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  1. Ok, I've just had an official reply from their production and it turns out they really ARE shooting at 33.33fps slo mo. Also, someone else also told me that some music videos are shot this way. ( This is not a music video btw, it's people reading poetry ) Anyway, I will stay at 25 and they will sort everything post so I'm happy now. Thanks
  2. obviously the producer that mailed me this frame rate is on something strong. cheers anyway .. had a laugh with the replies
  3. I have a Tvc shoot this Sunday where the frame rate will be 33.33FPS. What is this? I usually record at 25 or 24 and I'm a bit stumped as to what to set my 744T to? I have never come across this framerate before and the 744 obviously has no setting for it. .. Would 25 on the 744 do and they will fix it post? Or better to change the FPS to something else? Thank you
  4. i just tested it and yes. 744 on or off doesn't have any effect. Same problem
  5. Sorry ....yes it's SR. I know the rules that you have to set them at least 600kHz apart but I didn't make it clear that I was only using one TX at a time and I only switched to the other one when I came to this problem. I have the same exact problem with the other one: antenna phase idicator goes nuts and RF level is very erratic causing all sorts of dropouts. Cheers
  6. I have a 744 ( always in the same place ) and a zoom H4N in the bag as well
  7. also if i turned around ( talent behind me ) the signal would get even more erratic and more drop outs would occur. It was like I wasn't close enough to the TX and he was only a few meters away !?
  8. The RX was in a bag, yes. The TX was with the talent. No other transmitters...
  9. Hi guys , I just completed a 3 day shoot and had crazy problems with my Lectrosonics SM Dual RX and Lectrosonics SMDB/E01 TX's. I've had them for a while now and never encountered this problem before. Any help would be appreciated. So basically the receiver was going nuts and kept switching the antenna phase indicator up and down causing all sorts of clicks and dropouts etc. When I had time I scanned for clear freqs but it would still do this on both receivers. Also the RF level was very erratic, constantly moving up and down. I checked and replaced all antennas and also checked the compatibily mode and set the freqs way apart but the problem remained. Also, whenever the signal settled down for a bit the audio quality was very hissy or even kinda muffled. The shoot was outside and it got quite windy sometimes but I used this equipment on 10 shoots so far and never had a problem like this. Is the receiver up for repair or is there anything else that I can try? I never fiddled around with the receiver as I never really needed to so I'm not sure what could have changed......? Any ideas? Thanks
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