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  1. The quietest mics are the Sennheiser RF mics, the 30/40 you mention. You can record quiet ambiences w/o the need for NR in post. They are not my favorite mics for capturing, but I like having them and they are reliable. I also have a set of Schoeps cardioids for ORTF, NOS, Coincident etc. And a Figure-8 for MS. I like the sound I get with the Schoeps better, but I am not selling my Senn's. That said, MS is my least favorite sounding recording, but it can be the easiest in terms of kit on a stand or pistol grip. I recorded motor boat sounds for a film using Schoeps MS and like having the rig be one hand-held Zeppelin. I could crawl all over the boat, hang off the side, explore the motor etc. VERY easily. I monitored AB as I encoded/decoded with the Sound Devices Pre and adjust the sides as I went for some great effects. For ambiences, I prefer ORTF, XY (coincident 90º), or spaced Omni's as a sound. I can ALWAYS hear the phase on the sides with MS. MS does give a stronger center (by as much as 6dB), so it is useful for many things, especially when you don't want wide. But it still sounds funny to me. Go to the Schoeps Showroom and flip through the patterns. It is fun and enlightening. The MS there is my least fav. In terms of post : you will almost invariably have a problem with any downmix or pass through a Dolby Matrix with MS. Solution is to commit to XY (or, 2 channel decoded, hard-printed) when you are ready. You can MIX with the MS and play with the image if you want. But when you are ready to commit to a pre-dub or final, print the MS to a stereo track. I have done it with no problems and I have never wanted to go back and readjust the image, but you could if you plan your session right. I always leave the MS track in the session and then inactive and hide it once printed. That's my tuppence. Tom
  2. Hi all, I did a search for this and couldn't find what I was looking for. If you know of a thread that discussed this already, please point me to it. Don't want to add clutter. Here is my query : how do you load up and cart Lav's to the set and bring back? For my condensers like Schoeps and Sennheiser, I put them in Pelican cases with Silica boxes. I have separate Pelicans with cables, adapters, accessories, Rycotes, etc., everything I would need for an FX collection session in the field. For Lavs, I have a set of DPA's (that come in their own nice box), a MKE2 (which comes in a not-so-nice box) and will soon pickup a Sanken COS-11. But I am not sure how best to put them all together. Who wants to throw each manufacturers box into another box and cart it to the set? I don't. I purchased the Pelican 1490, which is essentially a Pelican briefcase with foam. Reason I got this is I didn't need/want the deeper 1400 or 1500 cases for this. I'd love to put all my LAVS and their accessories in this case. I got a Flambeau Tuff Tainer with adjustable compartments for all the clips, windscreens, etc. at the hardware store (actually, I have a several for my FX kit) http://www.flambeauhardware.com/small_storage/tuff_tainer.asp So I thought I would throw it out to this generous group to see how you all organize and bring Lav's to the set. Thanks for your time. Tom
  3. Thanks Steve! That is a very useful answer. I went ahead and ordered the 4061's. I can freely pull the presence boost off when needed and put back when I need. I will see how they go for (somewhat stealth) FX collection first. Then I'll try them on some productions. Down the road, I'll pick up the 4071's. Appreciate the responses and the forum. Tom
  4. Hi All, I had a question about this post. I am going to purchase 2 DPA Lavs and I want them to do double duty of location audio and FX gathering. The 4071's interest me, but I would want them flat for FX gathering. My dealer tells me DPA swears that you cannot "de-activate" the presence boost as it is "acoustical". Well, that just tells me that it is in the design of the body is what gives this boost -- like a shotgun uses the interference tube for off-axis cancellation. According to Brian's post here, an extra CAREFUL Tug will get that cap off. Any reason I should NOT get the 4071's for my intended purpose? Any one else have a problem doing the "mod" Brian mentions? Great forums - thanks to all for the info. Thanks again
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