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  1. So do all Venue owners Larry I am sure.
  2. Hi All Is anyone using a 742 with a Schoeps CCM 41 successfully ? Regards Brian
  3. About 8 to10 with 3 Lavs initially until it settled down, I had 12 Channels of Lectro's on 38, 4 Channels of Audio 2040's on 69, and 3 Audio 2040's on 38. I would always try to use the Lectro's 1st as they were more reliable regarding range and frequency planning. I used the Audio Ltd Tx's with Bombs when the Booms needed to be wireless, which was often the case when in the servants sets. Very unlikely that I could have squeezed it all onto 38. I would always WT lines when required, I made sure we got the time. I have 4 Schoeps CCM 41's , 2 rigged with Cinela's for interior and 2
  4. 6 Episodes is quite a lot of watching to "stomach".......
  5. Hi All Apologies a bit late in replying regarding the above posts. I recorded Series 3 of "Downton Abbey", along with Boom Op Martin Ireland and Assistant/2nd Boom Jackson Milliken, I can say with my hand on my heart we have never worked as hard on a show..... the sheer amount of unwanted noise management is vast, when at Ealing Studios (about 40% of the shoot) almost all of the servants sets are in the studio also Mary and Sybil's bedrooms, and any guest type sets, the servants sets have real flagstones throughout, and all SA's shoes need to silenced, we used rubber cork which laste
  6. When floor protection is required in the UK by Locations dept. a corrugated plastic is put down, it is called Arratex, it is NOT sound friendly.
  7. But of course we do not have one....
  8. We do, all you see and more are carried in my Medium wheel based sprinter, we really need a 4th man to help manage the days like the ones in the photos, as we end up shattered at the end of the day with all that is involved working like this.
  9. Liverpool Stanley Dock, "Peaky Blinders"
  10. Thought it might be interesting to share the extents we all go to to minimize crew and actors footsteps etc.
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