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    RIP Eric Toline

    A bit late but.. I’m very sorry to hear this. So many valuable information he has shared! Never met him in person but via messages he tried to help me on a project... Great knowledge. Thanks for all Eric! RIP.
  2. https://vimeo.com/201137183 Looks very cool! Appears at the end of the video. Engin
  3. Saturday night work... Had three damaged Cos11Ds. All crackling from where the cable and the capsule meet. All seem to working fine now. It was quiet easy and surprisingly fast to fix them. Waiting for the glue to dry. Will see how long they last for. Uploaded some pictures for the folks who are curious how the process went. Cheers, Engin (Sorry for the photo uploads. For some reason I couldn't organize them in proper order)
  4. G2: I personally never liked them much but they definitely saved the day many times. Not using anymore. G3: I like them much more than G2s. Everyone mentioned the pluses/minuses... they are still one of my favorite units. I setup a compact unit with a tentacle velcroed to its door. um400/sr: Frequency dial was never my favorite part of the setup, 100mW was too much most of the time but solid sound/setup. Powering sr is something to think about. Not using this setup anymore. Lmb/sr: Great setup. Not so good battery life. Lt is another option but Lmb is slightly lighter and in a bag, with exposed antenna I never needed more than 50mV. Again, powering sr is something to think about. RX200: I love it. Yes! great specs, It is expensive and not so tiny... When I get to set, setting up my RX200 is one of my favorite moments. It is fast and convenient. And most importantly it's fun. That I care a lot. So, I'm not giving up on this unit anytime soon. Good luck on your search, Engin
  5. I don't know why but I find this answer Hilarious.
  6. Hi Ben, I think 633 and two sr is what you can squeeze in. If you push it maybe a third. The screw ears might land on top of 633 which should be fine as you only have the solo and pan buttons/knobs there. Only two 411s would fit. But again, you are stretching the bag there.
  7. Emailed Cedar already but if anyone hear about the street price and availability please let us know please. thanks
  8. I use 742 with stereo analog cone. I have a regular 5pin to two 3pin XLR jumper cable also a cable with EMC connectors with Ferrite Core ring made by Gotham Sound. (Tried without Ferrite Core ring as well) .From my experience, basically you are out of luck with TRX 742 IF using a jumper cable AND a non-RF/EMI protected mic. I have tried; -Audio Technica 4073 /useless -Mkh50 /fine -Schoeps CMC4/useless -416/fine -Audix SCX one/useless I would say don't spend your money on EMC connectors. YES! they do reduce but still unusable. But I have figured out a solution; I swithced my lectro angled antenna on my 742. Using a bongo tie, once batteries are loaded and turned on, I press the antenna towards the body of 742 and secure it with bongo tie so the antenna is touching the body of the unit. TADAAAA! RF noise is gone. I have done this trick for over 8-9 days of shoot with success. So you might ask, antenna positioned like that, how is the reception effected? ... Well, in my case I didn't see much of a difference but it wasn't a test. I was working. Sometimes distance was what ever the size of a basketball gym was.... Engin.
  9. Hmm. Puzzled. Maybe you mean, you couldn't get it high enough at line level ?? Last Tuesday I set the Amira to line and -10db on my mixer out and it was all fine which was my setting previously on another unit. If you are saying it worked, I have a feeling you were at mic level initially and actually switched to line. Not the other way around.
  10. Got no speculations but have dreams... New SD machine in 7 series league, 12+ channel. Tiny Zaxcom cameralink transmitter. ~3, 3.5 oz.. Carbon fiber quick-releases, shock mounts and windshields... Battery door/Power on/off button design update for TRX742.
  11. I wanted to make the move but; Purchased 633 for bag use last year and while still using it, can't seem to enjoy it as much which made me stay with the 788 on the cart. Mostly related to the sound preference. Waiting to see what the new Deva32 will offer. Physically it seemed nice and felt like it might be suitable for both bag and cart use for most people. (I saw it at NY sound mixers meeting few weeks ago. It wasn't a complete machine but still gave the idea.)
  12. This is a wonderful design and I entirely agree with Peter!
  13. Made a recording using a DPA (can't remember the model) going to a Millenia HV-3D for a classical recording in a Manhattan hall. We ran bunch of tests during the setup day and I remember due to RF we had to pay extra attention to keep the cable runs shorter and make perfect 90 degree crossings on electric/signal paths for that mic a little more. This was in 2009 so I don't know if since then DPA(or other 130Volt mic manufacturers) made improvements on their electronics regarding RF. Engin
  14. Just watched that... Obviously it is ALL a show but; "This mic is popping... I believe in paying but when somebody does a bad job... Don't pay him." Mic popping=No payment. So.. Maybe in "his" America your lav rustling=No payment... Upss. Good luck.
  15. I would have loved to have rc on HMs. At least on the new models. Also on the same boat with Derek and Constantin. Not being able to adjust the gain one handed is a rough job almost always.
  16. Knowing how a simple soldering might get tricky at times, I think this is very impressive.
  17. I see. I will try to see if it is the connection. Thanks Ryan! Yep, problem was the electrical contacts as you said Ryan. Gently cleaned it, installed it back, tuned it on and saw the signals right away! Thanks A LOT! Engin
  18. Hi, I ended up renting a TRX900/STA100 and seem to not to be able to get any audio in. Obviously they are closed. I was in a rush so skipped a quick run through on the site. Has been on manual for a while now and don't know what I'm doing wrong. Setup: Feeding a RX200 from TRX900 with STA100 adapter. XLRs to ta5 cable used. TC works. Reception fine. It appears as RX/TX talking each other as it should. (if I make any changes on TRX I see it/get warning on RX) Problem: I'm not seeing any audio signal on TRX900 screen. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks, Engin.
  19. This is sickening news! Incredibly sad... Hope all our members based in Paris are fine!
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