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  1. jrclark32


    I always try to employ the "People, Places, Pay" philosophy when I negotiate for a gig. I try to get 2 out of 3, but obviously if all 3 are great, that's ideal.
  2. jrclark32

    SRB on Sony EX3

    Sweet... Thanks guys! I appreciate all the input.
  3. jrclark32

    SRB on Sony EX3

    Cool... Thanks guys! What are you using to power the SR?
  4. I'm prepping to do an outdoor run and gun style reality shoot, and am looking for a good solution to use my SRB recievers on their EX3 cameras. In the past I've done the fanny pack setup, but this show is going to involve a lot of running through the woods, etc and I need something sturdy that won't snag on things so easily. Suggestions? Do brackets for SR receivers exist? I appreciate your input!