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  1. I just learned that the nomad touch will require the nomad's serial port to connect. I'm currently using an FP8 - which hooks in to my nomad's serial port. I'd love to get a nomad touch once it's out, but does this mean that I can't use my FP8 at the same time as the touch?
  2. Hey everyone, I'm curious to see if anyone is using the new Master Lockit to feed continuous jam to the Nomad in the sound bag, and whether or not the Master Lockit's own 2.4ghz transmission to other ACN lockits onset are causing interference with various zaxnet commands, given that they'd be physically so close together in the bag? Cheers! Eren
  3. Hey guys, I could've sworn I'd once seen a picture in the 'show me your bag' section of a Nomad with Sound Devices faders (552,664), but can't seem to find it anymore. Has anyone seen this type of setup? I just purchased a Nomad (yay!) but discovered afterwards that I didn't love the feel of Nomad's faders.. So here we are! Is it as simple as unscrewing Nomad's faders and replacing them with SD? I suppose I don't know the diameter of what's controlling underneath and whether or not they're compatible. All ideas are welcome! Cheers. Pinkywinkle
  4. Hey all, im about to enter the world of Zaxcom, switching over from Sound Devices. I've been using a 788 with CLWIFI in a bag for pretty much any job. What I loved about this was entering notes in from my iPhone using the CLWIFI app and subsequently being able to send off my PDF sound report at the end of the day with all track naming, Timecode and note metadata embedded. As I understand, there's nothing quite like that for the nomad at present. With Nomad touch it seems you can do something similar, but CSV instead of PDF and using a windows tablet instead of our iPhones. The last thread I could find on this topic on JW was dated back to 2013, so I thought to ask if there's been any developments not documented on this forum. Further to this, and while it could be a new thread altogether I feel it's still relevant: do any Zaxcom users on here play with Timecode Buddy hardware and Movie slate app for notes? I've been impressed by what the new TCB Wave product can do, but it seems the data port only plays with SD mixer / recorders, like the CLWIFI. No mention of Nomad. Thanks in advance! cheers, pinky
  5. Perfect! I reckon that's the go. Thanks mate. David - could you point me in the right direction re the ultralight rig? I've only just discovered ultralight and feel like I need some direction about which systems work for other bag users. Cheers!
  6. Sweet! Thanks guys. Much appreciated. David - I'd love to see photos of your setup with the SNA to give me a clearer idea. Thanks mate. Given that my wireless is on blocks 24 and 26, would the SNA still work ok? My understanding was that it's kind of block specific? Is that correct? Or can it span a few blocks if placed on a centre frequency, or something along those lines?
  7. Hey guys, I may have a show starting later this year for which mobility and range will be paramount. Shooting in rivers, sand dunes, up trees, etc. So I've been dreaming up ways to solve the puzzle. Please excuse and forgive me if I touch upon a topic that's probably already discussed on here, but my searches haven't led me to this specific issue. I'm using an ORCA bag and harness with a 788 and a PSC Multi SMA. Talent Wireless is on blocks 24 and 26 (Sydney, Australia). I'm thinking of somehow mounting a small boom pole to the back of my harness and attaching a Lectro ALP650 to it, so that it hovers above my head. Is that ridiculous? What do you guys think? Has anybody attempted something like that on here? Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, pinky
  8. Hey guys, We're using a SD 788T SSD as our master clock, jamming Ambient lockit boxes to it and then jamming both Alexas. We have not been putting the lockits on the cameras as camera department were initially not keen to have them onboard. We started with the standard morning and after lunch jam, but we're told by post that both cameras are drifting by up to 7 frames by the end of the day. We jammed each camera 4 times yesterday - morning, mid-morning, lunch and mid afternoon - to the same result. Even though each camera is accepting the timecode jam and says "system good" after each jam, the drift is incrementally increasing. Today, we put the lockits on the cameras and are awaiting the results. Has anybody else had similar issues? It seems as though the cameras timecode is drifting even though it's jamming. Both cameras are showing an identical drift.
  9. Thanks everybody for all of your input! Let's split this into two streams: 1) the audio bag V-lock solution 2) the camera hop v-lock solution Re. 1), does anybody here employ this method to power your audio bag? I use NP1's, which I generally change at lunch, and have invested a good few $$ into setting up, so I'm not too keen on jumping ship as per my cameraman's suggestion. But it's worth investigating all the same. Re. 2), while the links provided are very informative, I'm still a little muddy about the actual operation of it all, unfortunately. Can anybody enlighten me as to how it all comes together? Silly question, but for this guy, where does the receiver actually go?! http://www.hawkwoods.com/products/details/details.php?code=vl-rm6w&mainMenuItemToSlide=1&asi=vl-100&asi2=pc-3 Is it fixed onto the battery via velcro, or is does it slot onto the side via a bracket that I can't see? I decided to choose the SRb with the battery sled in case I come across cameras from which I can't tap power, so I wanted to ensure a route to fire the unit up in any given scenario, but that being said I would rather power the unit from camera, hence my niggling questions! Many thanks and regards everybody, Eren
  10. Hey everybody, First off - happy Easter! While the rest of the country here in Australia celebrates a long weekend, we're getting ready for a 7am call tomorrow. Fab-o! Anyway. Speaking with my cameraman tonight, he mentioned that he's come across some sound guys who use V-lock batteries in their bag, as well as some kind of plate mounted to the side of the battery on camera for the camera hop. I've never heard of either of these and was wondering if anybody here has? I use NP1 batteries in my bag; lectro SRB with the battsled on the camera. I figure I don't want to rely on tapping power from the camera so best to have the option of self-powering. Any ideas / experiences would be most welcome! Kind regards, Eren
  11. Hey guys! I'm starting a shoot shortly with the XDCAM, wondering if I can get 2 channels of audio from the Lectro SRSNY adapter? Or rather, will the camera accept 2 channels? I heard from somewhere that the camera only accepts one input unless it's a Sony receiver. Of course the source of that information is now hazy, I can't find any information to neither confirm nor deny in the user manual, so I thought it best to ask here. Kind regards, Eren.
  12. Awesome! A very large thank you to everybody. Definitely keen on getting in there with the boom - I guess it also depends on how many cameras they'll have going, shot size, etc. I agree about being prepared for the possibility of losing those lines on the boom / getting them on the lav. It's exciting! Haven't had this challenge before, so while I'm concerned for the gear, I'm looking forward to it also! Once again, cheers to everybody for their input! You've all been a great help. Regards, Eren.
  13. Thanks so much for the input guys! It's much appreciated. Very handy to know about the transmitter range cut when submerged and placing tx on top half of the body! I'll certainly keep all that in mind. It sounds like the B6 is the most used mic in water - how do you guys protect / seal it when it's submerged, though? I going to assume there's blu tac, cling wrap, elastic bands? This is where I'm most confused and accordingly, stuck. Has anybody used the Lectrosonics water resistent transmitters? All of my wireless is Lectro so I'd likely invest in Lectro again when the time comes. Would one of the Lectro water resistent transmitters fit into an Aquapac? Thanks so much everybody! Eren
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