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  1. Hello, hallo, Ciao, Hóla, I am looking for 1AS/Boom Operator in Amsterdam, Torino and Valencia. Thanks. Emanuele
  2. There is nothing wrong with it. The metadata are still there and the number ( _3 for instance) I think is a technical requirement. Software like Pro Tools can recognise they are part of the same root file and group them in a multitrack channel, if needed. Nuendo does the same when splitting the files. I don't think there is a software giving you the option you are asking about, you need to do it yourself (quite quickly also) with a renaming software like NameChanger: https://mrrsoftware.com/namechanger/ once you changed the name I am not sure if PT will be able to recognise your files as being part of the same root ones.
  3. I got an answer for Timecode Systems clarifying impedance needs: "LTC is high impedance when in the input mode and low impedance in the output mode. Because it doesn’t carry any high frequency/fast edge signals (like genlock) the impedance matching to 75/50Ohm doesn’t apply." For the suppliers, the usual suspects.
  4. Hello, I would like to know if European (possibly UK) users have a reliable (and not escruciating expensive) source for the DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors. Ideally right angle ones. How everyone is doing with impedance? Genlock 75ohm, LTC 50ohm, right? Thanks.
  5. Which basically brings things back to ten years ago, when the Berlusconi government cut 60% of the funds for arts and films. Not a step forward, but at list is a back to square 1. :-)
  6. In UK there is Everything Audio: http://www.everythingaudio.co.uk/ and Pinknoise: http://www.pinknoise-systems.co.uk
  7. Here I am with my first hand ot it. It's small, very small. Also the knobs and buttons are accordingly small, keep that in mind if you have sausage fingers. Is lightweight, of course. Three ways to feed power: 8 AA batteries, external power supply on a circular connector and 1 external power supply on a Hirose 4 pin connector. Battery level meter on the main screen. I guess you can have them all connected together at the same time and the machine will recognise which is the better, but I haven't tried because I didn't need to, so I may have just written some idiocy. Inputs are on the hybrid Neutrik XLR/6.3plug connector. Mic level on XLR; line level (only -10dBV) on plug connector. Automatically selected also during a recording if you plug/unplug for whatever reason. Outputs are: main OUT on two TA3s and sub OUT on one stereo minijack3.5. One headphone output with loads of volume to drive your cans. 2 SD cards for redundant simultaneous recordings or other options to select from the menu. Menu is very easy to use. There is some degree of file naming and metadata and I guess there are better options using the external iOS app but I haven't tried that yet. The WI-fi electronics are already embedded in the machine and we just need to install a software extension to make it work. Time Code IN and OUT on 2 separate BNC connectors. Quite stable and reliable Time Code. When the machine is turned off it will drift (Zaxcom does the same, right?) because they saved in internal button battery. So any time the machine is turned on we need to remember to rejam. Work flawlessly, so far. RF spray. Yes and please make a test recording before starting your day to check if is interfering with your radiomics. Today I had one set to 606.450Mhz which became unusable once pressed the REC button. I then did some test and the broadbad RF spray settled and minimize once the whole startup bootstrap is over, so the idling machine is not affecting much. Once the REC button is pushed, the data transfer create a wideband RF spray with some main peaking frequency. Mine are 603.250Mhz, 636.450Mhz, 603.250Mhz, 711.000Mhz. I guess any machine has its own peaking frequency, like the 788T, so please check yours. File management resemble a bit the Sound Devices one so is quite familiar to all of us. Sound quality. I cannot say much yet. I recorded dialogue via Line level from my 552 and I am quite happy, sound nice and quiet. They declare 127dBu Equivalent Input noise (120dBu on the H6, the 788T is not declared but I think should be between 128 to 133dBu, the 552 is 126dBu), so I am expecting great quality sound out of that little beast. A colleague told me he measured a difference of 15dBu between the H6 and the F8 but he didn't tell me, yet, which one is declared wrong. I think for what it cost is worth having. I would buy a second one if needed. Knowing the brand I am not expecting any post selling assistance or any customer care. I wrote to them in the past and they usually don't answer. Also I am not expecting many firware revisions, like our beloved brands, to improve the machine facilities. They are probably already working on the developement of the next recorder which will be out in a year or so, I guess, but that's just my immagination so dont' trust me on that.
  8. I double checked with the gurus and EQing before X-volver won't affect the conversion. They told me that using a recorder with the facility to preamp the 4 channels with just a knob (SD 788T for instance) is quite critical and is a must. Ambisonic mess up once the difference between the recorder tracks is just 0.5dB.
  9. Hello, after a bit of testing, doing and undoing, I finally found my way to use the Brahma and a workflow with it. I am quite happy with it and is always with me when travelling. Please read my experience in my paper about this microphone here: http://www.ecsound.net/pages/projects/tech_notes/engnotes.html Any feed back is welcome. Please keep in mind that english is not my first language, so I am sure that some of the reading will be hilarious for that. Again, feedbacks are welcome. Thanks.
  10. I replaced my director's feed TX antenna with a SMA connector and used the leftover aerial to fit a SMA connector on it. Not a difficult job at all and works very well. Then you could do a SMA to BNC adapter if you need.
  11. Hi, after a while using it I can confirm is a quite good little box. I bought it to replace my old M-Audio Lightbridge (which support stopped for the new OS) for my home studio to keep using all my ADAT hardwares. Drivers works well in OSX Yosemite and I don't have annoyances to report, so far. ----- Has now drivers for MacOS Sierra: http://www.directout.eu/en/support/legacy/
  12. Hello, I just found an official table document describing what's on what frequency in Italy: http://www.sviluppoeconomico.gov.it/images/stories/documenti/radio/Tabella_B_PNRF_2015.pdf If you look at it from 470Mhz to 862Mhz, you can see the owner is "Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico" and you can use them ALSO for radiomicrophones. In the CH38 area you can also find TV and Radioastronomy. I guess this means you can use radiomicrophones at your own risk. Same for the other frequency bands because they are allocated also for Radio Stations and Mobile Cell phones. I am not aware of any office or place where you can buy a licence to use a specific frequency band and they don't mention that anywhere in their website. The only mention and chance to buy frequency was for the EXPO2015. In my experience I would suggest to scan for free frequencies and if you find one you can use, is your until someone else with a more powerfl TX step in. Not much regulation over there. When I was living there I never bumped into and never heard of anyone who bumped into a "frequency Marshal". I think they don't exist there. Good luck. Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico http://www.sviluppoeconomico.gov.it/index.php/it/comunicazioni/radio/pnrf-piano-nazionale-di-ripartizione-delle-frequenze
  13. Hello, anyone has the EXBOX.UMA and can tell us how good and reliable is it? Thanks. Emanuele --- Answer to myself. Apparently not. I just bought one myself and I hope to be able to review that soon.
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