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  1. That's right! Via Phone you can see all informations Tc, Battery status, Framerate etc. and you can choose each Tentacle on it or all to make changes.
  2. Klaus you should drink a Beer with Uli ! Could be really nice
  3. Uli just show me, how to Sync many tentacels with their app (no cable to phone). They can be connected via Bluetooth and between the boxes . For me the intern microphone isn't important, but it should sound better.
  4. Psst- Rumours Normally there should be two lights;)) prototype
  5. Alu Profiles and screws 0€ Wheels 92€ PVC Shelf 46€ Quickfist holder 30€ Boom Holder 10€ Codura fabric (Cover 4m) 48€ Sewing course (4 Weekends) 70€ Electronic Stuff 130€ (Voltmeter, Powerdistribution (USB,5xHirose from V-Mount), Lightning) Summary = 426€
  6. Shelf is plastic (PVC 1cm) and it seems really tough. ITEM is the most popular but to expensive, there are other companies here in Germany that have much better pricing and next time i must find thinner profiles, cause the cart is a bit heavy. I´m young and i can handle it, but in five years i will rethink my position. On my next project I will also order ready made parts,cause these profile are industry garbage and quite dirty and full with oil (Takes hours to clean ;)) ). For now i build for this cart tables for the sides and some expandable monopods for my antennas. Thanks for your comment Jeff!
  7. Next time, i will build a slim version of this heavy beast, but hopefully for some folks it will be interesting to see what others try to do at downtime. I had the luck to become a rest of aluminium profiles from a friend and started to work out a plan, how i can use this type of material in a way, that i can make some changes afterwards, cause i´d never done this before. I really enjoy to work with this material, because you have the feeling to work with a Lego construction system. Building the cart just take two Days, i know two days for this primitiv cage is a joke, but it was heavy to find someone with a sawing machine ;)). After 6 Days the postman brought the wheels and Quickfist holders and my brother in law begins his work with the electronic Stuff (Voltmeter, Powerdistribution, lightning) for these Cart. The sound cart was almost constructed, but i want a cover for it. So i ordered some codura fabric and visited a dressmaker, which ended in a 4 weeks long sewing course (every weekend, but i have a new skill now). I´m really proud of it and saved some money for new microphones. Cheers
  8. I wait for this unit far too long, so i bought this tiny helper from Audio Ltd.. I think, Volker Zeigermann (Zeigermann Audio) have still one Audio Wireless unit in Hamburg, at least we just talked about it. Aldo is a nice friendly Genius, but not the fastest ;)).
  9. I hear from Ambient that they will bring out something different than the Beetle but not only for the 6-Series - 788 user will also profit from this (Yes we aren´t lost in this newer days with just this super duper F8 toys) , cause CL-Wifi discontinued and they say that i should not buy an beetle now. (in december)
  10. I don't really see, why i should care about all these Metadata information! Focus, wich Lens and the other camera metadata. Will the camera department bring lockits for themselves ?
  11. Sorry, it's a bit pricey 7900€ 6 Channel 9800€ 10 Channel
  12. Here some Pics! More Infos about pricing tomorrow, cheers.
  13. With Tentaclesync this recorder will have timecode. Together with a custom Kortwich bag it can be a lightweight little backup recorder.
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