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  1. Seen this thread on this Forum ? http://www.jwsound.net/SMF/index.php?topic=328.0 Regards Brian
  2. Here is a Video to explain all...
  3. Does anyone know about this new device, could be useful for lots of situations in our game. http://www.holosonics.com/?g&gclid=CMHRprCGsY8CFQXOQwodgQcmTA
  4. I run this system when required into a 12 volt block (any block) http://mikegyver.com/ Brian
  5. Hi Jeff would it be possible to set up the above to allow us to see who we are communicating with ?. or would it use up too much space ?. Just a thought. Regards Brian
  6. To answer the question about the laptops, I was using the Fujitsu Lifebook to run Adobe Audition for playback, I was also using Audio Ltd's Racktop application to allow monitoring of various parameters on the 2040 Rack, a show called "Torchwood" was shooting in the next studio so it was neccessary to know which freqs they were using, the Macbook Pro was for eMails and reallife stuff. Regards Brian
  7. We were plumbed in to a Studio for a couple of weeks, so all the bits and bob were on the cart, when we move the laptop shelves come off, and all the magazines, wallets and sharpies are made safe for battle mode, actually it is a transforming cart which turns into a van, we jump in and drive to the next location. Brian
  8. "STUFF" and "SHARPIE" Confirmed. Brian
  9. My Cart on "THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES" a Doctor Who spin of for the BBC. Regards Brian
  10. Yes it has been helpful, they do all the deals regarding gear and labour, they also do all the invoicing, it is Tax deductable. When your are on a long job it helps you stay connected to what is coming up etc, I have had my Agent now for 5 years and would not go back to being without. Brian
  11. Having not tried all Lav mics on the market, does anyone know which of all the Mics made are the least likely to be blown out by wind. Regerds Brian
  12. Hi All I have been having some gremlins with my Sennheiser IEM 300 system, noise, interference etc, and was wondering if anyone has or is using a system that they would reccomend, I am looking at top end as I need to know that both Production and my Boom-Ops are getting the best signal and quality currently available. Kind Regards Brian
  13. Costco foam floor pads, they are about 18 inches square, they are modular and fit like a jigsaw to each other, I carry about 100, when I suss that a floor will be a definite problem, I employ these for dolly shots, then MDF 6mm boards, then carpet, you need of course to have a 3 man crew for this operation, you also have to have production on your side, occasionally a twitchy Director or 1st AD will kick off, and one has to play their game, but about 80% I get the floor noise to a minimum, this has saved many a dolly shots dialogue from ADR, the worst one are the imperceptable track-ins, which create slow, loud, and long creaks. Dealing with floors is another Black Art, it is easy to misjudge things and end up having to lift a lot of floor work that you have done cos Cam B is now going wide, it can be a pain in the Ass, however it is worth every effort you can do, as from my experience the times that I have let things go because of the fuss that it will cause, always comes back and stings me bad style. Regards Brian
  14. My good friend and Boom-Op Bradley Kendrick refers to his Panamic Maxi Boom as "The Staff of Money", the term always brings a smile on set when he asks our 3rd to pass the "Staff of Money" Regards Brian
  15. http://www.blackboxvideo.com/PP3BOX.JPG
  16. Mick I fully agree with you on this, it is difficult and stressful enough going through gear failure on set while shooting even if you have back up on the truck, how much more stressful does it become if it turns into a phone scramble, which depending on where and when you are (in the working week) could easily become a total mare of a situation. All that said I do not have a back up Deva, just 2 PD2,s (good doorstops as previously mentioned in another post) and 2 HHB,s, maybe next year. Kindest Regards Brian
  17. Hi Coleman I have one of the Mix 12,s (Serial No. 21) /Deva V Combos, got the 12 while in the middle of a shoot, so still using my Cameo untill I have a chance to learn & play with it, the shoot I am on is a 10 to 16 page a day sitcom so there is no time to fuss or mess about with new toys, its heads down and hang on. Regards Brian
  18. Dragos Sorry for the late reply, I have been in London (away from my native Scotland). The Wood & Douglas System I am using is Analogue, I looked on the site and the units I am using are no longer there, progress ??.., for my purposes it has been suberb, 500 M/Watts, more than enough to get a good picture in most situations, I do not know the Modulus 3000, The system cost approx £450 for each Tx and Rx, it seems expensive but has been solid for the last 6 years. Regards Brian
  19. Fantastic website, spent the last few hours looking at the images, great stuff, Thanks for posting the link. Merry Xmas Brian
  20. Check out the amps link below there is a list of Boom Ops. http://www.amps.net/
  21. I am interested in my main components eyeline, i.e. Meters, Monitor, A Recording Indication, Script Pages and RF Info, this allows me to focus on the Scene I am mixing. My cart has evolved vertically only because of the first cart I bought was vertical, it does seems more ergonomic to me, but I stil like the look of some of the Magliner based carts, but I know they would cause me access problems in smaller spaces, as usual it is down to what you are used to. Regards Brian
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