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  1. Ben

    A Bendy B6

    Good News Everyone, A while back I was minding spacing out during a boring interview. There was no cell service and no WiFi so I was forced to use my imagination like a chump. I had just wrapped up work on the SNL documentary "Live From New York" and I was thinking about how hard a time I had micing up all those interviews. We had a whole string of famous and busy people. Every moment I spent wiring talent was time spent not interviewing. With all eyes on me, I was often forced to do a pretty shitty job - Praise Be to the Boom! Through the course of my mental meanderings I had a flash of insight. I am a big fan of hiding a b6 in knot of a tie - but I often had trouble getting the capsule through the knot quickly and without loosening the tie. How cool it would be if there was a way for the B6 to be a little more rigid and poseable near the capsule? Bam! - Shrink tube a piece of annealed wire near the capsule and you have your self a flexible mic arm that you can make go exactly where you want. Chris over at Countryman made me a prototype and I have been testing it. And it is amazing. Aside from tie knots is works great micing up people in all sorts of situations. The flexible arm allows you to mic people faster with less tape and moleskin. You can also flex the capsule away from trouble spots quickly and easily by just bending the wire a little. And even with the annealed wire and shrink tube it is still a super small. It is my hope to replace most of my B6's with this enhancement. Thanks so much to Chris Countryman for being so cool 😎.
  2. Similar Situation. We tried syncing it in the field and we were having trouble. Then I tried importing all data into tentacle sync software (.xml, .bim, and .mxf) and that seemed to work. I can't get a confirmation on this, but I believe there is a feature in the newest Premiere Pro called "merge clips" that will recognize audio LTC and deal with it correctly. Can anyone confirm? Also, I couldn't output anything from Tentacle Sync because I only bought the software through their indiegogo campaign. And there is no option for using it without a sync box as a dongle. Womp Womp.
  3. Glenn, Howie, and the whole Zax gang. This is a great advance. I just updated and calibrated my ERXs and they both seem to be set and ready to go. For the record - my scores were -80 and -266 And highfive for the menu shortcut.
  4. http://www.neomatica.com/2014/08/27/designed-metasurface-thin-near-perfect-acoustic-absorber/ Maybe some of y'all saw this one already. But some scientists at Hong Kong University have created a type of sound absorption technology that relies on a metasurface suspended over a pocket of gas and a small weighted platelet that can be tuned to dampen a particular frequency nearly 100%. It also generates a small amount of energy. The down side is each membrane can only be tuned to absorb one frequency. But there is interesting potential Tl;dr Smart people have made super sound blankets
  5. I have noticed similar issues. curious.
  6. Will this be a Nomad bag as well? Or are you doing a different one for that?
  7. Best track always on 1, naturally. However, track 1 is usually interpreted as Left in most NLEs. Even if you give your editor an ISOs in BWAV form they will still sometimes default as a panned stereo track. Panning in this day and age on most recorders has little effect on the BWAVs.
  8. Something has been bothering me for a while. So I have done some crappy, quick turn around jobs. You know the type - A Simple Boom and Lav shoot. The turn around is quick and the editor doesn't even bother with a simple sound mix, because it was shot on a 5D and they spent all their time syncing. The final videos sometimes don't have the audio tracks center panned. The boom is on the left and the Lav is on the right and it just sounds ridiculous. It makes me ashamed to have my name in the credits. I remember that I got a complaint about this a few years ago from an editor. He didn't like that when he brought my sound into his NLE (FCP7 at the time) he had to manually pan the audio to the center. Is there any way of fixing this? Is it a problem with the way FCP and other NLE's see the audio? A 2 track BWAV is assumed to be stereo? Audio from most cameras isn't interpreted in this way. Is the only solution to deliver Mono wav tracks? It is bumming me out. I use a Nomad 10. Is there a menu option I don't know about?
  9. Thanks for the quick response Marc and Rich. Let me lay out a quick scenario. 1 Boom and 4 wires. Boom on Output 1 or 3 - Armed for recording. Lavs recorded on iso 2-5. Out on 2 and/or 4 Sometimes I need to send 2 stereo mixes So I put the Auto Mix on Out 6, just to keep it out the way and send it to ERXs. Suppose I want to arm Out 6 for recording. That would only be 6 tracks recorded max. I am curious because the Matrix is lined up for Vertically for Card Tracks and Horizontally for Busses. Just curious why I can record literally everything else, even Slate and Com, but not 5/6. Is this option available on the 12. Why was it an option on the Lite? That is all. Just curious, not complaining. The Nomad is one hell of a machine.
  10. 2 quick questions. 1 - I just upgraded my Lite to a 10 (What took me so long? rhetorical) and now I can no longer record out 5 or 6 whereas I could on the Lite. Is that true? Am I missing something in the Bus matrix? What is up with that? 2 - Prior to upgrading to 10 I installed new firmware, 6.22 to be exact, which includes a new Bootloader, V17. I burned the new bootloader but then I saw a post by Jack that says this was for a change in the parts on newer models. Mine is from 1.5 years ago. Did I do a bad thing? I have scoured the Zaxcom forum with no success. Bonus third question for extra credit - I was under the impression that updating the bootloader was a good thing. Perhaps no?
  11. I was doing a shoot with an F-5 a few months ago. They were recording on a Ninja, or a Samurai? Whichever one of the Atomos recorders has SDI Inputs. The box was getting timecode from the camera. So I jammed to the camera and walked away. As far as I could tell, and as far as DIT could tell. Sync was fine all day. I only rejammed on camera battery changes.
  12. Hi All, I was sending tone from a bunch of 411s to my Nomad on a job last month and I noticed that the trim was different for all of them, like a +/- 9dB-ish spread. I chalked it up to rental wear and tear, or maybe it being the way physics works or something. It was only after I did some bedtime reading of the Nomad manual that I realized that it was because my inputs had not been calibrated. If you have a Nomad with serial # before 10688? 106*?*? something {Glenn?, Jack?).. Then you may want to do this. It is very simple and easy to do. And the instructions are very clear. It is not like it was a huge deal before I calibrated. It just makes things a little faster and easier. Just Remember. Firmware 6.01 or higher Page 50 of the newest (Oct. 2013) Manual That is All, Carry On-
  13. Hi Greg and Mike, I was really just wondering about how and whether it was possible, or if anybody has tried it. The sony f-5 can (or rather will) accept 2 AES pairs My friend owns an F-5 and we want to pursue a few personal projects (docs, shorts, etc. got to keep that creativity in shape) As such, I must disagree, in part, with Mike's statement. This type of set-up would be for personal projects -> I will most likely be editing -> syncing multitrack audio to video is a time consuming chore ~~> time is money ~~> I will get some sort of return on my investment (sort of) Look, so my logic isn't bulletproof. I am just curious. This is just a dream I have. Like having a good M/S set-up, or a Holophone, or a totally wireless rig with Zaxnet, and a million other things. Can't a guy dream a little?
  14. Yeah I know. But the firmware update is scheduled for release in December. I really want to know about how to route AES out of the Nomad? I feel like an idiot, because I feel like this should be simple. but the inter-webs have failed me as there is no company selling a AES break-out cable for the nomad. Does everybody who uses AES on Nomad build their own cable?
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