shooting 30 sec. takes throughout the shoot. Maybe longer takes might have some issues. Thanks again guys
  6. I'll have another chance to do a test shoot on monday but I might only have access to an Avid system on that day. The actual shoot will be edited in FCP. I'm clueless about the differences between Avid and FCP. Is it even worth it to test sync issues in Avid when the actual shoot will be done in FCP? Leone
  7. thanks for all the input guys, i'll let u know how the shoot goes.
  8. Hi, So I have job coming up with the canon 5d mark ii camera. Anyone know what frame rate to set my 744? I guess 29.97 ndf? Thanks, Leone
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