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  1. These were taken on a UK Cop show "Taggart" they still want Dat, file based next season, top to bottom, 2 HHB's, 4 way Audio Ltd 2040 UHF Rack, Zaxcom Cameo 2, Transvideo monitor fed by a Wood & Douglas video Tx/Rx system, below the Cameo shelf (hidden) are 2 Sennheiser IEM 300 Transmitters, boosted by Black Box Video booster boxes (huge range), Audio RMS 2000 DK 4 way VHF rack, below this are the batteries. Regards Brian
  2. My leg is hiding the third leg of a tripod fishing stool, it folds up easy and sits on top of the cart neatly. I can post a Cart full frontal if you are interested. Regards Brian
  3. Hi Could anyone explain how to use this Scan function please. i.e. after pressing the scan button, is the frequency displayed a clear frequency ?. Is it that simple ?. Regards and thanks Brian
  4. Perfectly ??, was the vehicle on a Low Loader, an A Frame or self drive.
  5. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200048220071&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:UK:1
  6. David's use of Corn Pad's is a great example an inventive approach to help improve the odds on getting a cleaner track, does anyone have any other inventive methods they use to help improve the odds on set. I think the way we freely share our ideas and experiences sets us apart in some way from other Film technicians, Thomas Causey's November posts being a great example, I introduced a focus puller to this forum and he was amazed by the great sharing that occurs in every way, he also loved Thomas's posts. Brian
  7. Hi everyone I tried the Corn Pads today on a noisy shirt, it worked well, with preperation you could have a couple of Lavs in this rig already to save time and fuss , it is worth trying out. Thanks for the tip David. Brian
  8. Has anyone tried these ?. http://www.locationsound.com/proaudio/ls/STGC0009.html
  9. Â SERGIOÂ What Racist remarks? You are treading on thin ice here, If you remember I was asking a question about powering a Mac Book Pro from a car adapter, how did we get here from that, this is one reason why some of the more discerning Sound Mixers avoid forums,...... keyboard communication is an easy way to loudly voice various levels of whatever happens to be on ones mind. Sergio as a direct result of your manner (accusations of racism) I will no longer be posting on JWS forum. Best regards to all from Scotland Brian Milliken a.m.p.s. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0589724/
  10. Cool as well......? Mmmmmm... But not cool enough to let it be......................
  11. Thanks Larry, Thanks for the first real response to this post. Sergio the cultural void seems to have come into play here I do not "need to chill out dude", I am at home with my family, joining in in a light hearted forum chat, I am chilled, I am cool, I am just shooting the breeze with anyone interested in what I am asking about, you have missed the "Humour" point that exists in the post, your aggresive response seems to point to the simple fact that YOU need to chill out dude.
  12. Magsafe, Magsafe, Magsafe..... , Not Titananium, totally different, Sergio I am cheery as f..k, on my 3 rd glass of Pinot Grigot, not working till Sunday, Dry Humour is a subtle area, only those who know this will get this. Cheer up Mate .........
  13. Douglas I am only answering in the absence of any other replies, and the absence of any replies forced me to dig deeper and find a result, so I thought I would share it with the forum, the quip regarding the Forum being a one man job was that old walnut dry Humour....., as I am sure was your reply. Best Regards from Scotland Brian
  14. So does anyone use their Macbook Pro on Location ?, if so how do you power it ?. Regards Brian
  15. Has anyone had any luck in finding a car adapter (magsafe) for MacBook Pro. Regards Brian
  16. Hi Jeff do you have any tips or techniques you are willing to share that you have employed regarding wind protection on lavs. Regards Brian
  17. My basic ext lav is COS-11 IN RM 11, with double sided tape, then rycote cloth, then double sided tape, then cloth again, the cloth has to go all round the RM 11 including the bottom (omni directional) then double sided tape, then black gaffa folded on itself, this means I have 2 layers of Rycote cloth, but it is now able to be re-used easily with fresh double sided tape on the gaffa tape, i.e. the double sided tape comes off easily to allow fresh tape to be added, and the clothes noise is kept to a minimum, or at least the rig itself is quiet. However I have yet to find a suitably quiet rig that truly give me the wind protection I need when it is bad. Brian
  18. This is one area where I still find myself taking a bit of a regular kicking on occasions, you know the one, Takes 1 to 6 ok for sound, but still no good for camera or actors or DP, Take 7, excellent all round apart from the wind damage that killed the take for you. Over the last 20 years I have tried many methods of protecting lav mics from wind, Its always a trade off between size and protection, so the purpose of this post is to promote the sharing of our ideas to achieve the best use wind cover on lavs. Regards Brian
  19. Thanks for the prompt reply Jeff, I guess since Comteks are not used much in the UK,(not legal) it would explain why I had not seen those antenna before. Regards from Scotland BrianÂ
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