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  1. AVUrlacher

    Seahawks All Access is back!

    RE: Johnny Carlson We can do the business speak privately if you are available for one of the dates listed. Thank you. RE: afewmoreyears Hello! Thanks for the endorsement and for your fine work in the past. You are right on about the gig, so thanks for sharing your experience. Hope all is well. RE: PM notes I believe everyone who PM'd has been replied to. Thank you for your interest and availability. Thank you guys!
  2. Seahawks All Access is looking to hire local soundies for Seahawks road dates this season. The season is already underway, and therefore this is late notice. This show just got picked up right at the end of preseason. Heck, I was just notified early last week that they wanted my help. Anywho... The shoot is for a TV show called Seahawks All Access. You would be working with an ENG photographer who will supply you with a Lectrosonics smqv transmitter to provide a wireless hop from your boom kit to the camera for a single system shoot with their Sony PDW-700 being the recorder. The gig is covering pregame team warmups, bench/sideline sound in game, and post game podium/locker room sound. There is a bit of run and gun hustle during the pregame, so mobility is key. Official credentials and parking will be coordinated and provided. Equipment requirements: 1 x Boom pole (12’ or longer) Because of certain sideline media restrictions this is the shortest pole required (longer the better). 1 x Shotgun Microphone w/ shock-mount and wind protection. 1 x Microphone Pre-amp or field mixer, at least 1 XLR line output and Headphone output for monitoring. 1 x Headphones 2 x short XLR cable for Microphone and Wireless Transmitter connection. (Photographer will provide connectivity for your output cable to his RF TX) **Please travel an extra XLR or breakout cable (minimum 25’) for a backup in case wireless signal is compromised in any way, a source to power your equipment, and rain gear in case of inclement weather. Here are the dates/times for the 2017 Seahawks road schedule (ALL KICKOFF TIMES PST) crew call is 3 hours before kickoff. I will update this schedule as dates get booked. 9/24 @ Tennessee Titans (1pm) BOOKED 10/8 @ Los Angeles Rams (1pm)PENDING 10/22 @ New York Giants (1:30pm) 11/9 @ Arizona Cardinals (5:30pm) 11/26 @ San Francisco 49ers (1pm) 12/10 @ Jacksonville Jaguars (10am) 12/24 @ Dallas Cowboys (1:30pm)
  3. AVUrlacher

    From walkie-headset to mixer/recorder

    Custom walkie cable thread Read link above. May help. Cheers.
  4. AVUrlacher

    Field Recorder

    +1 Tascam HD-P2
  5. AVUrlacher

    Video on getting paid

    Thanks for sharing Philip. That was entertaining and sage advice. The situations shared here are very familiar, and situations that independent contractors shouldn't take lightly. The Montiero video is about 40 minutes long, but the 1st half hour is worth watching.
  6. AVUrlacher

    633&664 am I missing something ?

    What brand radios are you using? In the case of my Lectrosonics receivers, polarity can be switched on the rx itself.
  7. AVUrlacher

    Send this to all the Location Managers

    Why so serious? The word "love" should have been in "sarcasm font"?
  8. AVUrlacher

    Send this to all the Location Managers

    I love that the NPS has a "Natural Sound and Night Sky" division.
  9. AVUrlacher

    Subtitled sound man gets the giggles

    Riendo a carcajadas!
  10. AVUrlacher

    Cooper 208 Cake from CAS Awards

    Have a piece for me! Great looking cake! Good times!
  11. AVUrlacher

    TASCAM DR-10C, DR-10X

  12. AVUrlacher

    TASCAM DR-10C, DR-10X

    The DR-10X is available at a certain not so usual suspect right now. The DR-10C still shows up as unavailable though. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1086779-REG/tascam_dr_10x_dr_10cx_plug_on_micro_linear.html Hopefully we will see both of these products available elsewhere very soon.
  13. AVUrlacher

    The Future...

    I just got sad...
  14. AVUrlacher

    RF Interference and Teradek Bolts

    +1 Poor sheild on SDI cable has been a culprit in past. Quality cable is a must.
  15. AVUrlacher

    Boom Poles- Cabled vs Uncabled and why

    Doctor AVU: "Not to worry ICS, the rattling sound you're experiencing is due to poor technique. If you swing the pole instead of shaking it you should be okay. Besides... if you shake your pole more than twice a take you're considered playing with yourself."