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  1. KevinCrawford

    Anyone heard Equator Audio D8 Studio Monitors?

    I have the d5's and d8's. I love them both. Low end response the d8 is much better than the d5. With that said they will bottom out with LFE sounds. I'm actually looking at the q10's right now, the low end response is down to 32hz, which would be much better suited for LFE material. Hope that helps. Cheers -Kevin
  2. KevinCrawford

    Tascam DR-680 Busman Mod

    The busman modded DR-680 was my first multi track field recorder, and it served me well until i was able to afford my nomad. I never had a problem with the noise floor of the pre's, so i was able to record lower, and raise the gain in post without noise issues. Chris Johnson, the owner of busman, was a joy to work with. Here' what he told me his mod accomplishes, "My mod improves the overall sound quality including opening up the soundstage and lowering the noise floor while giving better transient detail without harsh high end smear."
  3. KevinCrawford

    DPA 4060 samples please!

    https://soundcloud.com/zenandtheart/dpa-4060-sound-collage Here's a sound design collage i created with the 4060's. I bought the exact stereo pair you're thinking of getting. I've been very pleased with them. Great value! Enjoy
  4. KevinCrawford

    Quick release clip petrol bags

    I've been looking all over for this part as well! Thanks Ruben!
  5. KevinCrawford

    Thoughts on 702 or USBPre -> Tascam DR-680

    I ran the Tascam DR-680 In the Amazonian Rain Forest. Worked like a champ. I also used the DR-40 in the rainforest, I ended up forgetting it on the side of a hill while I was recording ambiences. When I came back the next morning, It was still recording!
  6. I just found this in my email today. http://soundworkscollection.com/videos/production-sound-mixer-nicholas-allen?utm_source=March+2013+-+Yoav+Goren&utm_campaign=Feb+2013+Newsletter+-+Nick+Allen%2C+CAS%2FMPSE&utm_medium=email It's a profile piece on Nicholas Allen, the sound mixer for parenthood. Great video that goes into the nuances of our craft.
  7. KevinCrawford

    equator audio D5 - amazing speakers

    It should be noted too, that these speakers will soon be increasing in price. Not sure what they're going to down the road, but for $300 per pair, they're one hell of a steal. Highly recommended.
  8. KevinCrawford

    Zaxcom ERX2TCD Timecode Cable

    This is my set up, http://www.pro-sound.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=PSS&Product_Code=SREMCAZERXB&Category_Code= For normal ENG/C300 Shoots, and when I work with the reds I attach this adapter http://www.pro-sound.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=PSS&Product_Code=SREMCATCBNCL4M&Category_Code=
  9. KevinCrawford

    2012 Best Purchase/Gear List?

    Big year for me. Last year I owned a Tascam DR-680 and a rode NTG3 I was fortunate to get some big gigs which increased my cash flow, which flowed right back into gear... Production Sound: Nomad 10 ERX2TCD With the overly priced Red Cables... Remote Audio BDS and 2 NP1's Sanken CS-3e 2 sets of Lectro 411a and SMQV with DPA 4060's Tram Lav Yamaha 01V96i Petrol 614 Sennheiser HD25-II Phones Post Sound: Equator D5's UAD 710 Mic Pre (2) Audio Techinca 4050 Mic (2) UAD 2 Solo DSP Cards - $1500+ worth of plugins Native instruments Komplete 8 Native instruments Maschine Nuendo 5 DAW
  10. KevinCrawford

    A San Francisco Sound Mixer's Mixer

    What up Seth!?
  11. KevinCrawford

    A San Francisco Sound Mixer's Mixer

    Hi Paul, I too, am an SF State BECA grad who mixes sound. It'd be great to get together for beers with all of you and catch up. Save me a seat! Looking forward to this.
  12. You'd be surprised how impressed talent are when you put their lectro lav in to sleep mode with new endian's Lectro RM. It's a great tool. Quiztones is also pretty rad. pop on your head phones and train your ears to hear frequencies better. More geared to music production/mixing but a cool little app none the less.
  13. KevinCrawford

    Nomad Pointer Errorr

    I've been getting this error recently. It happens a couple times per day. I reset and want happen for a while. I'm running 4.02 Was there any fix for this error? I'm not doing anything out of the usual in my use of my nomad 6. Thanks -Kevin